Packers Worked Out Havard Rugland, Will Work Out Joe McKnight

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Joe McKnight

Joe McKnight

Well, now we have some actual confirmation. The Green Bay Packers will work out running back and returner Joe McKnight on Saturday and they threw another curveball at us by working out kicker Havard Rugland today.

ESPN confirmed the McKnight workout, but a workout doesn’t necessarily mean a guy is getting signed. McKnight sent this tweet from his unverified Twitter account earlier today.

That could mean bad news for James Starks, Alex Green or even Jeremy Ross, the guy who was supposed to be the return man this year. Ross hasn’t grabbed the role and the Packers have experimented with Green and Johnathan Franklin on kickoffs and Micah Hyde on punt returns.

Randall Cobb could always resume those jobs, but with an expanded role on offense it’s probably best for the Packers to use someone who isn’t going to be a Pro Bowl receiver on returns.

So, Havard Rugland.

This dude was in camp with the Detroit Lions and lost a kicking competition with veteran David Akers, even though he made all three of his field goal tries in game action.

What’s more interesting is he’s from Norway and has the nickname Kickalicious. He’s also YouTube famous for making this video.

We pretty much figured the Packers had decided to go with Mason Crosby for another season when they released both Giorgio Tavecchio and Zach Ramirez earlier this week.

Crosby even restructured his contract, taking a pay cut and essentially playing for roster and performance bonuses.

As of this moment, the Packers haven’t made any cuts or signings and they probably won’t until tomorrow, so we’ve all got plenty of time to speculate.

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19 Comments on "Packers Worked Out Havard Rugland, Will Work Out Joe McKnight"

  1. Harry Houdini

    This dude (Kickalicious) looks awesome!!! Plus even more reason to fly my Norwegian flag on gameday..not a lot of Scandanavian football players out there.

  2. Vijay

    How is it you’re just finding out about kickaliscious now? He’s been a Youtube sensation since before OTAs…I guess draft nerds like me know that.

    He doesn’t have as strong a leg compared to Mason, apparently.

    • Harry Houdini

      I rarely watch preseason Lions games and have 3 kids – free time to research foreign kickers is a little short for me.

      • Phatgzus

        WhatwhATWHaaAATT?! so you’re saying you don’t have the time to analyze the backup kickers of the 31 other teams because of the children? Shirley, ahem, surely you can’t be serious? They can’t occupy but 12 hours of your day? What else do you do work and rest? Really now, you must reconsider your priorities; for shame.

  3. Phatgzus

    Packers had a Norwegian kicker once upon a time, he worked out quite well. It doesn’t seem as though Kickalicious is going to have much time to compete so he’s going to have to be damn impressive in order to unseat Crosby.

    As for McKnight, I the sign him, goodbye Starks, hello best KR combo in the NFL.

  4. K.L.

    Really hope they sign Rugland. He may not have much experience right now, but he could go on to be one of the best kickers in the NFL.

  5. rebelgb

    Did anyone else notice that during the 50 yard kicking segment of the video he hit 2 kicks that although they made the high school field goal posts would have been NO GOOD in the NFL. So out of the 6 kicks the guy was 4 of 6 from 50 yards with no snap, no rush and no equipment on his body.

    I think pretty much any NFL level kicker can make those kicks without missing, on an NFL goal post….

  6. the real russ letlow

    Packers doing the right thing, always looking for someone who can make them better. they are both worth a workout. Don’t know if Kickalicious’ stuff translates to live action, but hey, what the heck, and why did you wait so long?!!

  7. lars

    And, yet Rugland made all three of his pre-season game kicks with the Lions including a 50-yarder. Keep looking over your shoulder Crosby.

    On McNight, he’s the bottom of the barrel, and there because Franklin has been awful—not ready for NFL action. Starks, Green aren’t threatened by him. Though, the only reason either one will make this roster is the injury to harris.

  8. Kristofer from Oshkosh

    Rugland, before being in training camp with the lions, had no training with a professional coach, everything he showed for the lions to sign him was on pure talent. Imagine if he had a few more months to refine his kicking technique, it would mean the packers only need to endure crosby for only 4-8 more games. So is that worth giving him a spot on the 53? Maybe. At the least, place the guy in the practice squad

  9. Savage57

    Since the guy’s from Norway he’s already ‘got a leg up’. Can’t imagine the “he can’t kick in cold weather’ thing would stick.

    And since the guy seems to be able to draw adn cut the the ball, has superb distance control, hit moving targets and knock footballs out of the air, wind might not be a real big problem either.

    Someone’s gonna snatch this guy up. And we’ll get to watch Boing Crosby hit every 3 of 5 for another year

    • Phatgzus

      Tebowner’s available, just sayin’. He certainly looked better than Vince Young or Cole-The-Isle-of-Man did this preseason.

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