Things Are Getting Testy at Packers Training Camp

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Packers training camp fight

Packers training camp fight

They’re fighting amongst themselves at Green Bay Packers training camp.

In the main event, we’ve got tight end Jermichael Finley exchanging wild haymakers with linebacker Jarvis Reed.

On the undercard, there’s guard T.J. Lang going at linebacker Sam Barrington and guard Greg Van Roten taking on linebacker Robert Francois.

What? No one wanted to tangle with Clay Matthews?

You’ll notice Evan Dietrich-Smith congratulating Finley after his altercation. You’ll also notice plenty of guys flying in to join the melee like someone just got hit by a pitch.

These things aren’t necessarily uncommon when you’re pounding on the same guys day in and day out in the hot summer sun while fighting for your football life.

Video from Fox 11, which always gets the hard news!

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16 Comments on "Things Are Getting Testy at Packers Training Camp"

  1. Packin Smithy

    yeah all the news sites are acting as if this is out of the ordinary. It’s training camp. These guys are hitting each other and trying hard as hell everyday to do their best to make the team.
    Ofcoarse some bad blood is going to happen between players.
    But Finley needs to stop punching helmets and take care of those hands, for he needs to catch some damn passes this year.

  2. the real russ letlow

    ILB Sam Barrington had some good quotes on the “scrums”. Talking about taking people’s heads off, every play, But nothing personal on your teammates. We sure could use some of that nastiness on defense. But…..really stupid throwing haymakers. Great post Kyle, great sarcasm!

  3. Bob

    So…some big scary guys got into a girly little slap fight. Kind of embarrassing for all involved. Good thing they had helmets on I would have hated to see all the hair pulling.

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