Chicago Bears Fans in Florida Just as Scummy as Those in Chicago

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Chicago Bears fans

Chicago Bears fans

Ah, the Chicago Bears fan. A sight to behold. Equal parts meathead, faded dreams and delusion. How long ago was 1985? It was a long time ago.

That doesn’t mean Chicago Bears fans’ fervor for their team is any less, especially at this time of year. You know, before they’re out of the playoff picture.

And much like Green Bay Packers fans, Chicago Bears fans are everywhere, apparently. Like in the redneck paradise that is Sarasota, Florida, for example.

Thanks to reader Matt, we know that there is a Chicago Bears bar in Sarasota called Siesta Key Oyster Bar. More importantly, they’ve made themselves a totally rad commercial.

It says this here is a Chicago Bears bar, Green Bay Packers fans are not welcome, we have 20 TVs, 20!, and we are a bunch of thugs who like to jam people’s heads in toilets when we’re getting beat (especially by the Packers). So, like, always.

Oh, and they have cameras in their bathrooms, presumably so they can jerk off to women peeing.

Check out this piece of work. It may be the most accurate depiction of a Chicago Bears fan we’ve ever seen.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

27 Comments on "Chicago Bears Fans in Florida Just as Scummy as Those in Chicago"

  1. PackerFanInFL

    Ha! I’ve been to that overpriced shithole many times had no idea it was a “bear” bar. In fact I can’t recall ever seeing any bear fans.

    If you are stuck in sarasota on gameday skip the SKOB drive up the road to
    Bridgetender Inn and Dockside Bar
    135 Bridge Street
    Bradenton Beach Florida 34217

    if you check out this pic you can see by the decor this is a actual place attended by packer fans and I don’t know how many tvs they got but you won’t see any bears games (unless we are kicking thier asses) or any other NFL team @ gametime other then the packers, shot cheap beer, food and big bonus you can piss in privacy.

  2. mike

    And the person writing this article sounds really classy too, don’t be angry because packer fans are sissies, I have been to that garbage field in that hell hole in greenbay it has bleacher seats for god sakes, try fitting on the seats with a bunch of burly Wisconsin woman its impossible and the only way a packer fan can talk smack is on the net because they are scared of bear fans, don’t quit your day job guy.

      • E. Wolf

        You know, I have always maintained that while the Bears are our greatest rivals, the Vikings remain our most hated rivals. That is because I have always respected the Bears. They, too, have tradition, history. Not on par with the Packers of course. But they remain a suitable, respectable rival. On the other hand, I hate everything about the Vikings. I revile all that is the Minnesota Vikings.
        I have limited exposure however to Bears fans-and I wonder if this respect and grudging admiration would change.

        • Dirty Andy

          If you lived in Indiana you would; you cannot watch a game at a bar without a few dumbass bears fan around. Hell one year Bdubs I had one bear fan walk right up to me and start talking shit while I was taking a piss. Then the dumbfuck wanted to fight after I started to give him a list or reasons why the bears suck even though I was about 30 pounds heavier and about 35 years younger.

    • Kozak

      Another Internet Commando, who happens to be a Bears fan. Shit talk is all you got bud because the Pack kicks your ass all the time.

  3. E. Wolf

    It is not the least bit funny. If there are any Packer fans that way, you should form a posse and take the place over. The establishment has a right to refuse service, but it is worth a try.
    Willing to bet that:
    -whoever represents us is not so puny
    -and no heads will not suffer any swirlies.

  4. E. Wolf

    This video features a segment by the owner. A rather husky dame, I must say:

    That may explain the *weiblich* nature of the ad.* Is that ad on public airwaves? Lack of professionalism makes it purely youtube fare.

    * weiblich cannot be perfectly translated into English, which is why I used it. Loosely translated, it means womanly, but in a very perjorative way. It implies stupidity and a lot of other negative characteristics.

    • Hank Williams Jr. Sr. III

      Thanks for the linguistics lesson, professor Wolfina. I would say you are an “ahs-whole-ee-o” which is an old Gaelic word for “asshole”.

    • PackerFanInFL

      Ain’t that the same broad that is in the video? not the hired whores (the ones giving blowjob faces) but the bitch with the ponytail and ditka jersey?

      • E. Wolf

        No the owner is a little bit larger. If you watch another of their videos, you will learn that their outdoor terrace adjoins a 7-11, with a spectactular view of a sprawling four lane highway.

  5. guysocke

    Lot of characters in Siesta Key.

    Monty, enjoy your articles. Since everyone else is asking admins for favors, any way you can make the blog commenters less, blog-commentery?

  6. Don Q

    I’m not afraid of Bears fans? What the fuck are they gonna do? Please enlighten me Mike. They put their socks on one foot at a time and go to work just like me. Bitch please.

  7. Rkom

    Agree with E Wolf
    Bears are greatest rivals, but respected.
    Vikings are most hated and least respected.
    Maybe because i was born and raised in K-Town and know half the town are bear fans…. Pals with tons of bear fans…. I dunno?
    Knew only one viking fan while living there….

  8. Rkom

    Funny dirty andy
    I went to a detroit game in pontiac with my buddies and every liquor store told me my wisconsin DL was fake… I was not even wearing packer gear.
    After two times i knew what was going on and said “fuck u lion fans”
    Then at the game next day i was in a bathroom and like 6 dudes wanted to fight me just because i was wearing a packer hat.
    All was good because packers later took late lead but in the end barry sanders ran off a late 90 yard amazing run later and packer’s last drive to win fell short

  9. tedtomato

    Why would anyone in packer nation be afraid of the bears or their fans? The pack has owned that team for the last 20 years..and have 2 more superbowl victories than them over that span. Ive seen some fat nasty bear fans in my life..and..i know for sure none of your so called beauty queens would ever fit in our bleachers!!!!

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