Clay Matthews is a Handyman! [Video]

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Clay Matthews is a handyman

Clay Matthews is a handyman

Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews has a new commercial out for Fathead and it’s pretty awesome.

In it, he sports a sweet mustache and plays a handyman who uses Fathheads as the solution for every home improvement project.

I like how he serves the greater Green Bay area and there are snow-covered mountains out the garage window. Looks a lot like Green Bay.

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12 Comments on "Clay Matthews is a Handyman! [Video]"

  1. E. Wolf

    For once one of these commercials is actually amusing. Almost takes my mind off of last week’s debacle. The burglar cat looks like the Carolina Panther mascot.

  2. Don Q

    It’s not like it’s life or death if the Packers win or not. Clay’s been tearing shit up on the field so I’m pretty sure he’s playing up to most people’s standards. Just not up to Buzzkill Brad’s standards.

  3. E. Wolf

    Don Q:

    It’s not like it’s life or death if the Packers win or not.

    Actually, it is a life or death matter, even transcending life or death. I care much more about whether the Packers win or lose than human life.

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