Who Wants More Brett Favre?!

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Brett Favre

Brett Favre

Say you don’t have enough Brett Favre in your life? Well, if the NFL Network has its way, that problem will soon be solved.

The Network is trying to get Brett Favre to be a regular so he can deliver his homespun homespunniness to you on a regular basis.

“I am trying all the time,” NFL Network executive producer Eric Weinberger said. “He likes his life, but we will always find ways to bring him on … When it feels right for him, he will do it.” Weinberger said he would like Favre to have a permanent role but added “it’s not going to happen right now.”


Favre was on the Network during Super Bowl week and he also one time did color for a Southern Miss football game. But NFL Network is a perfect place for Favre, isn’t it?

They already employ clowns like Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin. Oh, and a few guys Favre knows from his playing days with the Green Bay Packers — Steve Mariucci, Sterling Sharpe and Darren Sharper.

It’s like getting the band back together!

This is surely going to happen at some point and you know you can’t wait.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

31 Comments on "Who Wants More Brett Favre?!"

  1. PF4L

    This is so simple……Why doesn’t Eric Weinberger just fly Sharper, Mariucci, and Sharpe out to his house…offer him a 3 million dollar raise from his last contract offer. Tell him he doesn’t have to report early for rehearsal’s and tell him how great he is…..DONE…..Worked for the Vikings.

      • Phatgzus

        Lol, class A reaction Wolfy. I salute your righteous indignation, it is well warranted as Warren Sapp is as much a human turdsickle as he is a Hall-of-Fame defensive tackle.

      • Phatgzus

        Wolfenstein, best pull out your Berty Faver voodoo doll and stick it to the nearest Indiana Jones spiked wall of doom for the sake of your good health-not sure what would explode first, your heart or your head, if you had to watch your all-time favreite homo(sapien) erectus being adored by obsequious sycophants on national tv every week.

          • Phatgzus

            Well, a cross-reference of Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, the American Heritage Dictionary, and the Oxford English Dictionary will provide one with an accurate appraisal of a sycophant as-just kidding man. I get it, you don’t like my “20 dollar” words, that’s cool, I do. You can say or do whatever you wish, it’s most likely not gonna change that, just wasted time and effort. I suppose I’m easily entertained-I enjoy discovering and using new (e.g. egads, gadzooks, bazooka, donnybrook, scuttlebutt, skullduggery, flummox, lummox, hammacher schlemmer).
            In summation: nitwit, blubber, oddment, and tweak.

        • E. Wolf

          It would not bother me because I do not watch the NFL network. I do not watch any of those pregame shows. I understand the guys appeal–he can be very charming. He had me and millions of other Packer fans fooled. He would be no worse than any of the other guys on there. I am simply against with the Packers organization or its fans reconciling with him.

    • Phatgzus

      I like Billick, Leon Sandcastle-err Primerime. and Sharper a lot (in spite of or perhaps because he’s such an unabashed homer), some of the others are solid (Charles Davis, Baldinger, Faulk, Sharper, Wyche), but the rest I are mindless drones or worse, Jamie Dukes; Eisen’s a mindless sycophant, Heath Evans would lose a battle of wits with a ficus, Irvin is still flying on cocaine like a Dreamliner pilot which is mildly entertaining at times.
      As for Warren Sapp, well, he almost ended Chad Clifton’s career on a malicious, unnecessary hit and never expressed any compunction, and (among other “celebs”) he paid an unctuous WWE wrestler so he could sleep with said wrestler’s wife; and that’s just a few of the highlights from his life.

      • E. Wolf

        Who is the wife he banged? Eisen (along with Dameshek) are benefactors of a certain sort of nepotism. I am about to unsubscribe to the latter (long since stopped listeningto Eisen after half of each podcast was about some Hollywood release).

        • Phatgzus

          Heather Klem, apparently she was the wife of a shock jock named Bubba and mistress (not wife) of Hulk Hogan.


          There’s your tabloid drivel quota for the month.

          Yeah, can’t stand Eisen, he just seems phonies than Cheez Whiz, w/o the cheez-e deliciousness, not surprised he vans about overproduced movies half the time. I find Dameshek funny sometimes (mainly when he is/was bagging on Al Davis, Jerry Jones, and Sexy Rexy), but the rest of the time he’s just a bit, I dunno, too ratty or weasely or something of that nature. That said no one’s worse than Dukes or Rank (not even that Kermit-the-Frog looking former DB, I forget his name); that Rank “interview” last year with MM and Rodgers is an all-time awesome flop, it made rank carrion seem like a rose garden.

  2. Snarff1

    Sapp is a piece of shit cheep shot artist and about as dumb as they come, I won’t watch the NFL network just because they employ him, he still thinks that the hit he put on Clifton was clean.

  3. E. Wolf

    At Phatzgus–if I still had cable I could write a tract on how horrible these guys are. Chris Berman is probably the worst. No one ever learns anything from them. Jim Florentine did a podcast on bad sports cliches. Rips all the bad sportscasters (Dan Dierdorf worst culprit), complains about the fox nfl sunday robots.
    I wish I had my say. Gone would be Faith Hill. Announcing would be reduced to what it is at the game (its 3rd and 3, there is a flag on the play, etc), along with injury announcements other important info. Most of what you would hear are the sounds of the game. Pregame shows would consist of actual analysis, so that fans would actually learn something about the 3-4, what the pistol option is and why it is giving defenses trouble at the moment, etc. No Chris Berman antics.

    • Phatgzus

      Agreed in almost full. I do like Berman, he couldn’t carry Billick’s, Chuckie’s, Mayock’s, or even Mooch’s jock analytically, but I find hi fantastic, bellowing overexaggeration entertaining, though I’ll give ya that it gets annoying after a few hours and may be the worst thing in the world for a bad mood.

      Dan Dierdorf is BAD, worse than an ever-senile Brent MusburgerAiSle someone who played the game for over a decade, Aikman has no idea what going on; I imagine the Player’s Union made him Exhibit A when presenting evidence on the effects of concussions. Joe Buck, i sigh with despondency every time he us mentioned-nepotism was but an abstract concept until he was employed as a sports broadcaster. Al Michaels has all the enthusiasm of a slug in
      Jell-O in a vat of liquid nitrogen-what happened to the “Do
      you believe in miracles?!” guy? Maybe he misses, BOOM,
      Johnny. Speaking of, despite contrary contemporary opinion, I thought old Johnny was great, especially as he began to lose his marbles and repeatedly mutter to himself “Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Peyton Favring, Boom.”

      Faith Hill is God Awful, almost half as bad as Joe “Go Fuck-a-Duck” Buck. I strongly believe Jr. wasn’t half rhe artist Hank Sr. was, but I believe he knocked the ball out of the park, so to speak, with his rendition of the MNF theme.

      Oh and Shannon Sharpe is as big a tool as Jamie Dukes, how is it possible he and Sterling are even related?

  4. E. Wolf

    I actually do not mind Buck and Aikman, that might be because everyone else is so bad.
    Chris Berman is an idiot who makes noises that no grown man should.
    The Faith Hill thing is just annoying. They run that stupid guitar riff during the first series. At Lambeau, that means they block out the “Go Pack Go!” chant.
    Oh and here is a lesson from Uncle Wolfie, kiddies. Don’t believe everything you see on TV. Faith Hill looks doable on TV. Not much more than too much makeup and a trick of the camera. Just search for her on google images. Sorta like how she is just lip synchjing that stupid Joan Jett song and the “musicians” really are not playing!

    • Phatgzus

      RE: Faith Hill sans make-up

      Egads, man! I certainly wouldn’t say Shea ugly but she looks 15 years older than with it on. Fuckin’ make-up, it giveth and it taketh away.

  5. the real jeff ircink

    e. wolf = laugh riot. say how’s the petition comin’ along? the one to get the Packers to not retire Favre’s number? yeah – that one.

  6. Bart

    Cant wait to see Favre on tv, yea talking about the time he shit his pants agaisnt the Lions cause the locker room toilets were out of order. Or the time him and Winters went to that strip club in Chicago only to find out it was a tranny strip club. Yea, i cant wait for this to happen.

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