Ted Thompson is in Love with Mike McCarthy

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Ted Thompson

Ted Thompson

The Green Bay Packers shareholders meeting is always filled with guys patting each other on the back. This year’s meeting, which was yesterday, was no different and Ted Thompson led the charge.

Thompson professed his undying love to coach Mike McCarthy during his time at the podium.

“He’s not only a good coach but an excellent motivator and excellent leader,” Thompson said during his 10-minute report to shareholders on the football operations. “In January 2006, we were looking for the right man to lead this football team. … I thank God every day that he’s the Green Bay Packers’ head coach.”

Awwwww… isn’t that sweet.

I thank God for breasts. I don’t think I’ve ever thanked him for Mike McCarthy.

Not be outdone, Packers president Mark Murphy took some of his time at the podium to stroke Thompson’s ego.

“I could not be more pleased with the job Ted is doing,” Murphy said, “and I hope you all feel the same way.”

It wasn’t all rosy, though. Thompson actually admitted the organization wasn’t satisfied with last season.

After calling it a “good season,” Thompson paused for a few seconds and added: “But we’re never quite satisfied. We have very high standards here with the Green Bay Packers, we understand that (and) we understand it was a disappointment in the end.”

Damn skippy.

This all begs the question, though. Are you happy with the job these guys are doing?

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21 Comments on "Ted Thompson is in Love with Mike McCarthy"

  1. Packer Bob

    “This all begs the question, though. Are you happy with the job these guys are doing?”

    How could he? McCarthy has failed to win the Superbowl in every year of his coaching career but one. Unacceptable. We should have at least 17 Lombardi trophies by now. I don’t care if hasn’t been the coach that long. No excuses!

    • Tyko Steamboat

      Wow…you have no clue do you.

      We won the division the last 2 Seasons…
      Went 15-1 in the regular season the year before & we’ve been contenders every year in the McCarthy era with 2 different quarterbacks & multiple RB’S & LT’s ect.

      This is the new NFL…where a 11-5 record is very good no matter who you are…& the days of Dynasty’s are long gone. We will live our lives & maybe see 1 or 2 back-to-back champions probably ever.

      I refuse to be that spoiled fan that can’t see the forest for the trees. McCarthy is an offensive genius & Teddy T is a logical, wise GM that is batting about .900 over the last 8 seasons. Sit back, buckle-up & enjoy the ride.

  2. Weston

    I am happy with the job these guys are doing in terms of talent acquisition, roster management, player development, etc. In terms of game management, play calling, and coaching adjustments – well, maybe it will improve?

  3. WYO PackerBacker

    Tyko, you make some valid points, but I think you may have missed some obvious sarcasm from Packer Bob there.

  4. Iltarion

    If you aren’t happy with the job these guys are doing then you are an idiot. Straight up.

    The only people who should be unhappy with these guys are Vikings, Lions and Bears fans. The Packers just won 13 straight effin games against those teams. Ron Wolf and Mike Holmgren never did that. Vince Lombardi never did that either.

    • PF4L

      Ron Wolf and Mike McCarthy didn’t have Aaron Rodgers. Am I happy with TT?…No…..If he goes through another season with a pathetic O-line. Will he hit on drafting a D lineman one of these years?…..An O lineman?…..Will he find a undrafted GEM for the O line? Will he sign a F A lineman to bolster up the leaking left side of the line?…..No?…Marshall Newhouse–> (JOKE)……So much for talent seeking guru. How about getting desperate, and move Bulaga over to LT?…..Which TT and MM said in the past, they wouldn’t do…This is the 3rd season of our O line problems….Not good when your trying to protect the best QB in the league……But it seems Packer fans are too busy drinking the TT kool aid, to see this as a problem…I guess if Rodgers keeps getting blind sided and gets injured, you guys might put down the TT kool aid and say “Hey..Why don’t we have a decent LT???”…..SMH

  5. FITZCORE1252

    All things considered… Abso-fucking-lutely. We’re in the playoffs every year, and once you’re in, you’ve got a shot at the hardware. And, I don’t see the playoff streak ending any time soon. I like where they’ve positioned us, the window is wide open, yo.

  6. Doug

    Very happy with these guys. There are lots of teams that would kill to have this kind of leadership and success.

  7. PF4L

    This team reminds me of the ol boys club of the 70’s and 80’s where everyone loved each other, and no one has to be accountable in their job duties……Nice defense Dom …Great adjustments against San Fran and the other defensive embarrasments (AP = over 400 yards rushing in 2 games…..Really Dom?)…Don’t change a thing….Enjoy job security…………Want to know why Dom Capers wasn’t available for media interviews after the San Fran game?…..How can he be interviewed when he sneaks out the back door?

  8. David

    I am not sure about the job that Murphy does but, Coach McCarthy has the Packers in the playoffs and T.T. has the Packers set up as contenders. The two are doing their job better then most in the NFL and thats what counts.

  9. PF4L

    Know what else counts?…..Getting your ass’s handed to you for 579 yards by San Fran IN A FUCKING PLAYOFF GAME in front of a National audience!!!!, and being sent home…In a very embarrassing fashion I might add.

  10. PF4L

    Aaron Rodgers makes this team a contender…Plain and simple…..Take Rodgers out…and tell me how many games the Packers win.

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