Minnesota Vikings Fans Are So Awesome!

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Minnesota Vikings fan

Minnesota Vikings fan

Oh, you’re gonna love this. So that turd of a football team known as the Minnesota Vikings have held training camp in Mankato for almost 50 years.

How do I know that? From watching this totally fuckin’ awesome video about how Mankato loves the Queens. And gets better. It’s set to music!

The song is called “It’s a Kato-wide Party,” and I’m told it’s a parody of Lee Brice’s “Parking Lot Party.” Who the hell is Lee Brice? I don’t know, but Minnesota Vikings fans love him, so he must be totally fuckin’ rad!

How could this be more awesome, you ask? Well, they’ve got a bunch of the locals singing the song. And sweeter, more on-key sounds you have never heard!

Just a top-notch production from top to bottom.

Vikings fans, you have once again proven just how totally awesome you are! Well done!

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

38 Comments on "Minnesota Vikings Fans Are So Awesome!"

  1. King Alfred Alfredsson

    We used to be the scourge of Europe. People trembled at the sight of our long boats on the horizon, and fell before the power of our broad axes. What happened to our golden-haired warrior culture? This is what we have devolved into? The only words I can find to describe this embarassment are…..GO PACK GO!

    • randomacity

      holy fuck a minute? Try 15 seconds. I died of cancer after I pressed the ‘kill immediately’ button.

  2. TyKo Steamboat

    The low-life scum-lords of the NFL that can’t even have a sex party on a boat without messing things up.
    Their mascot is a WWE-looking reject that rides around on a motorcycle draped in dead animal fur & blows into a Norse trombone whenever the team makes a first-down. Dear God…
    They sign one of the greatest players in the history of their arch-rivals’ team & their fans welcome him with open arms without even blinking an eye. They are the 7th winningest franchise in NFL history with the 2nd most playoff appearances & have exactly NOTHING to show for it. Zero Superbowls (That’s less than one…)
    Their owner (The Groucho Marx look-alike, whom was recently found guilty of racketeering charges by botching a 498$ million dollar real estate deal) plans on building a new stadium that is reminiscent of the Jawa Sandcrawler in order to move them out of the roof-collapsed Marie Callendar pot pie looking stadium they currently call home.
    Now, this season, they play a “Home Game” in London during week 5 vs. the Steelers. I just hope they get embarrassed in that game so that Norway, Sweden, Denmark & Iceland all threaten to sever their diplomatic relations with the U.S. government until the “Vikings” change their names to something more appropriate like the “Terrified French Peasants” or the “Defenseless Saxon Monks”
    You’ve heard of “Die Hard Fans”? Well these are “Die Soft Fans”.
    Hopefully im writing something like this in 5 years talking about how bad the Los Angeles Vikings suck…

    • E. Wolf

      The Minnesota Vikings–celebrating over 50 years of hopeless futility. I laugh at the Super Bowl talk. Silly Vikings fans, rings are for PACKERS!

    • Phatgzus

      But tell us how you really feel.

      Terrified French Peasants is perfect, the French and cheese are synonymous so then they can adorn themselves with hats made of cheese, you know since the they try to steal everything else the Packers get right. It really is a shame those Lombardis are locked up tight, otherwise the Vikings might claim to be 4-time Super Bowl Champions.

  3. tao li

    That was pretty funny! Better than some of out corny videos, god knows we do SO many. Frazier looked so uncomfortable

  4. Deepsky

    A five minute video supposedly about their favorite team and they only use the name Vikings twice in the whole song. It addition to the non-enthusiastic singing, it sure seems like these folks don’t really want to commit to beings fans.

  5. justin

    Really. I post a calm and collected remark to a terrible attempt to mock the vikings and you call me a bigote and a racist.

    Don. You are what is wrong with this country

    • Savage57

      Justin, you think Don is what is wrong with this country, and that Packer fans need a life. You are certainly entitled to that opinion, just as all of us here know that you and your Shitfucks brethren are why Roe v. Wade was upheld.

      BTW, if what you posted was a ‘calm and collected’ remark, then I claim what I am posting is simply a ‘philosophical emanation’.

  6. Vikings fan that comes in peace

    Dang Monty, I saw this video yesterday and I was hoping to God you wouldn’t post it on your blog LOL


    E. Wolf, use some cotton to stop the bleeding in your ears. By the way, the Vikings are being sold to some Filipino businessmen next year. They’re going to change the team’s name to the Manila Folders.

  8. MadCity Packer Fan

    Do those smokin hot chicks know what team they are cheering for? I hope they know that they are going to have to cheer they’re fine asses off for this team!

  9. Savage57

    It took all of 42 seconds of watching this to once more confirm that the entire state of Minneshithole is inhabited by soulless, retarded white people.

    I was only just able to keep from stabbing pencils into my eardrums and gouging my eyes out with a fork, but then I said to myself, “hold up, do you really want to miss more high quality entertainment like this?”

    Then I went ahead and did it.

    Thanks, assholes.

  10. justin

    My comments are calm. And then I was called racist terms due to your lack of higher thought. Which only goes to further highlight just how pathetic all of this is. Most packer fans are decent people. Passionate about the team and rightfully proud of its history.

    Now we come to the fine author of this piece. The sole purpose of this article is to insight angry vikings fans and then you act stunned when we appear. And continue to make vulgar comment that show a clear lack of orginality and ability to have a social life.

    Grow up. The vikings are a fine proud fan base that will not take your words quietly. Grow up

  11. Savage57


    More like spot on accurate and made all the more enjoyable by seeing posts made by turds trying to defend an entire pile of shit.

    BTW, I about fall asleep reading your shit. You should stay on Queens sites where you’re probably celebrated as the official braintrust of the Shitfucks fans as opposed to coming here and getting your ass handed to you every time you post your weak-ass shit.

    Yeah, it’s vulgar. Fuck off.

  12. PF4L

    Loved the fans still wearing Percy Harvin jerseys….Someone tell those fans he’s not a Viking anymore. No wonder Jared Allen love’s it there, hillbilly central.

  13. Don Q

    Justin calmly consummates farm animals via sodomy to celebrate a Vikings win. I hope that solidly “amde” all his points valid.

  14. justin

    Sorry don. I have a girlfriend. Already put a ring on here finger and anything. But im sure thay cow you keep staring at with the huge meat would love to spend a night with you. Just hope the cow gets dinner first.

  15. tedtomato

    Almost as funny as that gay high school cheer they do..when their games are nationally televised! Surprised they didnt show that balding homeless guy thats their mascot. If that guy doesnt paint your fans as hillbillies..noone does!

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