Jordy Nelson is Now Also Injured

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Jordy Nelson

Jordy Nelson

Bryan Bulaga yesterday. Jordy Nelson today. They wouldn’t be the Green Bay Packers if guys weren’t dropping like flies.

Coach Mike McCarthy says Nelson will miss the rest of training camp after having knee surgery. Adam Schefter says the injury is a nerve issue that’s bothered Nelson since college. It flared up at the beginning of camp.

The Packers hope Nelson will be able to return for the season opener against San Francisco, but you know how those things tend to go around 1265.

Want more good news?

Randall Cobb also left practice today with a biceps injury. Cobb was seen on the sideline icing himself. No word on how serious that injury is yet.

At the moment, the Packers receiving corp is James Jones, Jarrett Boykin, Jeremy Ross and a bunch of guys you’ve never heard of. At least until Cobb and Nelson get back on the field.

While it would be great if Nelson returned for the season opener, he’ll still have to work off some rust when he does get back. So don’t expect him to be terribly effective in week one if he is indeed healthy.

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55 Comments on "Jordy Nelson is Now Also Injured"

  1. E. Wolf

    At one point do we realize that a continuing, pervasive epidemic of injuries cannot be just coincidence. There is obviously malfeasance on the part of the medical and training staff. We need to get a third party to come in and do a comprehensive audit and investigation.

    • Packer Bob

      It’s not a coincidence. Football is a contact sport. Full on, heaving hitting, smash mouth contact. People gonna get hurt.

      • E. Wolf

        No other team has consistently suffered an unusually high rate of injuries. That tells me something else is going on.

        • Packer Bob

          Really? You got facts to back that up? Anecdotal evidence doesn’t count. And even if they do rank high on injuries, how do you propose we fix it? Take away full contact practice? Make them drink more milk. Fire someone? Pray?

          There is no magical fix, like a switch that you can flip to make injuries go away. Don’t look at the Packers in a vacuum. You have to realize that *everyone* is dealing with injuries right now. Trust me.

          • E. Wolf

            Look up the legal doctrine res ipsa loquitor. Like a barrel falling off a roof and striking someone on the head, this inordinate number of injuries–going on four or five years–does not just happen. That is why there needs to be a comprehensive evaluation and investigation by an independent, third party, blue ribbon panel.

          • Phatgzus

            Not to be a polemicist, Mr. Wolf, but I think the willful engagement in a dangerous activity such as this, the greatest
            of all human team endeavors, may negate the 4th stipulation entailed in said tort doctrIne. In fact, I would be utterly dumbfounded if there wasn’t a clause detailing medical negligence in the players’ contracts.

    • #GetItRightRoger

      I hear a lot of talk about training staff not being able to have contact with players during the offseason. And guys either getting too much rest, or not resting enough and ruining their bodies. All across the NFL.

      There must be 2 guys every day that go down with a season ending injury.

      • Phatgzus

        You’d think they could print out some pamphlets to provide the players with the information required to keep their bodies in optimal condition…

  2. Tyko Steamboat


    Why us?

    Seriously, there are a few players we can’t have go down.

    1.) Aaron Rodgers (obviously)
    2.) Clay Matthews
    3.) Raji (Scheme one else can play nose)
    4.) Bulaga…(too late for that)
    5.) Nelson…we need a solid possession receiver

    • Phatgzus

      1) Jordy Nelson isn’t our possession guy, JJ, Cobbert, and that one former Packer receiver (I forget his name) are/were; Jordy is our deep threat guy.
      2) Picket played some nose last year and plugged the run better than Raji, he doesn’t have nearly the pass rush ability though.
      3) The only players we really can’t lose (assuming everyone else being healthy) are Rodgers and CM III; at this point, however, losing anyone other than a CB or Hawk is gonna suck sweaty Rip van Winkle ballz.

        • Phatgzus

          Nope, not kidding, relativistically and absolutely, Raji is a pretty solid pass rusher and much better at getting to the passer than Pickett. Raji had no sacks last year hut pressured the pocket a lot, precluding the QB from stepping up and avoiding outside pressure, in ’11 he had 3 sacks-quite solid for a NT, and in ’10 he had 6.5 sacks which was par excellence that year for a NT. Comparatively, Haloti Ngata, widely considered one of the best pass-rushing NTs in the league has never had more than 5.5 sacks in a single season, the entirety of the OLB corps of the 2010 world champion Packers not named Matthews combined for fewer sacks than Mr. Raji, and Ryan Pickett, in his solid 12-year NFL career has a total of 9.5 sacks (it took Raji 10 fewer years to amass that total).

          So no (casual) Packer Fan, I’m not kidding, right. You may want to find a new game because you don’t exactly excel at this one, that is unless you’re a masochist.

          • Mike R

            I just don’t see the love for Raji. Neither does TT, cause they didn’t give him an extension.

          • Phatgzus

            Mike, I’m not saying BJ is an all-around stud NT (though I think he’s top 10 when he decides tonplay to his full potential on every play), on the contrary, other than his beast season in 2010, he’s been somewhat of a disappointment. I’m just saying he is one of the better pass rushing NTs in the NFL and a better pass rusher than Pickett (point 2 in my above post); however, his run defense is generally lacking and I think Pickett’s is much better (again point 2).

            I think TT made the right move, make him show the team what if he’s capable of when properly motivated, If he wants to stay with the team or earn a big payday in the offseason, he’ll need to perform up to or beyond his 2010 level. If that happens, he will inspire a great deal of ambivalence, as good NTs are difficult to obtain in the lower first round and TT may be shopping for o-linemen next year anyway. Then again, hes shown money is a major motivator (his rookie holdout), what’s there to goad him to greatness once he gets paid if that’s his only motivator?

            So no, I’m not particularly high on Raji, but his importance to the team at this juncture is undeniable, especially with an aging Pickett’s future ambiguous.

  3. Andy

    And all of a sudden the recieving corps looks a little thin. My hope is that a-rod will make average guys look better than they are come opening day.

    • Phatgzus

      Boykin looked like a pretty good possession receiver in limited opportunities last season, I have a feeling he’s going to have a lot more this season, I just don’t see Jordy playing 16 games this year, not when he’s already injured.

  4. I’m waiting to hear commentators complain about the Jennings non-signing or letting DD retire.

    The Packers are like any other team. Injuries happen. It seems like the Packers get them more than other teams, but this may not be the case.

    How do you prevent a bicep injury? Knee? ACL?

    I can see where someone could complain about the trainers if a lot of the players get hammy issues or quads issues.

    The trainers can only do so much.

    Also, yes, GB is screwed if AR is hurt. But NE is screwed if Brady is hurt. Denver is screwed if Manning is hurt. And on and on.

    • Jack MeHauff

      Jerry, both New England and Denver have very talented QB prospects behind their superstars; Ryan Mallett and Brock Osweiller.

      What do the Packers have? Vince Young and a couple of bums? The key is making sure you have a proper backup plan in place. Not having a proper backup plan is what got Bill Polian fired from the Colts when Manning went down.

      I look at the Packers and it hurts me to say that I see Peyton’s Colts with them. A team that relies too much on their QB to be elite, no backup plan, and not the greatest overall talent on the team.

      • Phatgzus

        Jack, since when are Ryan Mallett or Brock Osweiler any more proven than Graham Harrell, granted Osweiller whipped our asses when we played them in high school, but that’s a slightly different monster than the NFL.

        • Jack MeHauff

          Phat, I said they were more “talented”. Mallett and Osweiller are both tall QBs with rocket arms. They were both highly touted coming out of college. Mallett in particular had a 1st round grade by alot of scouts.

          You don’t think they are better options at QB than undrafted, noodle-armed Graham Harrell? Come on now….

          • Phatgzus

            My point was that talent isn’t the end-all-be-all, system, intelligence, and coaching play large roles; they may very well be better players they may not, one can’t know until they play extensively, that’s all I’m saying.

  5. Lonzo

    I don’t get it. the first and only thing that comes to mind is the conditioning staff. I have said it every year for the last 3 years. There is something not right here.

  6. Packer Bob

    The sky ain’t failing. Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings missed a lot last season and Randall Comb missed a few games too. And we still won the division. Why? Because we have Aaron Rodgers.

  7. iltarion

    This is a totally different offense without Cobb.

    As long as he and Jones are still there, the Packers are fine. They have gone without Jordy before and can do it again.

    If Nelson is out until Week 1, that means he is likely out until Week 2, AT LEAST.

    Looks like Jarrett Boykin will get a chance to make something of himself.

  8. GBslacker

    If we’re going to have injuries regardless of what propeller-head comes up with…

    …we might as well have full contact practice, learn how to tackle, learn not to be soft as a mouse’s ear.

  9. Richard

    With all the injuries hitting the offense, this will be a disaster if Colon Craperdick has another replay of his divisional round mastery of Dom Capers. No excuses if they lose like that again. If expect a sackfest from the SF defense but hopefully they find a way to slow the SF offense

  10. Lisa

    B Rad-you deserve the optimist-of -the-year tag for your Finley comment. Maybe it is time to knock on the door of DD. As for San Fran the other key to success is our secondary.

  11. Iltarion

    The comical thing is that with the new CBA training camp has been made especially soft specifically to help with injuries.

    Can we all agree now that no two-a-days and no tackling in camp is NOT the answer?

  12. It is (at least for me) the most consistently discouraging thing being a Packers’ fan. Every year injuries, injuries, and more injuries, many of them of the serious, season-ending type. The injury list seems far greater than for other teams. I agree with the posters who said something’s going on here that’s just not right. What about that unheralded wide receiver who ran like a 4.2 at the combine–can’t remember his name?

    • Phatgzus

      Packers are int the top 10 in the league over the past 3 years in terms of total games missed by players; they’re top 3 in total number of injured players, so they’re among those with major injury issues but their situation is not entirely unique.

      The receiver you’re thinking of is Charles Johnson, I believe he’s been having hammy issues.

  13. PF4L

    The thing about injurys is, the discovery of new talent…Magic man hurt, in comes Brent Favre….Of course that philosophy doesn’t pertain to the O line, but you cant have everything…………………In a positive development this morning, Derek Sherrod (after on 19 months of rehab) walked out of his Condo this morning and got his Green Bay Gazette…unassisted….Things are looking up in Title Town!!

  14. the real russ letlow

    Boykin has a firm hold on the no 4 receiver and is having a very good camp. One of the other dudes need to step it up. They are going to have plenty of chances to do so. Ty Walker and O. Hines are in there, Johnson and Dorsey need to get going………….

  15. I think it’s great the knee will finally be cleaned up, maybe he won’t have this lingering pain anymore. But if he’s had it since college, why the hell wasn’t it ever taken care of in the 5 or so offseasons since? Shit.

  16. rebelgb

    Hold the fuck on. Did anyone bring up the fact that our medical staff said this was an issue he has dealt with since college??

    So what the fuck? These guys work out all off season right? Certainly someone of Jordy’s physical stature works out A LOT before camp even begins….yet somehow this old, lingering issue just happened to show up a week into camp?

    Bullshit! This is shady crap Jordy. He had to have known before this that the issue was coming to a head and he intentionally put off seeing the Doctor about it until camp started.

    Fuck Nelson.

  17. icebowl

    According to Jason Wilde of ESPN Wisconsin, Lacy isn’t practicing on Wednesday.

    There’s a chance Lacy isn’t injured. Coach Mike McCarthy is expected to address the situation after practice.

  18. E. Wolf


    Not to be a polemicist, Mr. Wolf, but I think the willful engagement in a dangerous activity such as this, the greatest
    of all human team endeavors, may negate the 4th stipulation entailed in said tort doctrIne. In fact, I would be utterly dumbfounded if there wasn’t a clause detailing medical negligence in the players’ contracts.

    I was not suggesting any sort of legal liability. I mentioned res ipsa only as a method of logic.

  19. bob at 81

    it may be the type of conditioning – seems as soon as they get into contact the injuries start. if memory serves me, when we had full contact in practice the injuries were even less. or the conditioning coach needs to change or improve methods. but lets hope these early injuries heal and we have a healthy squad for the late run.

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