The Green Bay Packers are Worth Over $1 Billion

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Aaron Rodgers runs for a touchdown against Detroit.

Aaron Rodgers runs for a touchdown against Detroit.

So, here’s Forbes again with their list of most valuable NFL teams. The Green Bay Packers? They’re 12th in the NFL, with a value of $1.183 billion.

Unfortunately, you, I or any other stockholder will never see any of that money. Because we paid $275 for a wall decoration.

Not surprisingly, the Dallas Cowboys are at the top of this list, with a value of $2.3 billion.

Among NFC North foes, the Chicago Bears are the only team ahead of the Packers. The Bears come in eighth, with a value of $1.252 billion.

The Detroit Lions are 28th, with a value of $900 million and the Minnesota Vikings, surprisingly, don’t occupy their usual bottom-dweller spot. They’re 21st this year, with a value of $1.007 billion. That ranking is obviously buoyed by all the free money they’re getting from Minnesota taxpayers for the new Hormel Chili Dome.

Oh, and the Lions are the only NFL team to post an operating loss last season. It’s the fourth season in a row they did so, so good job there. Detroit = consistency.

Earlier this summer, Forbes ranked the Packers as the 18th most valuable sports franchise.

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17 Comments on "The Green Bay Packers are Worth Over $1 Billion"

    • Abe Frohman

      Detroit was evicted from their shit hole during their bankruptcy proceedings. They now live in a septic tank down by the river.

  1. Jack MeHauff

    1950’s Detroit = Mostly white people and successful.

    2010’s Detroit = Mostly black people and bankrupt.

    Whites > Coloreds

    • Troy Monger

      Monty, you delete my comments when I mess with your boyfirend Iltarion, but Racist assholes like this are alright? Learning a lot about you.

    • Savage57

      Must really tear your racist, KKK-lovin’ ass up to watch NFL football, where almost 70% of the players are black.

      Do the eyeholes get in the way when you try to watch games?

    • Abe Frohman

      Or….perhaps maybe it plays out a little bit more like this:

      1950’s – no foreign competition
      2010’s – LOTS of foreign competition and fat lazy American workers who want to be paid a shit load of money for an inferior product.

      I don’t see how race plays into it.

      • Savage57

        Right on. I do mfg. plant RE work for Big Three and Tier 1 suppliers. Used to seeing overpaid UAW ‘workers’ sitting on their fat asses getting paid about $75/hour fully loaded.

        Had a component plant that was being mothballed, but 300 ‘workers’ were being ‘jobs-banked’ per the master contract for two years. Fuckers got paid to listen to music, play Frisbee, read, surf the net. All I could hear was this giant sucking sound. Cost GM north of $43MM for two years worth of ZERO productivity.

  2. the real russ letlow

    all of that value sits directly in the team and its physical resources. no greedy rich dude getting richer. no big dummy sweating the GM and/or the coach about petty things. And our stock purchases (throughout all of the years – 1923, 35, 50, 97 & 2011) have helped to keep the Packers in business. Amen.

    • Abe Frohman

      And the money that doesn’t go into the owner’s pocket is pushed back to the organization. That’s why the facilities are so awesome.

  3. vj

    The Packers thank you loyal suckers, um I mean fans! Only kidding of course, in a perfect world all sports franchises would operate without a rich owner and instead be owned by the city and people they represent.

  4. rebelgb

    Abe has it right about Detroit, however Jack has a little something too. I mean all the black people that live there now certainly dont help the situation.

    Lazy, sucking off the system, killing each other. Blaming whitey for all the problems instead of looking in the mirror. You know the usual shit.

    Facts are facts. Nothing racist about that….

  5. Phatgzus

    It’s socioeconomics (which is impacted greatly by racism) not racial attributes you ignorant bigots.

    • rebelgb

      You keep believing that bullshit. Your attitude is EXACTLY why so many black people refuse to take responsibility for their issues.

      I got news for you dumbass: lots of mexicans, asians AND white people grow up in shitty socioeconomic areas and make something of themselves.

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