Clay Matthews is in Charge Now

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Clay Matthews celebrates Packers win over Vikings

Clay Matthews celebrates Packers win over Vikings

When the Green Bay Packers axed Charles Woodson and then gave a big-money extension to Clay Matthews this offseason, they made the statement that they expected Matthews to take over leadership of the defense.

That wasn’t lost on Clay Matthews and he says you’re going to see a change with him in charge.

“I think we had come at a crossroads in this team as far as the leadership and where we want to go, personally for myself and this defense, revamping that defense,” Matthews told Storm. “I believe it’s the natural progression of myself and what I want to be and the legacy I want to leave. Ultimately, we’ll see where it goes, but you’re going to get a definite change of this defense with me in charge.”

What that means exactly is anyone’s guess, but we’d expect a more vocal Matthews.

Although Matthews has been a great player, he hasn’t been outspoken on the field or in the locker room. That’s the role Woodson filled and the Packers created a void when they released him.

Does Matthews have the qualities to fill that void? He seems to think so, and that’s a good start.

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13 Comments on "Clay Matthews is in Charge Now"

  1. Vijay

    Well, I look at him as more of a lone wolf on the defense. An extraordinary player, who is more eccentric and fun than a vocal leader-type. He’s going to have to change quite a lot for him to be viewed more as a Drew Brees-esque Ra-Ra kind of guy in any huddle. The Photobombing by he and Rodgers doesn’t exactly scream leadership qualities to me…fun while playing the game, yes, but leader…hmm…wait and see.

  2. rebelgb

    He needs to turn this defense nasty. I dont care if people start calling us dirty or we get tons of penaties. The Vikings had a pretty good defense for years despite average talent. What they had was an edge, mentally, they were cheaters, they were dirty and they were mean. I hated them.

    I dont care anymore, id be ok if we were the same way.

  3. CB

    Rebelgb, cell phones are longer analog and dirty teams are going to be throttled in the new age, safety driven NFL. Won’t work.
    Its the players bringing it on themselves with all of these bandwagon class action lawsuits. The league now has to overdue safety to defend itself against the lawsuits of the players from the past.
    Bottomline is that 90% of the players piling on these lawsuits are broke. Not because of medical bills but because of buying 273 paitrs of Nike shoes.
    If we just get better on the d-line, we will be fine(Jones and Perry will simply dictate if this D makes a big step forward this year or not). Its that simple. In 3-4 D, that turns your linebackers into rockstars. And strong d-line in any D-system makes your secondary that much better by not needing to hold coverage for 7-10 seconds.
    Rant b over.

  4. SoTxPhil

    Until they change the way the Def linemen play(holding the Off linemen on the line without penetrating) the Defense will be no better. They need to penetrate up the middle to disrupt even the avg QBs from picking our secondary apart. Capers used to blitz Woodson or a CB often, but last yr he seemed afraid to call this play because he got burned once or twice early in the yr. The secondary is only as good as the pass rush because ALL NFL QBs can throw the ball given time.

  5. Iltarion

    To quote Abraham Lincoln- “I don’t know of any reason why a drunk and a braggart can’t make a great general.”

    I also know of no reason why an eccentric show-pony like CM3 can’t make a great leader. It is all about what you do on the field, not off of it.

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