Here’s Peter King Talking to Golden Tate About That Play

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Peter King stares down Golden Tate

Peter King stares down Golden Tate

Fat man Peter King was up in Washington recently and he talked with Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate.

What did they talk about? Well, Petey unleashed some of his usual glorious, probing questions like, “Look at this lake! How do you practice?!”

“Well, because I’m a fucking professional and get paid to play football and not walk around and ask people stupid questions about lakes.”

Of course, they also talked about that play — the one that robbed the Green Bay Packers of a victory in Seattle last season. They also talked about our boy Lance Easley, the guy who made that awful, awful touchdown call.

Tate says he’s a real swell guy. Takes one to know one, I guess.

By the way, how uncomfortable do you think it is being stared down by Peter King like Tate is here? Kind of looks like he’s in his leering-at-little-girls stance.

“Hey honey, want some candy?”

Anyway, here you go.

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11 Comments on "Here’s Peter King Talking to Golden Tate About That Play"

  1. E. Wolf

    “Packer fans and people who disagree.’ The latter is every football fan and other observer who is NOT a Seahwawks.
    Here is an interesting addendum to that little piece I wrote. Forbes ranked Seattle NUMBER ONE in its top ten list of most miserable sports cities. A little misguided as it ranked Cleveland on the lower half. Even so, this bolsters my thesis on why these players and fans are acting this way.

  2. Mattdango

    Watch the whole game. The play shouldn’t have mattered. GB’s only td came after a phantom pi call against Chancellor on third down therefore, you are all wrong. The whole game was a joke as far as officiating, take it from someone who saw it in person. I am willing to admit that the play was a wrong call, now its your turn to admit that it should’ve never been, as GB should only have had the field goals.

    • #GetItRightRoger

      Plays get called wrong all the time.

      Never before has an official not known the rules to make the correct call.

      You guys don’t even try anymore…

  3. FITZCORE1252

    Didn’t we have a phantom RTP call that negated an INT on the sideline late in the 4th that would’ve likely iced the W for the Pack?

  4. Mattdango

    “The whole game was a joke as far as officiating.” That is my point. There were at least a dozen terrible calls on both sides of the ball. There is no way of knowing what the outcome of that game would have been if there had been real officials on the field. And neither team will admit that any bad call helped their side…nor should they, its the NFL. Tate, will never admit that that play was wrong, just as Rodgers has never admitted that Kam’s play was clean. Again I say, nor should they, there’s too much at stake. It’s not the players fault, and as much as I hate to say, it wasn’t the official’s on the field either. The blame lies solely with the ever greedy NFL for trying to squeeze a few extra million dollars out of their already multi-billion dollar product, by putting high school equivalent officials on the field. How can you blame anyone but the NFL?

  5. GBslacker

    sorry this is off topic…
    …but what happened to Mike Vandermause?

    his “head” is missing from GBPG pictures — just Pete and Wes (of course, Rob Demovsky has gone to ESPN)

    Geez… it’s creepy how people just fall of their staff with no acknowledgement from GBPG: Tom Pellisero (sp?), Kareem Copeland…

    It’s like the NSA got hold of him!

  6. Come On Now...

    Come on now, Packers fans, just get over it. It was was one call in one game that didn’t really matter. Stop harping on it. It is the past look to the future.

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