Not Surprisingly, Minnesota Vikings Owners Are Criminals*

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Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf

Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf

We all knew this day would come, didn’t we? The Minnesota Vikings have employed the most criminals in the NFL since 2000. It turns out the team’s owners are (probably*) criminals as well.


Zygi Wilf, the principal owner of the Vikings, is about to wind up on the losing end of a long-running civil suit that accused him of cheating business partners out of revenue from an apartment complex by cooking the books. During testimony, Wilf actually admitted he felt his former partners got too good of deal — one his uncle negotiated in the 1980s — and he reneged on the deal when construction on the apartments began.

It gets better.

The Wilfs’ business partners claimed family members systematically cheated them out of their fair share of revenues from Rachel Gardens, a 764-unit apartment complex in Montville, by running what amounted to “organized-crime-type activities” in their bookkeeping practices that gave the Wilfs a disproportionate share of the income.

[Judge Deanne] Wilson found that Zygmunt Wilf, along with his brother, Mark, and their cousin, Leonard, committed fraud, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty and also violated the state’s civil racketeering statute, or RICO.

Organized-crime-type activities! Racketeering! RICO!

Tony Soprano is running the shitstain Vikings!

The plaintiffs were seeking a total of $51 million in damages, but the judge hasn’t yet determined how much they’ll receive.

Unfortunately, the Wilfs won’t be going to white-collar prison. The statute of limitations has expired on criminal charges.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

41 Comments on "Not Surprisingly, Minnesota Vikings Owners Are Criminals*"

  1. E. Wolf

    This Yid comes from a long line of sheisters and hucksters, such as Bernie Madoff, Andy Fastow, Jack Grubman, and at an institutional level Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bros among many others. Indeed, in the Weimar republic there were a series of Enron type scandals, most notably the Barmat Brothers (google it). But you do not hear too much about it in the Anglo-American world. This scandal along with the stadium shakedown puts this scumbag beneath even Arty Modell. I actually feel sorry for the people of Minnesota.

  2. E. Wolf

    Also, it should also be no surprise that this swine faces no criminal indictment. We are ruled by those who LIE.

  3. Savage57

    Monty, on this day when shit is hitting the fan all over Packerland because players are dropping like flies, it was much appreciated to see this piece that further indicts the Shitfucks crooked ownership.

    To be able to once again be reminded that no matter how fucked up things might be getting in Cheeseland, they’re still better than the best day in Minneshithole.

  4. Tucson Packer

    Can those Purple Pricks get any worse? The answer of course is yes and they absolutely will, just how is what I wonder

  5. JT

    I know it’ll be hard to find one in Green Bay, but you should pick up a dictionary and learn the difference between Civil and Criminal.

    • the real russ letlow

      maybe you sould do a little research of your own. the federal RICO statute (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization) , title 18, USC 1961 – 1968, is the statute used to put most of the organized crime mobsters in the hooskow. That sounds like criminal offenses, as wll as the civil verdict covering the damages/restitution.

      • Phatgzus

        True but apparently The statute of limitations is up on the criminal charges not sure if such a statute exists
        In tort law.

      • Phatgzus

        That said, you are correct sir and JT obviously has no idea of the the distinction between the 2 himself, must be a Vikings fan.

  6. Nacho Libre

    Fudge packers?? Wow I’ve never heard that name before! I learned something new today, thank you purple Norseman queer cock smoker, you have enlightened me.

  7. the real russ letlow

    wow, Zygmunt, this is not a plus mark for your character. Ya think ol’ Rodger Goodell will be looking into this? Probably not, Zygmunt is one of the rich dudes that pays ol’ Rodger……

  8. ryan

    Always keeping it classy packers fans. Guess your quarterback and the vikings owner have something in common. Neither one of them will pay up.

    • Phatgzus

      Mmhmmm, except one was legally obligated to do so and the other was not, and that one party made millions off the work of others whilst the other would be awarding millions that was earned by his own hand; so, in actuality, the situations are unequivocally diametric.

  9. Don Q

    Vikings fans can’t take a joke. Although consumption of large quantities of Hormel Chili and watching a purple wearing dissapointment of a team year in and year out can lead to constipation and anger problems.

  10. Packer Bob

    You don’t become a billion by playing by the rules or following the law. Does anyone else think he looks like a sleazy used car salesman?

  11. Phatgzus

    Interesting how the Vikings organization is an entity similar to a caricature you’d find in the funny pages and their owner shares the same name as a somewhat famous comic strip.

  12. Chris Resitvo

    The Vikings have created winner over the past 20 years. Can’t say that much about your gay ass Fudge Packers!

    • the real russ letlow

      hey bro, you been snorting some of that Hormel chili? …….do you even realize what you posted? Read the coherent posts here – that is your brain; re-read your post – that is your brain on Hormel….

    • KP

      What have the vikings won in the past 20 years? Have I just woken up from a coma? Have they won the most arrests in the NFL sweepstakes? Creating winners….. Yeah Randy Moss is a real winner and life. Jared Allen has a future in the beastiality porn industry. Love boat. Killing Cory Stringer. Williams brothers PED suspensions unrightfully being blocked by a homer judge. Need I go on about the vikings accomplishments of the past 20 years? Lets see, the packers have won 2 super bowls and appeared in another, pretty sure they have probably won 75% of the division titles in that time period.

    • Phatgzus

      Hey chrissypoo we missed our favorite mentally infirm punching bag, finally let you out of the asylum did they?

    • Kozak

      Chris is back! Just as imbecilic and incomprehensible as ever.
      You need to stop the Bath Salts dude. Seriously.

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