Greg Jennings Has “Apologized” to Aaron Rodgers

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Greg Jennings

Minnesota Vikings receiver Greg Jennings uttered what anyone with a brain would construe as negative comments about former teammate Aaron Rodgers last week. That led to Vikings coach Leslie Frazier telling Jennings to can it.

Yesterday, Jennings had a media session and was asked about those comments and what transpired after he shat them out of his mouth. That led Jennings to issue a half-hearted apology to Rodgers.

“I was on the field. I was wondering where everybody was coming up with that. I was on the field and [Frazier] ran over to me and asked me what I said. That was really the gist of it. He said, `Keep it about our guys.’ Literally, that was it. I don’t really recall saying anything negative about Aaron or anyone over there, but, hey, I apologize.”

Real solid, dude. Did he call Rodgers to apologize? Not a chance.

“No. For what? I’m apologizing right now. If it got to him with [the media] right now, I feel if I apologize right here, he’ll hear that, too. Will you make sure he hears that?”

Jennings then went on the claim what he said — that Rodgers thought he was bigger than the team — was all in fun. How can a comment like that be uttered in fun? It was a clear dig.

Hahaha… he thinks I’m bigger than the team, that my ego is out of control… that’s so funny!

Class act, that Greg Jennings.

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14 Comments on "Greg Jennings Has “Apologized” to Aaron Rodgers"

  1. FITZCORE1252

    Did you guys hear Riley Coopers *reaction to Flemmings talking shit of #12? Riley was not pleased. Apparently he’s a big #12 fan.

    *FITZCORE1252 does not condone or endorse Riley Coopers reaction to Craig Flemmings Doucheism.

  2. PF4L

    Jennings was a part time player for us the last 2 years. He is now a Christian Ponder receiver. Let this season play out. Things have a funny way of working themselves out. Much like all receivers that leave the Packers. You never hear about them again.

  3. Chris Resitvo

    Whatever, he’s better off in Purple and Gold. At least with Ponder he will have a chance to win many championships. We have more talent than you, and we are coming for that CROWN BITCH!!!

    • DevilDon

      This explains why the Vikings have no titles, they think they are playing for a crown. Yea, a purple one at that.

  4. tedtomato

    Hahahahahah..purple puke talking shithead..yeah wheres this more talent? You have a puss arm qb..a 30 year old receiver..whos oft injured..and an aging defense..if it wasnt for peterson..youre purple shitfucks wouldve been 4-12..Rodgers owns your dbs!!

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