They Love the Green Bay Packers in Russia Too, Apparently

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Green Bay Packers doll

Green Bay Packers doll

Well, here’s further proof that Green Bay Packers fandom knows no borders. The image of the matryoshka doll above was sent in by a reader — Gabor.

He took it last week while he was in Moscow. The one in Russia, not the one in Idaho. And he lives in Budapest, Hungary. So we’ve got the Eastern Bloc covered. Booyah!

As Gabor explained to me, Aaron Rodgers is the largest doll. Then as you open it up, you get Clay Matthews, James Jones and Jordy Nelson.

Something tells me these things are not licensed by NFL Properties. But if they find out who’s selling them, you can be sure they’ll send out a C&D.

The only question that remains is, why hasn’t someone from Russia sent one of these to us?

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

9 Comments on "They Love the Green Bay Packers in Russia Too, Apparently"

  1. Savage57

    And the Greg Jennings one, when you open that Matryoshka, there’s a smaller one of Christian Ponder with his mouth in the shape of an “O”, and then when you open that, the next one is Jarhead Allen with a male goat, and then when you open the last one it’s just a big ol’ nasty turd.

    Sounds about right to celebrate the horned shitfucks from Minneshithole

  2. CO Bob

    I have the Favre, White, Chmura, Butler version of one of these that a co-worker bought for me while she was in Budapest. Circa somewhere around 1997ish.

    Monty….if u wanna photo…send me an email address.

    Let the Favre and Chmura comments fly…..yeah!

  3. someone

    i’m from Moscow Russia

    and yes its true – few dozens (or maybe few hundreds) of Packers fans live in our 15-million city

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