Brett Favre Did This 21 Years Ago Today

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Brett Favre to Kitrick Taylor

How appropriate it is that the Green Bay Packers are playing the Cincinnati Bengals this week. It was 21 years ago today that they were playing those same Bengals, quarterback Don Majkowski got injured and a youngster named Brett Favre entered the game.

You probably remember how that one turned out. The stuff of legend.

There’s 1:07 left and the Packers are at their own 8, trailing by six. Favre leads the team downfield with the clock winding down and hits Packers legend Kitrick Taylor for the winning score with 13 seconds on the clock. Okay, so maybe Kitrick Taylor isn’t a Packers legend, but he was involved in a legendary Packers play, so that counts for something, right?

Here’s the final drive, featuring some of our favorite characters, including Sterling Sharpe, The Walrus, Pookie Workman and Chris Jacke’s mullet.

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15 Comments on "Brett Favre Did This 21 Years Ago Today"

  1. Iltarion

    Hahaha… This is the first time I realized how terrible that defense by Cincy was. Taylor was wide fricking open. Not sure what the corner who let him go was doing.

    That is one hard thrown ball by Brett though, I’ll give him that.

  2. Sgt Handle

    And so it began. The end of twenty consecutive years of being dominated to twenty consecutive years of being at the top!!
    Thanks to Brett Favre!! Great reminder!!

  3. Deepsky

    I was in a Packer bar out of state filled with 200 Packer fans. When the Packers won, the DJ played Gary Glitter Rock and Roll Part 1 and all 200 stood and danced. It was like we knew a new era had begun. Every time I hear that Glitter song, I think of this song.

  4. FITZCORE1252

    The guy became a douche, for sure… But that put a smile on my face. The way the whole team was excited, you don’t see that very often. And the crowd just went ape shit. Not bad.

  5. Packin Smithy

    Say what you will about Favre, but I love the man.
    That video gave me chills. Never seen it before.. Thanks guys!

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