Clay Matthews is $15,000 Poorer

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Clay Matthews hit on Colin Kaepernick

Clay Matthews hit on Colin Kaepernick

Yesterday, when he was talking about how awesome he is, Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews didn’t want to talk about getting fined.

Probably good reason for that.

Matthews is $15,000 lighter in the wallet thanks to the NFL. He was fined that much for his late hit on Colin Kaepernick last weekend.

In our estimation, it was totally worth it, though.

Fuck Colin Kaepernick and fuck the San Francisco 49ers. Somewhere up in the special part of heaven reserved for Green Bay Packers legends, Charles Martin is smiling down upon you, Clay Matthews.

One more time! With feeling!

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32 Comments on "Clay Matthews is $15,000 Poorer"

  1. Vikings fan that comes in peace

    That’s about what I expected the fine would be. I’m pretty sure it’ll make alot of 49ers fans a little butthurt, but then again, I’ve hurt that butthurting is quite common in San Francisco.

  2. Packin Smithy

    Fuck all those sissies crying about getting hit.
    If I had my way I’d go back to old school football with barely any pads and just a leather helmet on your head.
    But you might say “But they might get seriously hurt…or maybe even killed” And I’ll say Shut the fuck up you hippie.
    These men get paid millions to play a sport that kids often play in their backyards. Grow up.
    Seeing hard hits and cheap shots makes the game even more interesting.
    Damn hippies.

    • MarcoBrusa

      despite thinking that Clay’s hit was totally worth it, this is just some hardass football nonsense. They would have thrown a flag even in the 50s. Oh yea, maybe there shouldnt have been any fine, but I don’t think #52 will have any problem with 15K less.

  3. E. Wolf

    What a load of horse shit. I still do not think it was a late hit. If it was, it was not by much. He launched either before or as CK was was stepping out of bounds.

  4. Richard

    There is no question it was late and unnecessary. Whether it deserves a fine is the question. That dope wasn’t gonna get a first down.

  5. Lars

    Yea, you’d all been bitching and moaning like crazy if anybody laid a hit on Rodgers anywhere near the sidelines.

    Mathews admitted it was a dumb play. Not as bad as piced of crap Charles Martin’s intent to injure McMahon (and alter his career he did), but Mathews knew he was running out of bounds BEFORE he LAUNCHED himself and went high at Kaepernick’s neck.

  6. Cheese

    Just imagine the cry fest these people would have if they had to watch Deacon Jones smash dudes in the head with haymakers and not get fined for it.

  7. Nacho Libre

    Butt plugged is more like it in terms of San fagcisco whiners. Matthews’ hit wasn’t really that severe for the league to fine him. Stop whining you bandwagon niner queer fans.

  8. E. Wolf

    Has anyone ran this on slow-mo? If it was late, it was by a second at most. . … No way it deserves a fine.

  9. Richard

    It was clear Kaepernick was going out of bounds and not going for the first down at the time Matthews left his feat and Superfly Snuka’d this moron on the sideline.

    As a sidenote, I see some other SF meathead lineman is talking about punching Matthews in the face today. As much as I thought they would’ve been looking ahead to Seattle even before last Sunday, maybe I was wrong. SF seems to be worried a lot more about GB even at this point when there is really no purpose.

  10. the real russ letlow

    you could see this coming when the NFL said Staley shouldn’t have been penalized. too much publicity on the hit. they had to do something in the name of “player safety.”

    • E. Wolf

      That was total bullshit as well. Another Orwellian move in a pathetic attempt to suggest that the referees mistake was inconsequential. I am not nearly as mad about it as the Fail Mary, because we had plenty of changes to win, but it was one of those small factors that, added up witha whole bunch of others, equaled a Packers loss.

  11. Iltarion

    Shit, I don’t know if Matthews can afford that. We better start a fund for him or something.

    It is just a rumor, but it is alleged that Matthews screamed “Prepare your anus!!” as he launched himself.

    Just a rumor.

  12. PF4l

    After watching Tom Brady….It seems that (according to Donal Drivers criteria of a leader) Brady isn’t much of a leader….lol….So i can only wonder Donald. What is your definition of a leader?…Christian Ponder?…..BTW Jennings, great game!!……We don’t hear much from our friends to the west these days….go figure.

  13. DJ

    It was a bonehead play that resulted in a TD for them. We lost the game by 6pts…do the math. The guy is running the read option 50% of the time….that is 20 FREE shots to light him up without consequence. Instead, Clay does it on 3rd down, out of bounds & in our red zone. Retarded. I dont have a problem with a fine…but do if its levied by the NFL. That play didnt rise to that level. Still, McCarthy should be the one fining Clay for stupidity. And then he should fine himself too for not knowing the rule & stopping the refs from giving them an extra down. It was a comedy of errors that still makes me sick.

  14. rebelgb

    Agreed DJ and great post. Look I love Clay, but we seem to be so fascinated with the guy that we cant critisize him. If he hadnt done something so stupid as hitting ANY QB out of bounds they would have at the very least been kicking a FG.

    Its like some of the MM and ARod fans on this site, they can do no wrong in their worshipers eyes.

    These guys get paid HUGE money to play fucking football. Noone is beyond reproach.

  15. Cheese

    If it takes a hit like that to get the defense to show up then I’m all for it! Plus he got San Fran’s panties in a bunch.

  16. the real russ letlow

    found this online – “But 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks was also fined, per a league spokesperson, receiving a $12,750 fine for his roughing the passer penalty on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. And 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin was fined $7,875 for a late hit in the third quarter on Packers cornerback Jarrett Bush.

    Thus, the two 49ers players were fined more ($20,625) combined than Matthews was.”

    I guess the NFL didn’t publicize these fines as much, now did they.

    • Iltarion

      Boldin’s hit was worse than Matthews’.

      Bush wasn’t in the play, Kap was already out of bounds, and it was a harder hit. And yet, no penalty call. Of course. Because you know… that’s how the refs roll.

  17. PackLethal

    Why is this a controversy? Mathews implemented old school football (nice for a change) tactics & it didn’t work! We gotta implement something, we’re 0-3 in the last 3 outings with San Francisco! Mathews hit him late, paid a pittance! It fired up the defense & that’s refreshing or have I been outta of it for the last couple of years?

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