Aaron Rodgers is Tops

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Aaron Rodgers: sweet stasche!

Aaron Rodgers: sweet stasche!

You can bet Greg Jennings will love this. ESPN went and surveyed a bunch of experts about the best players in the NFL and, of course, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is No. 1.

So, first, here’s how they did this: We polled 63 experts to rate each player on a 0-to-10 scale, with 10 being the best regardless of position in the NFL.

Rodgers got the highest mark at 9.92.

Interestingly, right behind him on the list were two guys who play in the same division — Calvin Johnson (9.89) and Adrian Peterson (9.87).

So why is Aaron Rodgers the awesomest dude out there? Like you don’t know.

In the past two seasons, Rodgers has thrown 70 more touchdown passes (84) than interceptions (14). He has 57 wins, including playoffs, in his first five seasons as the Packers starter. That’s the same number Brett Favre had in his first five seasons with Green Bay.

He also leads the league in sweet-ass mustaches (or he did anyway) and patriotism. And those are two areas where Johnson and Peterson fail miserably.

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9 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers is Tops"

  1. GJ85_AlwaysBeGreat_d00d

    Imagine how GREAT #12 could BE if he just took all of the blame for his receivers’ mistakes! Greatest of all time maybe?

  2. organicbuzz

    Ready for Aaron to concentrate more on football than TV time. He will have to do just as much or more than other years to keep the ship upright. Preseason has left me nervous. So does all the fuckin injuries. Plenty of time to sale his ass to corporations after football. Greed is never good.

  3. rebelgb

    Love Arodge. Hard to believe when he was a rookie I hated the guy (thought he was weaked arm weasal who looked like a homo in his helmet).

    I do think he needs to win another Super Bowl though to solidify his place among the all time greats.

  4. A.J. Hawk's Middle finger

    Saw Greg Jennings at nickelodeon universe at the Mall of America today, he was standing right behind me as we were waiting to get on rides. I asked if I could get a picture with him and he shot me down, don’t really know why the fuck I even asked.

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