Packers Will Not Subject Us to Brett Favre Number Retirement This Year

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Brett Favre

Brett Favre

The Green Bay Packers are going to retire Brett Favre’s number. They keep blathering on about that. It just won’t be this year.

Packers president Mark Murphy was cornered by the media yesterday when he was announcing the organization’s financials and asked about said ceremony. Murphy had previously stated the team will retire No. 4 sometime before Favre goes into the Hall of Fame in 2016.

“I don’t anticipate that,” Murphy said Tuesday when asked if Favre’s jersey could be retired during the 2013 season.

So that narrows it down to the 2014 or 2015 season. The Hall of Fame induction ceremony takes place in August before the NFL season kicks off, so if the Packers are doing this before Favre’s induction, those are the remaining options.

So when, Mark?

“I think the more time passes, wounds heal,” Murphy said. “I can’t tell you exactly when the time might be right. I am optimistic that you’ll see it.”

We’ve speculated that the Packers may retire Favre’s number as soon as next season. Will that be enough time for those wounds to heal? Probably not for us.

But the organization has its own agenda and a lot of time that doesn’t jive with people who pay the bills, like us.

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15 Comments on "Packers Will Not Subject Us to Brett Favre Number Retirement This Year"

  1. E. Wolf

    You all I know how I feel about this. I am in the process of starting a petition. It is probably a vain effort, but somebody has to do something. At the very least, maybe popular uproar can cause Berty Judas to put forth a more sincenere apology, or at least feign sincerity. An apology to the fans (as oppsed to some radio station in Buffalo). An apology in which he expresses regret for playing for our most hated rival and doing everything he can to thwart the Rodgers-McCarthy era.

  2. Tyko Steamboat

    Shouldn’t retire his number until Rodgers is retired…& then retire them both the same day.

    Or don’t retire his # at all…

    • E. Wolf

      My position is that his number should not be retired except on a post-humous basis. Again, he did everything in his power to sabotage the Rodgers-McCarthy era, and put forth a super human effort to break the curse and give the Vikings their first Lombardi. Can this ever be forgiven? I say NO!
      Anyway, stay tuned. . …

  3. the real russ letlow

    I saw that that Murphy actually said ” When you say ‘wounds heal,’ fans are a part of that,” Murphy said. “I think as time goes on, I think the number of people who might have problems with it will decline.” Its about time he figured out that the fans are a VERY BIG of this issue with Bert – good bad or otherwise. I think ol’ Murph needs to get out there and talk to a good cross section of fans, or at least look at the comments section on an internet story about Bert.

    • E. Wolf

      to the tune of the old 1918 chant Yankee fans used to do. …

      BER-TY JU-DAS! bump bump ba ba bump
      BER-TY JU-DAS! bump bump ba ba bump

  4. Tucson Packer

    E. Wolf, Monty, whomever can get this done;

    Lets get MM’s or TT’s phone number and let them hear what the Packer fans really think. I would call at least once a day.

    Also please post a link on this blog as to where, once created, we can go to sign the Berty Judas/Brent Ferve petition

    • Abe Frohman

      I’ve heard more than one person say that Harlan used to take calls from fans and shareholders. A simple phone call to Murphy just might go through.

  5. stubbyduck

    I say welcome home Brett!! Lets all put this behind us and move he was and is a great Packer!! The sooner the better!!!

  6. bob at 81

    yes woooolf you are a party of one -1- that is all your woooooorth- lets except the fact that he rescued a sick franchise and made many of us proud of our packers. I was here through many of the bad years and he now deserves to have his number retired. GO PACK GO

    • E. Wolf

      I address this in my petition

      Of course, detractors overstate the importance of Number Four in the renaissance of the Packers, downplaying the role of Bob Harlan, Ron Wolf, Reggie White, and above all Mike Holmgren, without whom the quarterback may have never risen out of obscurity in the first place.

  7. bob at 81

    AH YES – they all saw what he was capable of and that is fine, except they were never on the field to to block or catch or fall down to help the team. they put it together, so just give them all credit, and not leave any of them out in the cold.
    it’s a “team” game. sorry about the punctuation, been a long time since school days.

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