Nick Perry is Starting to Get It!

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Nick Perry

Nick Perry

Look out everyone! Nick Perry is starting to get it!

That’s the word from the Green Bay Packers, who are counting on the second-year outside linebacker to provide a pass rush opposite Clay Matthews.

Perry, the Packers first-round pick in 2012, was converted from defensive end to outside linebacker after he got drafted. The transition wasn’t, uh… terribly smooth. Although Perry started the first six games, he was outplayed by Erik Walden, who’s now in Indianapolis.

And then he had a wrist injury that cost him the final 10 games of the season. So, pretty much a lost season.

But now Perry is leaner and meaner and adapting to linebacker.

“I think he’s a lot more comfortable,” Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers said recently. “At USC, he had his hand down rushing. You’re asking a lot of a guy — you think about last year, we bring him in here and he had never done any of this stuff and we stick him out there and start him against San Francisco in the opener.

“You’re learning on the run, and that’s hard in this league. Unfortunately, he hurt that wrist and had surgery, but he’s looked a lot more comfortable to me throughout the offseason and through training camp than he did at any time last year.”

Perry was pretty much a straight-ahead, get-after-the-quarterback guy as a defensive end at USC. And, well, now he has to cover people and shit from time to time.

Good thing he appears to understand the difference.

“I’m one year better just seeing some things over and over again,” Perry said. “You start to get familiar with it so things become second nature and you play faster and you play smarter. You see things that you’ve never seen before. You see the bigger picture as opposed to playing defensive end and just putting my hand on the ground and rushing.”

Everyone is saying the right things, which is usually the case at this time of year, but the bottom line is the Packers are going to need some real production from Perry if they’re going to be a top-tier defense this season.

Like more than the two sacks and six games he gave them last year.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

26 Comments on "Nick Perry is Starting to Get It!"

  1. Disposable Hero

    Good to hear, hopefully he has a breakout year. In other news, Bishop might not even secure a roster spot with the queens according to Leslie Frazier.

  2. TyKo Steamboat

    With our apparent lack of talent in the secondary & the fact that CM3 gets double-teamed every play, we NEED this dude to provide a strong push on the opposite end.

    I like his size & strength…I just want to see a mean streak & some more attitude.

    Winning teams get great production from their 1st-round picks

  3. Vijay

    Why Ted keeps drafting guys who don’t fit the defensive scheme and then forcing his good coaching staff to “deal with it” and “coach ’em up” is beyond me. Good thing we have Mike and Dom (well, with the exception of last year’s playoff loss to San Fran), these guys have done a great job considering the dearth in talent they’ve had to deal with.

    • Abe Frohman

      We all understand that you think you could do a better job. If you were THAT outstanding at juding talent, you’d do it for a living rather than a hobby. So, if you feel that strongly about it, do yourself a favor and give TT a call. Send him a resume. Work as an intern. Something.

    • iltarion

      I am really looking forward to the day all the TT bashers have to admit he drafted two pretty damn good OLs in Bakhtiari and Barclay. That day is coming soon.

      Still waiting to hear from VJ about his man John Schneider who guaranteed Percy Harvin $25.5 million. Think TT would have made that move?

      • PF4L

        I guess iltarion can tell who is a pretty damn good O lineman, before…They even play in a NFL game….smh. BTW Mr. all knowing….Barclay has a lot to prove in his pass blocking, before he’s deemed a pretty damn good lineman in the NFL. But then again, iltarion knows everything, just ask him.

    • Phatgzus

      What the Frohman said, if you’re so talented quit grandstanding, go make a job of it, and GTFO here-a 6-figure income sure is worth a lot more than a false sense of accomplishment.
      By the way the paucity of which you speak is the result of (continuously) having one of the youngest teams in the NFL, seeing as many of these players are low draft picks or UDFAs, they’re going to be raw, not maladroit. Furthermore, Pro Bowls don’t mean shit, Saturday was the first choice for the NFC last year for Allah’s sake.

      • PF4L

        Paucity?…GTF out of here with your $20 words. Talk like a football fan for once in your life. No one is impressed.

  4. iltarion

    Reporters at practice have noticed Perry’s ability to collapse the pocket.

    Forget the pass rush. The Packers were 4th in the league in sacks without him last year. What the Packers need from him is a stud against the run. San Fran ran the read-option exclusively to his side last season. The Packers are hoping he and Datone Jones change that.

    • TyKo Steamboat

      The drafting of Datone Jones screamed out 3 things…
      1.) Defense vs. the read-option (which looks like its here to stay in the NFL (unlike the “Wildcat fad”)
      Note: Jones destroyed teams in college that ran options…See: Nebraska/U.C.L.A
      2.) Heir apparent to Ryan Pickett (probably his final season)
      3.) Agility. This guy could play OLB or a hybrid position. He is strong & very quick.

    • Abe Frohman

      nothing to hate….I just don’t generally read any of your comments that start with “I woulda” or words to that effect. No point in getting annoyed. You’re welcome to your opinion.

      If you were to stop and think about what I suggested above, I was actually trying to help. But whatever.

  5. Savage57

    Run, pass, read-option, wildcat, doesn’t matter. Nothing fucks up a play like an OLineman getting blown back into the middle of it.

    Think about it, Pick and Raji hold the middle, Datone, Perry and Mike Neal stacked to the left, shoving tackles and TE’s back into Colin’s lap, CM3 screaming around the LT, tomahawking the ball out of Colin’s trying-to-decide hands?

    I’m hoping.

    • Really?

      Not trying to be a debby downer, but a few things wrong with this illusion. For one, is that even a defensive alignment? They run a 3-4. Therefore only one lineman in the middle, unless you are suggesting raji or picket play middle linebacker. Two, you are counting on raji playing up to his ability, not his two subpar years in a row (last year he was one of the worst nose tackles in football). Three, are you saying they will have two outside linebackers playing the left side (neal and perry)? Four, you are counting on all of these guys staying healthy. Five, the 49ers have the best offensive line in football, they are just going to be bullrushed matter of factly by the packers average front 7. Besides, playing the read option relies on the front seven maintaining gap responsibilities, keeping outside contain, and playing as a team.

      • TyKo Steamboat

        I think you’re taking his comments slightly outta context in some areas (I get it)

        Otherwise I agree with you. To beat the 40-Whiners you have to try & make Kapernick make mistakes…

        & on a side-note: The 40-Whiners’ offensive line is the best I’ve ever seen in my life. Best EVER. Better than the mid-90’s Cowboys offenses.

        • Iltarion

          Ah, Tyko, the 49ers O-Line gave up 40 sacks last season, and they have consistently ranked near the bottom in sacks allowed for the past 3 or 4 seasons.

          Better than the Cowboys’ O-line in the 90’s?? NO COMPARISON.

      • Phatgzus

        Packers only run the 3-4 on first downs and short yardage situations, otherwise they play a LOT of Nickel and some Dime; one of their main Nickel formations is the 2-4-5 (linemen-LBs-DBs) if they implemented a sub package in which they replaced Hawk w/ Neal, the scenario mentioned would manifest. They likely wouldn’t substitute for Hawk very often, but vs. read-option teams it’s entirely possible, as Hawk is not built to defend against that style of offense.

        Raji was not one of the best NTs or DTs, however, he was certainly notion of the worst-from the first game vs. the Lions onward he played pretty well.

        SF was one of the better o-lines last year but they were not the best, that award goes to Denver, followed by NYG, NE,
        Nawlins, Baltimore, Tampa, Oakland, and Houston, WSH’s was pretty good as well.

      • PF4L

        Whooaaaaa…Careful there!!!!……Packer fans like iltarion, phatguz, and others don’t like to talk about reality….They’ll put down their Kool-Aid and start whining. No truth about Packer football please, just say GO PACK GO, and try not to do your own thinking, then those guys will like you….lol

        • Phatgzus

          Dude, I don’t know what you have against Kool-Aid ’cause that shit’s delicious (do I sound like a “real” football fan now?), unless you got Type 2 diabetes from it or you’re the CEO of powered or something o’ that persuasion.
          I’m sorry that my grotesque, unfathomable personality and my high-falutin’, 7-letter high school level words scare you so; apologies, that is to say I’m sorry I scurr yee cuz I’m differ’nt, I’ll inform the minorities and the inbound extryterrestrials that you don’t take kindly to them ’round here.

          As for accepting doctrine with nary an original thought, well
          bub, my above comment detailing the Packers’ actual and potential deployment of their defensive schemes may invalidate the latter half of your statement; I for one certainly can’t recall an article or press conference released in the past months detailing such an issue. Contrarily, you mention Barclay’s pass blocking deficiencies which has been one of the major Packers’ issues for the past year and isn’t exactly an archetype (there I go wid dem big ol’ words agin, aww shucks) of individual thought. Conveniently, you forgot to mention Barclay excelled at pass blocking last week, granted it was against 2nd and 3rd stringers, but it’s the same talent Newhouse struggled against. You see, that right there is analysis granted not of technique but if you’d desire to enter into that realm I’d gladly oblige. Admittedly, I often am quite willing to accept the analysis of individuals such as the Packers coaches, former successful coaches turned analyst such as Brian Billick, and reporters such as Vic Ketchmanas these are individuals who make a brobdingnagian amount of money to focus on all issues football related and spend the most time around the players, thusly, it logically follows that they know more about the players than most anybody else. Funny thing about logic, no matter who you are if you use it properly you’re likely to arrive at the same or a similar conclusion to others who do so, great minds think alike and whatnot. Your problem is not that your logic is fallacious, nor is it that you’re illogical, it’s that you resort to invective, an entity in which logic could never exist.
          We don’t have to agree on issues that are not fact In order to have a spirited enlightening debate, but when people present erroneous information or opinions as fact, then they best be ready to face the musc. Furthermore, you don’t have to agree with everything an individual says in order to like them, in point of fact that would be a boring relationship. I definitely don’t agree with everything Monty or the commentors on this blog have to say but I certainly enjoy their opinions (the ones who aren’t trolls at least, and sometimes even the trolls).
          If you’ve read the far, then holy fuck you have a freighter’s worth of diligence, i would gladly enjoy debating actual football matters with you, such as the ability and potential of players such as Jones, Perry, Bakhtiari, etc. If you wsh to continue to make baseless, disparaging remarks to myself or others who actually contribute to the football conversation, I will gladly oblige your masochistic desire to be literarily obliterated as there’s no healthier breakfast for a strong growing mind than the entrails of a vanquished foe.

          • PF4L

            I quit reading and lost interest at “Dude”. Nice novel though, lol. Is volume 2 coming out soon?

  6. Savage57

    Kaepernick goes to his right the majority of the time on RO plays. Aforementioned left side alignment w/ a de-tuned CM3 anchoring the backside.

    GBP ‘welcoming commitee’?

    And thanks to the obese holy one, you get it.

    • Phatgzus

      Didn’t realize that about the Kaeped Colon, makes sense though since he’s a righty; makes one wonder if they’ll stick The Bloodline and DialTone on the weak side and try to force him to his left.
      And no problemo, what you’re saying makes a lot of sense.

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