Packers Have Released These Guys and Signed Another Kicker

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Graham Harrell

Graham Harrell

The Green Bay Packers have shown six other guys the door today, in addition to backup quarterback Graham Harrell.

Getting their pink slips were receivers Alex Gillett, Omarius Hines, and Justin Wilson and running back Angelo Pease and defensive tackle Gilbert Peña.

Kicker Giorgio Tavecchio also got the boot.

Are any of these moves a surprise? Tavecchio is somewhat surprising. He outperformed Mason Crosby throughout camp, but then the Packers didn’t give him a shot to kick anything in Friday’s preseason game.

What is also a surprise is the Packers have decided to add another kicker with one week left in the preseason. Last week, Big Ted said he was keeping his eye on kickers not on the roster. We presumed that meant he’d be checking out any veterans that were cut by other teams.


The Packers have signed Zach Ramirez, an undrafted rookie out of Portland State. Ramirez’s only NFL experience came via a tryout camp with Seattle earlier this year.

As a junior at Portland State, Ramirez hit 24-of-27 field goals (88.9 percent). As a senior, he hit 4-of-7 while being limited to six games by a knee injury.

So now this guy will be given a week to impress the hell out everyone.

He’ll join Crosby in the kicking competition. That’s a competition we thought he Packers had made their decision on. They gave Crosby all the action in the third preseason game. He was good on his lone field goal and extra point attempts.

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15 Comments on "Packers Have Released These Guys and Signed Another Kicker"

  1. Nothing against Zach, but this is a waste of time at this point. Pack are probably going to live or die by Crosby again, unless they are certain they can drive down the field far enough to get Tavechio within 40 yards each time they have ball.

  2. Mike R

    I love TT, but his handling of the kicking situation last year and this preseason is baffling. I pray that we don’t give Crosby another shot at it this year. I can picture the “oh shit” look on Crosby’s face when he has to kick his first important kick of the season.

  3. the real russ letlow

    don’t care who or why, just as long as the guy can kick the freakin ball between the posts… kicking for the Packers, Giorgio Mason Ramirez!!!!!!

  4. Harry Houdini

    Just played some Tecmo superbowl 189 this weekend at my FF draft – packers could use an Al Del Greco.

  5. GBslacker

    I wish they’d cut Crosby to send a message — just because you’ve signed a contract, doesn’t mean you’re safe.

    I think players and their agents get a little too comfortable knowing that Ted hates dead money.

      • GBslacker

        if you can’t perform up to your contract, you’re gone

        — Crosby’s paid well over average, and was one of the worst kickers in the league last year.
        — Bishop was due 3-4 mil, and signed with MN for ~minimum, and may still be cut and/or 2nd string.

        Get it?

  6. Abe Frohman

    I feel about our kicking situation like I’ve felt about our RB situation for years prior to this last draft. It’s clearly a problem – why don’t we freaking do something about it? Sorry, but Tavecchio has never inspired any real confidence. It’s like TT said “let’s make it a ‘competition’ but one that’s geared towards letting Mason win” Hell Akers was available this off season. There were lots of options. Carpernter from Miami is still available, I believe. Why sign a nobody just to have a body? It’s just more of the same shit.

    • iltarion

      Akers was worse than Crosby last year.

      Carpenter and Lindell have both been signed by other teams.

      Ramirez is our new kicker as far as I’m concerned.

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