You Are Not Engaged Enough with the Packers!

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Packers fans lined up for Family Night tickets

Packers fans lined up for Family Night tickets

So a ticket company used a mysterious algorithm to determine which NFL team has the most engaged fan base. And it ain’t you asshole Green Bay Packers fans!

No, it’s those idiotic morons who call themselves Dallas Cowboys fans, at least according to this.

The Packers actually came in third. New England was second. Here’s how this was put together.

Fan engagement is evaluated in terms of the following metrics. The data is based on the 2012 season. Each metric was given a corresponding weight, listed in bold, which was determined based on how indicative the metric is of fan activity. For example, home attendance, home capacity and average home ticket price are weighted higher because they are a better direct reflection of home team behavior. Similarly, online metrics are not weighted as high as offline metrics because they reflect only the team-sanctioned social channel and do not account for other fan communities.

  • Average total attendance, all games (5)
  • Average home attendance (10)
  • Average ticket price (5)
  • Average home game ticket price (10)
  • Percentage of stadium capacity filled at home games (10)
  • Facebook likes(3)
  • Twitter following (3)

Note, they don’t take into account things like standing in line at the stadium for team-related events that aren’t even football games or revenue generated from team gear.

The Packers scored an 87.29 out of 100. The Cowboys, of course, had 100. America’s Team, wooo! Supported by America’s Idiots, wooo!

New England had 89.64. Chowdahhhhhh!

The Packers scored well in most Twitter followers (5th), most Facebook likes (4th), average ticket price for all games (1st) and average ticket price for home games (4th). The average ticket prices were based on reseller market numbers, which means they’re in demand and people can get away with charging idiotic amounts for Packers tickets.

The Packers couldn’t really compete in the attendance categories because Lambeau Field holds what it holds, which up until this season, wasn’t very much when compared to say, Cowboys Stadium.

And how the number of seats in your stadium relates to engagement, we really don’t know. Maybe take your slow cousin to the game next time and put him in a lawn chair in the aisle so we can boost those numbers!

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

17 Comments on "You Are Not Engaged Enough with the Packers!"

  1. CO Bob

    I’m sure Jerry and Kraft spend a lot of dough to enhance the fan experience….the expenses of which are likely passed on to ticket holders. More curious to see actual costs associated with the programs used, vs ticket prices. Where does GB fit there?

    As for me, I get my experience free via this site. I could even use swear words and be brutally honest if I were to get peeved enough…. But I never really do.

    Let the lemmings feel engaged if needed….and let them pay for it.

  2. Phatgzus

    “Maybe take your slow cousin to the game next time and put him in a lawn chair in the aisle so we can boost those numbers!”

    And THAT ladies and germs is how you conclude an article; god love ya, Monty.

  3. E. Wolf

    This methodology is beyond stupid. I understand twitter has some uses for breaking news, but its disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Setting aside my personal disdain for Aspie Zuckerburg, who the fuck uses facebook to get news and info? So all of these criteria are meaningless. I’d be embarrassed if we ranked first.

  4. Icebowler

    The Cowboys are South America’s team. New England is ESPN’s team. The Packers are North America’s Team!

  5. the real russ letlow

    the NFL’s most engaged fan base…… the hell do they come up with this stuff? let the Cowgirls win the internet & twitter contests, because unlike them, we’ll be shooting for the NFL championships………..13 and counting……

  6. FITZCORE1252

    I’m on the Twitter solely for my fans, you know… You guys. Follow me at FITZCORE1252, no thank you needed… The least I can do is give you 140 characters every couple months, give folks something to look forward to in these challenging times… like, grown up Christmas… I do what I can.

    God bless

  7. SoTxPhil

    I live in Tx and know for a fact that Cowboy fans only support their team if they are winning. Let them lose 2 in a row(every season for a decade)and you won’t see anyone wearing Cowboy clothes or hats. I love to wear my stuff all yr and rub their noses in a winning tradition.

  8. Snarff1

    I see that superstar Greg Jennings had 3 targets and only 1 reception for a crushig 5 yards. Maybe with stats like that he will shut the F up.

    • Savage57

      The two misses were Ponderous dirtballs – you know, his 8 yard darts on 10 yard routes.

      Enjoy your new QB, asshole. Now you have someone you can throw under the bus that deserves to be there.

  9. bob at 81

    true football fans know there is but one team known all over the world. the title town “GREEN BAY PACKERS”

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