Ron Jaworski Has the Packers in the Super Bowl

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Eddie Lacy

Eddie Lacy

ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski like the Green Bay Packers. In fact, he likes them so much that he put them in the Super Bowl today.

Jaworski predicted the Packers will face the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. Why does Jaws like the Pack? Well, Aaron Rodgers, of course.

But that’s not all. Jaworski cited rookie running back Eddie Lacy as one of the primary reasons for his pick.

“What I like about the Green Bay Packers — Eddie Lacy comes back to this team as a draft choice and I’ll tell you what, balance on offense…”

Lacy looks to have the No. 1 running back role nailed down after his performance in the Packers preseason win on Saturday. Lacy pounded the Rams for 40 yards on eight carries.

Adam Schefter also made his Super Bowl prediction in the segment, but he went with Seattle and New England. And that’s obviously a terrible prediction.

You can watch the full video here because, for some reason, ESPN’s embed code sucks.

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20 Comments on "Ron Jaworski Has the Packers in the Super Bowl"

  1. Deepsky

    Jaworski picked the Ravens to go the Super Bowl last year. He was right on that But he was only half right as he predicted the Packers to win it.

  2. Vijay

    I’m thinking we’ll see one Super Bowl team on the field tomorrow night…I’m thinking it might not be the one I or most people on this blog want to see, however. Seattle has clearly improved their roster, we have maybe done that…again, not our fault, just you know…more injuries and stuff. Here’s hoping I’m dead wrong.

  3. Kyle

    Glad someone in the sports media finally mentioned the Packers. NOBODY ever talks about them. It’s all 49ers, Seahawks, Broncos, etc. I think the Packers have a serious shot at the super bowl this year, but I don’t think they will be facing the broncos if they get there.

  4. Cheese

    All because of one preseason game we’re going to the Super Bowl? Lacy had a good game but chill the fuck out, anything can happen. Every year the offense is up to par and the defense takes a giant shit. The one year the defense actually showed up guess what? Packers won the Super bowl. So until Capers and his guys can show that they can tackle and keep players like Peterson and Kapernick from running 200 yards game all these predictions are garbage.

    • Phatgzus

      I mostly agree with you. It was only 1 game and anything can indeed happen, including Lacy becoming a beast and staying healthy. The Packers’ defense wasn’t horrible for most of last season, but they wer abominable when it counted. I wouldn’t dysphemize that as “taking a shit”, however, as defecating is a very important and occassionally enjoyable. In fact “everybody poops”, if we didn’t we’d have to regurgitate our waste a la mode Cnidarians, doesn’t sound to enjoyable or sanitary toe. He’ll, according to Hawkings’ Anthropic Principle, the need to crap is partly, responsible for the Unuverse having at least 3 dimensions.

  5. the real russ letlow

    I’m not a fan of preseason SB predictions. Way too early. Besides, at this time of year, I always think the Packers will win the SB!

  6. MadCity Packer Fan

    I can see a big difference on the defensive side of the ball with Jolly back. The offense NEEDS to get their shit together tomorrow.

  7. justin

    Really lacy is you hope for balance. That fat ass that needed just one month to put 50 pounds onto his asd and belly. Oh ya. Real scary

  8. Abe Frohman

    Fitzcore – where’s your “your fucking right they are” comment? You’re not going soft on us, are you?

  9. rebelgb

    Really? Lacy has one good game and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon?

    Look Ron, and Packer enthusiasts, back away from the crack pipe and take a breath of fresh air.

    I love the Pack, but lets be realistic. Let me point out a few facts ok:

    1 – We have an offensive line that is almost completely redone and we have ZERO idea how its going to perform. Seriously it IS possible that it could be even worse than it was last year, what guarantee do we have that it will be better?

    2 – Running in pre-season and running in the regular season are two different things. Lets see how this line run blocks come week 1. Further Lacy IS a rookie. Theres no telling how well he will actually perform week in and week out.

    3 – Um Defense. Is our line better? Our our linebackers better? Will Matthews finally have help on the opposite side? The Packers are talking big about having the ‘read option’ studied and all figured out, well actions speak louder than words. How good will our secondary be? There are TONS of questions on defense. Again, it IS possible this unit will actually be worse than last year. I dont think that will be the case and I hope its not, but it is possible.

    4 – WR. Again Pack Nation is smoking some really good shit but not really spending a lot of time in the real world. Like or hate Jennings he was a good reciever and he is gone. Who knows when and if Jordy will ever come back 100% healthy. He hasnt been healthy in 2 years. Cobb is good, is he an every game, every down receiver who can take the beating? That question, to me is not answered. Jones is good, but some of you like the guy too much. Hes a possession receiver though. The reason he has to make such spectacular catches is because he cant get separation. Where is the Packs burner? Who will stretch the field? Certainly not stretching the field last year with Jennings hurt part of the year affected us. I dont see that improving with this group of receivers.

    5 – Injuries. The Pack has been terrible at staying healthy. For whatever reasons. Will they actually stay relatively healthy this year?

    Finally there is the question of the rest of the NFC. I think San Fran is better. Seattle probably has more talent as well. Washington will be better this year, probably a lot better. I dont think the Pack is the best team in the NFC anymore. So what makes us the favorites?

    I love the Pack and will be rooting hard for them come week 1. Cant wait. But I also am keeping it real.

    While im hoping for a huge season and a 13 -3 record, realistically my heart is telling me 9 – 7.

  10. rebelgb

    Just to clarify when i say “Washington will be better this year, probably a lot better..” I mean better than THEY were last year. Not a lot better than Green Bay. I think Rodgers separates us still from the Redskins, but I did want to point out that they will probably be part of the playoff equation this year and could be a force in the NFC.

  11. rebelgb

    Finally one last comment: Dont take too much of what Jaworski says to heart.

    He also said yesterday that Colin Kaepernick is primed to become “one of the all time greats…”. Really? After one great season? Was Fitzpatrick (previously of the Bills)poised to become one of the all time greats too after one great season? Fucking crazy.

  12. Deepsky

    I agree with rebelgb that the offensive line is a huge unknown and the Packers still don’t have anyone opposite Matthews. Bakhtiari is likely to fall on his face once the defensive lines come to play Perry, Neal, Moses, none of them look they are improved However I think RB will clearly be better than last year and who cares if Jennings is gone, he hadn’t contributed anything in the last year and a half and still ranked top 5 in points.

  13. Richard

    It’s about time for the Giants to have another one of those great 8-8 seasons where they get healthy in the playoffs and crap all over Lambeau again.

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