Graham Harrell Was, Appropriately, Signed By the New York Jets

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Graham Harrell

Graham Harrell

We didn’t think quarterback Graham Harrell had much of an NFL future after getting released by the Green Bay Packers last weekend. Well, Rex Ryan and company disagree.

Harrell was, appropriately, signed by the New York Jets after clearing waivers.

And what better spot for him than on the island of misfit toys?

The New York Jets are a disaster waiting to happen. The only reason that disaster hasn’t happened yet is because the regular season is still a week away.

In their third preseason game, the Jets started rookie Geno Smith at quarterback. He was predictably horrible, throwing three picks and running out of the back of the end zone for a safety, while playing into the fourth quarter.

Then it got worse. Rex Ryan decided to insert Mark Sanchez, who was going to open the season as the starter, with his scrubs. Sanchez promptly got injured and no one knows when he’ll be ready to play.

Harrell will now join Greg McElroy and Matt Simms in the derby for a roster spot.

Does the guy even have a shot? Well, he might. Marty Mornhinweg is the Jets offensive coordinator and runs a West Coast-style offense, which Harrell is familiar with schematically from playing in Green Bay.

Now he just has to learn some new plays in a matter of two days. The Jets play Thursday night.

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10 Comments on "Graham Harrell Was, Appropriately, Signed By the New York Jets"

  1. the real russ letlow

    good for Harrell. He isn’t a good QB, but he’s not a bad dude. Island of Misfit Toys is a perfect description!…… except that it is a big insult to the spotted elephant and Charlie in the box……..

  2. E. Wolf

    People who disparage Mac, take note of Rex Ryan as exhibit one in a long line of assclown coaches who run teams into the ground. The guy gets credit for establishing that Jets defense (now in steep decline), but he should never have been a head coach.

  3. Abe Frohman

    I don’t recall where I read it (profootballtalk?) but someone said Rex didn’t want to sign Sanchez to an extension. He didn’t want to draft Geno Smith. That stuff was just forced on him, so his response is have some fun knowing he’s going to be fired sooner rather than later.

    • the real russ letlow

      it certainly makes you realize, again, how lucky we are to have an organization like the Packers. No douche bag owner, and a coach and GM who agree on most things football. Life is good……..

  4. Richard

    He had already mastered the Packers offense, so there wasn’t really anything else for him to do for Green Bay anyways. Onward and downward…

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