Nobody Wants Minnesota Vikings Tickets Apparently

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Vikings fans

Minnesota Vikings fans

Is there any bigger group of shitbags than Minnesota Vikings fans? Nope.

They’re literally the worst. Not only are they ignorant, inbred, Hormel Chili-slurping fucks, but they only support their team when it’s convenient. It wasn’t long ago that the Vikings had trouble selling out a playoff game.

We understand that most of you assholes can’t afford tickets. It’s tough living on a McDonalds salary, but sell a kidney or something.

Anyway, now the Vikings have a new strategy to sell tickets — it’s to make Green Bay Packers fans buy them.

If you happen to be one of the many people that buys tickets for the Packers/Vikings game in Minnesota, you’re going to get the added bonus of another game this season.

The Minnesota Vikings start selling single-game tickets next week for all but one game. If you buy tickets to the Packers game on October 27, they’re also going to force you to buy tickets to the Vikings/Browns game on September 22.

While that’s total bullshit, in a certain sense, I’m in favor of it. Go buy these tickets and then immediately deposit the Browns tickets in the garbage can.

Then when the Metrodome is half empty for the Browns game, the rest of country will see what a fucking joke the Vikings are.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

159 Comments on "Nobody Wants Minnesota Vikings Tickets Apparently"

  1. Sir.

    You sir, are a complete shithead. Please go find the first moving vehicle you see and jump in front of it. All your articles are complete garbage, i guess it makes sense your writing for this site.

    • Adam

      I’m sorry you ran out of Vagisil this morning. I believe the Vikings are pairing the aforementioned ticket packages with a lifetime Vagilsil supply certificate. They recognize the demand from their customer base. So fret not, you’re covered.

    • the real russ letlow

      I’ve got a great idea that will ease your brain hemorrhaging – get off the site and don’t come back. hoser.

    • MarcoBrusa

      I love the way you pretend to have a elegant turn of phrase and then you write “your” instead of “you’re”.

  2. Adam

    The Chargers started doing this here in San Diego a few years back because they can’t give away tickets to see this shitty team in their crumbling shitty stadium. And in true fashion, the did it with the Packers game here because they knew everyone wanted to see us on our 15-1 season. They paired it with the Chiefs later that season, which a whole 17 purple would have showed up for. Luckily I have a buddy from KC so I wasn’t stuck with that ticket.

    • David

      I ran into the same thing for my 2011 Chargers-Packers game.

      I was supposed to buy the first Chargers preseason game and my Packers ticket together. Could you find a larger disincentive? Stub-Hub’d (or equal) for my ticket and saved $20 to boot.

  3. Don Q

    I bought the Packers/ Panthers vs Vikings ticket set in 2008. I tried selling the Carolina tickets at the metrodome on game day. Every other Viking fan at a rude coment as they walked past. I was selling them for $20 for the pair. Since nobody would buy them I ended up giving them away to a couple of gangster wanna be’s. Complete and utter garbage fanbase. Fuck em, I went through Stubhub. Although I like the idea of flushing the Browns game down the shitter in order to completely expose the pumped in crowd noise.

    • Packer fans are some of the ugliest, fattest, annoying people on the planet. There is not one hot packers girl out there…they are all fat and ugly and have to be inbred fucks. Wisconsin is full of retards and ugly annoying people. The guy who writes these articles is soooo fucking stupid I would love to see a profile pic of this guy just to prove my point about ugly packer fans! He couldnt be any further from the truth on his articles hahaha newsflash dumbfuck Vikings have always required fans to buy packers tickets plus another game, which fans do and guess what? That second game against the browns will not be half full…it will be sold out like every other game last year. Your article is so off point. You realize they are building a new stadium so actually they are making great strides to upgrade their fans..they are also playing an international game to try and appeal to a different fan base. I really hope you don’t get paid for this “job” cus you fucking suck at it. Keep hating on the Vikings cus liking the Packers obviously isn’t enough for you. You are a f

      • E. Wolf

        Hey puppy pup–google one Emily Nosches. She’s a Packer fan in San Diego, originally from Wisconsin, and smoking hot. There are myriad others.
        Even that fat broad who was balling and became a viral sensation, KC or whatever her name is, actually has nice face featuers, she just has to drop 25-30 pounds. Her sister is fucking smoking. I’d stab someone in the heart to wake up to that wearing nothing but open toed heels and a negligee, observing the consistency in hair on her pretty face with the hair color down there . Even as an atheist, there are ways to behold the splendors of the lord. … That’s one of them!

      • Phatgzus


        And a good day to you fellow (unfortunately) human.

      • MarcoBrusa

        appeal to a different fan base? Have you ever seen an International Series game? Nobody gives a fuck about which team is playing, they’re just happy the NFL is there. I was at the Bears-Bucs game and you could see more people with a patriots jersey than a bucs one. You know, there’s a whole world outside your trailer park in MN!

      • Vijay

        13 Championships to NONE…but keep it coming Horn Heads! A broke ass eye sore of a dome where snow collapses onto the field like an avalanche and you’re forced to play at a college stadium. As far as tickets?! Are you serious…selling out each game independently, regardless of opponent, is never at problem in GB. Is there more to do in Minnie than in GB? Absolutely, there’s no debate about that…but we’re talking team to team here, not city amenities.

    • You got owned by the Vikings fans for not giving their money to a fucking stupid ugly packer fan hahahaha you got fuuuucked out of your money!! GOOD!! serves you right for being such a classless group of fans…

  4. Mike R

    I went to the Packers game in St. Louis a couple years back, and they pulled the same shit. Not surprised that the Vikings are doing the same thing, their fans are about on the same level of shittiness. So now the Vikings are on the same level as the team that hasn’t sold a game out since Kurt Warner left (actually probably hasn’t been at 75% capacity since Warner). I would advise anyone going to the game to use stubhub, and by the single tickets there. You may pay a little more than face value, but you mights as well burn the Vikings Browns tickets, cause I am guessing there won’t be more than 20,000 of their shitty fans at that game.

    • Phatgzus

      It truly is quite sad, as they have potentially one of the greatest running backs in the history of the game and actually made the playoffs (thanks to said “I’m 65% of the offense” back) and still have to pull these quasi-illegal stunts (seriously this sort of thing needs to be covered in the next revision of the bills dealing with Anti-Trust).

  5. john

    Ha ha ha . . . all I can do is laugh at the packer fan IGNORANCE . . . your brains are full of holes just like your stupid cheese head hat! Nice piss yellow baby shit green uniforms . . . .

    • Adam

      Superb retort.

      Purple… PURPLE uniforms are clearly the cream of the crop.
      “Growing up as a young boy, my favorite color had always been purple. Purple of every shade, hue, and variance. Other boys in the neighborhood liked blue or green, but that was OK because I didn’t really fit in with them anyway. While they were busy playing capture the flag or baseball, I was more than content with my Ken doll. I had 3 of them and they were my real friends. Even though I had lost all of their clothes, they understood me. They understood my feelings and most of all, they never judged me. Later in life, when I discovered the NFL had dedicated their very own team to little boys (and adults too!) just like me, the enamored joy and exuberance within was barely containable. It inspired me to create a unionized community, far reaching for people just like me. And I owe it all to the Minnesota Vikings”
      – John, President and Co-Founder, NAMBLA

      • hey

        woe so Packers fans are homophobic too huh? Vince Lombardi would be ashamed of what your fan base has become

        • Tucson Packer

          You don’t know what NAMBLA is. Tis ok, its one of those common-knowledge things. Purple Prick fans don’t have much of the later

          • APoverGBAD

            NAMBLA is far from common knowledge for most of the population. The only people who are supposed to know about it are it’s members. Only because of people being arrested and affiliation to the group coming out during investigation has it become public knowledge and most still have no clue about it. My children would never be allowed around you.

          • Phatgzus

            Yup it’s members and any being with half a brain that has ever watched South Park.

        • the real russ letlow

          I don’t think disliking a group of men who support having sex with boys is being homophobic. if you don’t know what that moniker stands for, look it up. If you support that group, you are exactly what I called them.

  6. E. Wolf

    So many tolls. Guess that means Monty pinched a nerve. Good.
    Not sure why someone would want to go see the Pack in Minny, unless someone lived there. One could simply put the money in travel, lodging, and increased prices towards a ticket at Lambeau. I guess if one wants to see the Pack take down the Vikings in particular, it might be the way to go as the Vikings at Lambeau games are in higher demand.
    I watched some fan footage of the game at metrodome on Minny. The Vikings storm out of what looks like a bouncy castle in the shape of a vikings ship. That might be interestng to see for a laugh.
    I’d still rather put the money towards another pilgrimage to Lambeau.

    • Savage57

      The only reason that I would think anyone would want to go to any game in Minneshithole is because they broke their barbeque skewers and now they don’t have any way to stab their fucking eyes out, instead of having to go see a Vikings game.

      Fucking shitfucks.

  7. E622r4

    Funny that you make fun of Vikings fans when a good chunk of “Packers” fans suddenly became fans of the Vikings when they signed Brett Favre. So much for team loyalty. You would also have to be very ignorant to write such an article. Judging an entire group of people, most of which you have never met before, based on their preferred football team just screams ignorance and a lack of class or maturity.

    • E. Wolf


      Funny that you make fun of Vikings fans when a good chunk of “Packers” fans suddenly became fans of the Vikings when they signed Brett Favre. .

      Some, yes. A good chunk? NO!

  8. JT

    Must be a fudge packer lmao McDonald’s salary? That’s why Minnesota is the 3rd best state to live in well ahead of Wisconsin in economy and just about every other category, and if you look at the facts Wisconsin is one of the highest states percentage wise for inbreeding moron.

    • Savage57

      Minneshithole is the third best state to live in if you are interested in ass-fucking, snatch-puking, shit-gobbling or piss-slurping.

      The last bitch from Minneshithole I fucked kept asking me what I thought her retard son JT would think while she was taking my load in her mouth.

      Then she started crying.


  9. Robby

    they did this in San Diego two years ago as well. They kept Packaging tickets they knew wouldn’t sell with the Packers. It was total bs, because they know we show up in droves. I say buy the tickets and have the same “home” game we had that day! Go Pack Go.

    Keep up the great blog guys. Loyal everyday CA reader here!

    • Skol!!!

      “They kept Packaging tickets they knew wouldn’t sell with the Packers.” They kept packaging them, huh? How many different games did you buy them for? You do know they only played one game against each other, right?

  10. the real russ letlow

    how the hell are these pussies gonna sell seats in their new stadium? come on man, you just can’t keep milking the Packers fans for extra game purchases. The new pussy dome will be up for sheriff’s sale in short order.

    • Savage57

      If the shitfucks doled out cash to buy seats in the MetroSty, you could easily see them forking over the cash for seats in another palace of ineptitude with bigger troughs.

  11. Grape Ape

    Too funny.
    the smallest little inbread town has a football team and sells out every game… what else is there to do other than sleep with your siblings?? I guess go watch football! cuz their aint shit to do in greenbay.
    Speaking of poor broke ass bitches! the state of Mn is going after Wisconsin for back taxes for all the broke ass numb nuts that can’t find jobs in farmville Wisconsin so they all come over to Minnesota to get decent jobs but don’t pay state taxes.
    Have fun screwing your sister

    • E. Wolf

      Grape Ape? Really, that inane piece of shit cartoon from Hanna fucking Barbera? Just wow.
      You seem to know far more about incest. Seems like you are guilty of projection to me.

    • Phatgzus

      Purdy shurr a state cain’t sooe anuthurr for back tacksez owed by indyfidewalz. I do hope u’re not an atterknee Mista Ape.

  12. hey

    hahahaha you called Vikings fans in-bread. You know where MN is ranked on the most in-bread states? 48th. You know where WI is ranked? 8th. You’re 40 spots ahead of us, so therefore, you are in no position to call MN in-bread. BOOM cheese heads.

  13. NOPE

    This is rediculuous, this guy must be drunk, because he started listing all the charactaristics of the typical packer fans, but then stuck the word “minnesotan” in there by mistake. Theres a reason all your players leave your team and come to minnesota, they realize just how bad the abizmal shit hole of Green Bay is. SKOL VIKS

    • Phatgzus

      How does one go about being “diculuous” again or for that matter “diculuous” or should i say diculous in the first place?

      As for abizmal, does tha mean not bad bizness? Your big words have me all sort of flabbergasted and flummoxed, please do elaborate.

  14. David

    Haha you mad bro?
    You must be the most ignorant piece of shit douche bag on the face of this earth. Someone is just jealous we took half of their team. Stay classy packer fans. See you on the field.

    • Phatgzus

      Mmhmm, Ryan Longwell + Darren Sharper + Brett Favre + Greg Jennings + Desmond Bishop = how many Super Bowls exactly? I forgot please do help me recollect.

  15. the real russ letlow

    wow. they actually have stats and rankings for in-breads, huh? is that people who have bread IN their pantry, versus those who have bread ON their counter? I think the article said inbred, which would have a very different meaning. Now, I’ll plug the ticket site I use – Titletown Tickets. No fees. reasonable secondary market prices. do not have to buy a second game. check em out.

    • Phatgzus

      I think it means people who actually eat their bread and digest it versus those who regurgitate it into the mouths of wild geese, I could be wrong.

  16. smarterThanYou

    Thanks for showing the world why inbreeding is outlawed. Poor little cow humper, didn’t daisy put out this morning?

    Funny i remember those 26 years the packers could barely summon up(6) a winning season before Favre saved them from irrelevance and lots of empty seats at ass bandit stadium.

    • E. Wolf

      26 years as opposed to celebrating more than 50 years of hopeless futility?
      Also the qb in question did not save us. Wolf, Harlan, Holmgren along with four did.
      So many Vikings trolls. …

  17. Adam

    LMAO at all these pussyhurt Vikings fans flooding this post.

    It’s a sports blog. Do you know what opposing sports team fan bases do, historically? They talk shit to each other. PJD does the same shit from a Vikings perspective, and you know what, it’s fun. This blog isn’t some upstanding beacon of genuine hospitality and citizenship. It’s place where men who drink dark beer and whiskey in dimly lit dive bars come to root for their home team and piss on the others.

    Do you grasp the concept this decades old tradition? If so, shut the fuck up and get the sand out of your vaginas.

      • Adam

        Some yes. Quite a few, no.

        “Well according to US census data that I’ll use to provide a factual point that isn’t really considered shit-talking, and other economic factual reports that aren’t relevant to either sports team blah blah blah.”

        • APoverGBAD

          OK, so judging by other comments you’ve made you’re not a Packers fan. If not, then I apologize for the previous comment.

  18. Mike S.

    Wow. I am so impressed with what you have written here. With all the words in the English language you chose such colorful expletives When something better could have expressed it without being blatantly offensive. You may want to ask for your money back on your back woods, third grade education that you obviously slept through. How about you just don’t buy tickets and stay home,,.,

  19. APoverGBAD

    ESPN NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert brings us the numbers.

    Very quietly, the Vikings’ 14-year sellout streak ended Sunday. Attendance was announced at 56,607 at the Metrodome, enough to ensure a local television broadcast under new rules enacted for this season but not enough to fill a stadium that technically has capacity for 64,111. To be clear, there have been many games in recent years where far less than capacity showed up. The NFL’s new rule simply alleviated the need for a corporate sponsor, or the Vikings, to buy leftover tickets to avoid a television blackout. From what I understand, fans were plenty loud in the second half Sunday. And I don’t necessarily blame locals for not flocking to a home schedule that includes matchups against the AFC South in a building whose days are numbered.
    You mean to tell me the Vikings have no trouble whatsoever selling out games? You Packer fans are silly lot. If you’ve never visited a Packers forum or chat here’s a quick synopsis of what you’ll get. 1) A history lesson that they think has relevance to the upcoming season. 2) If that don’t work then it becomes a quick lesson in excuse making. 3) If those 2 don’t work then it’s just straight up making things up, see the a majority of the comments here.

  20. Arsh

    For starters a good % of NFL teams sell multiple game combo’s. Secondly, it’s not too difficult to fill up Lambeau field when each fan has to buy 2 tickets because they’re all so fat! SKOL!

  21. hey


    • Tucson Packer

      They probably have, hard for those other Purple Prick sites to garnish an attention span to write a lengthy article. Even harder for their fan base to read them

      • hey


      • APoverGBAD

        Between you’re childish comments and your comments concerning NAMBLA I’m very concerned for the safety of any child within your line of sight.

          • Adam

            See, if he has children, we’re supposed to assume he pro-created. Meaning not everyone in MN has a same sex life partner. Thus breaking the stereotype.

        • hey

          Whatever I know what NAMBLA is, but I just wanted to hold that crap against the fudge Packers because it was used as a homophobic insult to Vikings fans.

          • Phatgzus

            You may know what NAMBLA is, unfortunately you don’t seem to know what grammar, specifically syntax, is; that or you have completely forgotten all that you were ever taught.

  22. Matt Barber

    Vikings do this because they know how incredibly stupid Packer fans really are… They could package tix with PRE-Season games and you dumb-fucks would STILL take the bait. And the reason is simple: You have NOTHING to live for but your beloved “Heroes.” Does it feel good to be 80 lbs over-weight and worshipping men you don’t know? …PS…They don’t give a FUCK about you. They only want your MONEY you shit-for-brains LOSER.

  23. Wil Simon

    Who comes up with this shit? When I think of the type of jugheads that write this crap, I think what a “tool”. Are you 11? Or are your parents first cousins?

    • hey

      Stereotyping Minnesota to be stupid eh? Well, I’ll just bring back those 50 state statistics I used to disprove you earlier!

      The average Minnesotan IQ is 4th highest in the nation

      The average Wisconsin IQ is stuck 8 spots below, at #12.

      Sorry, your stereotyping of Minnesotans has been dis-proven yet again.


      • Phatgzus

        I would love a link to the study, it would be nice to know what year that is from. When considering this study there are a number of factors to consider, chief among them, the percentage of individuals living in each state who emigrated from other states (unless you’re using this as a measure of the educational system and not individual intelligence, yes education [environment/socioeconomic] does have a hand in IQ score not simply genetics). Secondly you must consider major variation occurs between regions not states, as the northeast US has the highest overall IQ but only a variance of 2-4 IQ points between individual states, whereas states in the south have IQ averages around 20 points lower, yet little variation amongst themselves as well.

  24. Tucson Packer

    How many times has Monty asked the fans of this site to go hate on another rivals (and I say rivals lightly in this case) site because he took a post personally and got all butt hurt about it?


    It least we don’t have to question who keeps it classy, trolls

    • hey

      They didn’t tell us to troll. They just showed this and said stay classy green bay. Because this article is the opposite of classy. Some decided that it would be a good time to troll

      • Tucson Packer

        and how is trolling classy? This session is fairly hilarious I admit, though If you cant sell out games except when you play the Packers, if your trophy case is still filled with cobwebs, this ticket bundle scheme shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone

        • hey

          trolling isn’t classy, but neither is this article. So we both have our blames. But still, if you’re gonna insult my team, state, home, etc. I’m gonna come here and defend those things.

          • Tucson Packer

            Defend what? A tradition of failure? a tradition of short-comings?
            A tradition of taking ex-Packer rejects to then promote as your best players? A tradition of purple? I do not understand how you can support such a thing. Maybe you were at lest born in MN, that might make some sense.

          • Phatgzus

            ou do realize the irony in that your methodology only reinforces the stereotype you are attempting to refute? No probably not as you likely fall under the umbrella of that stereotype and thusly, retort in said manner.

  25. Don Q

    It’s clear that Viking fans are insecure about Montey calling their team out for not filling the Metrodome unless the Packers are in town. The proof is in the angry posts, but it’s true. The Vikings have been a flash in the pan at best from time to time but that’s not enough to create a solid following, especially for an expansion team. You almost have to pity them, but can’t because of the rediculous shit that spews from their chili stained lips.

    • hey

      No, this is to make Packers fans support our team when they try to flood up our stadium with green and gold jerseys. Nothing to do with black outs.

      • Phatgzus

        Aaaand the Vikings need Packers fans’ support because? Ohhh, that’s right! because Vikings fans don’t have the means or desire to support the team themselves.

  26. skol

    Spelling and grammar seem to not be important when discussing such issues. To my fellow Vikings fans it’s inbred, not in-bread.. that is something you do witg eggs. To the fans of the green and yeller (as you back-woods folk would say.) Please quit living in the past; it’s not healthy. Look to the future instead, as All Day continues to run 5k’s on a Clay track.

    • Adam

      … And all of those yards got you four regular season wins in the last six years. But hey, a .333 percentage isn’t bad in baseba… oh.

  27. Fuck you

    You mother fuckers are just jealous that Vikings fans have two things you don’t. All of our teeth and attractive cheerleaders. The team only did this to deter you cheese eating shitheads from bringing your god awful stink into our stadium. Enjoy the Browns game you hillbilly fucks.

    • Tucson Packer

      Exactly. Packer fans are so mad because now Green Bay doesn’t have any WRs left but even worse we didn’t draft any talent on Defense. Yawn.

    • Adam

      Not so much. Jennings didn’t do shit for us last year. He wasn’t a first option in the offense and we’ve got younger guys to replace him. He’s on the downslope portion of his prime.

      I don’t know who the fuck “bishup” is, but Desmond Bishop didn’t play a single snap for us last year.

  28. No class

    Read this article and think about it… I have never seen a Vikings fan website publish articles like this. Yes of course it always happens in the comments but wow. You need to think about if this is actually describing Viking fans or packer fans. This is just immature, It appears to me the Vikings fans have more class. What do you expect on game day when to rivals meet? Every fan everywhere has no class and are immature shit talkers but it’s RIVAL GAMEDAY, it’s part of the game. Grow up and post something worth anybody’s time. This is just whining and crying…. Garbage is what it is

  29. Macmol

    It’s nice to see you took time off of your sister to pretend to write something that reflexs the average Pecker fan’s intellagence. I bet this took all day to get through spell check. I hope you can make to Minnesota for the games, you should be happy you can come to two games that will be two more times you get to have indoor plumbing to use. It can also be a great motivator to shower while here and brush your tooth. I bet the girls at the family reunion won’t be able to keep thier hands off you when you come back with stories of indoor plumbing and buildings that are higher than you barn/house.

  30. FITZCORE1252


    I’m hip to your game. Foot traffic… Asses in the seats. I can dig it. You just come up with a catchy title sure to infuriate opposing fan bases and BOOM… Sit back and enjoy the show.

    Reminds me of that Bosworth story where he flooded mile high stadium with some kind of anti-boz T-shirts, the bronco lemmings purchased them in droves, and boz just smiled all the way to the bank.

    Good business model, yo.

    In closing:


    • hey

      I’m the one laughing because you people haven’t even come up with a reasonable comeback. Just simply stereotyping Minnesotans, while I prove you wrong every time.

      • E. Wolf


        Vikings have suffered over 50 years of hopeles futiity.

        The score is Green Bay 13, MInnesota ZER-O!

        Rings are for Packers, silly Vikings fans.

    • Arsh

      wrong. If you’re going to count your “13” which is a fallacy because it’s pre merger then it would be 13-1. Regardless the only thing Packer’s fans do is talk about history while ignoring the fact that they only won 3 games the season Reggie Bush was drafted.

  31. slappy202

    What I don’t get is why these pussy ass viking fans are on the packers site, to try to talk down the best fans in the league? Sorry your team sucks camel dick viqueer fans, but can’t you find a better way to waste your sorry excuses for lives? (or lack there of)

  32. Don Q

    The Viking fans that have posted here remind me of a sensitive girl during her period. Again, Montey successfully struck a nerve with these thin-skinned ladyboys in purple garb. The truth hurts. So shut your cake holes, put a tampon in and go buy tickets. Then us fat, retarded, inbred Packer fans won’t hurt your tiny little feelings with facts.

  33. Don Q

    … and (Hey) get a warm soapy wash cloth so you can wipe the sand out of your labia before you make a pearl down there. Pointing out that you’re butthurt isn’t a stereotype. Most people in MN are pretty cool (even some ViQueen fans) it’s the over-the-top Viking fans that give them a bad rap. I live in the Minneapolis metro, so I can attest to that.

  34. wow

    Wow you really got a hard on for the vikings. You should probably follow them around some more and make another article about how horrible they are. This is why people everywhere else don’t respect the packers fans you immature fuck.

  35. Don Q

    Listen to this genius-

    Brandan Fiedler

    · Top Commenter · Newspaper
    Carrier at Manney’s Shopper

    Don’t let the idiots who run discourage you from supporting YOUR Minnesota Vikings as the Minnesota Vikings will end the hated Green Bay Packers reign of terror in the NFC North in 2013!

  36. E. Wolf

    Wow. Maybe Monty should rescind the free speech policies on here. Just so many trolls-VIKING fans trolls. FUCK ME!
    Here’s the rub. Some think I am over the top, because I make statements like, ‘I anything and everything to do with the Vikings so much, that when I even see a faint glimmer of their colors or iconography, I feel as if I am comind down with the rage virus from the 28 Days Later series. Except that I am the one healthy, you Vikings fans are the diseased.
    Silly Vikings fans, haven’t you learned that Rings are for Packers? You have suffered some 50 Years of hopless futility, and you still have not learned?
    Check the score, bitches! It is Green Bay 13, Minnesota ZER-O!

  37. Dave Purifoy

    The cops in Mpls should give out Viking tickets when people get caught speeding. Then maybe they could fill up their stadium (if they actually get one). 52 years of futility, and counting. I sure enjoyed knocking out all of Fran Tarkenton’s teeth.

  38. Phil Bengtson

    I think God got the Vikings’ fans menstrual periods reversed. One a month, they become nice for a week.

  39. PukersSwallow

    Inbred, educated, chili eating? Sounds like Wisconsin to me. Too bad all NFL teams can’t sell fake stock to a bunch of toothless yokels to raise capital. Up yours, you sibling fucking morons. I can’t wait to watch your waterheads explode when your rope smoking QB comes out of the closet. Call us Queens all you want, we don’t have to change the name of your team to make fun of you bung Packers!

  40. Don Q

    The Vikings fans have recoiled back into their caves of futility to muster up another lackluster comeback. They shall return with the same incoherent ball of useless and redundant stereotypes that would coin a 1930’s moonshiner. Keep digging deep Minnesota, we can’t wait for your unpredictable retorts.

  41. Don Q

    Vikings fans are such futile cunts to quickly point out Green Bay’s bad seasons but fail to remember that two years ago the Vikings only won three games. The truth is that Green Bay has had some abysmal years but the 13 championships sweeten those rough years. The Vikings have clearly had dissapointing seasons as well but lack the paydirt. They have nothing to show for their existance in the NFL. That’s why it chaps their ass so much when Packer fans mention the teams success. Go Pack Go!

  42. Don Q

    It’ll be a great feeling to watch the Pack beat the Vikings for the last meeting in the Hump Dome. The next two years will be outside so I ‘m gonna chalk up eight wins in a row against the Queens because they can’t beat us at home and the Pack will destroy them the first year in Hump Dome 2.

  43. Hoops24

    I have to laugh at viking fans saying they are so classy. Yeh, I really noticed that when one of u threatened to run me over for wearing a packer jersey. Also as I see u getting kicked out of bars for being complete dinks time and time again. And the dome? God why would any packer fan wanna go there and listen to all the complete crap coming from your mouths. Wear a packer jersey and u never hear the end of “fudgepacker” or some other real orginal comments. In the end, all it is jealousy of something your team is in capable of achieving, a world championship.

    • hey

      Yeah, haha I remember how Packers fans think they’re such dedicated fans because they moon NFC North teams when they come to Green Bay, and spill beer on players who score TD’s. Or how they say “Viqueens” and original comments like that. I also see Packer fans getting kicked out of bars.
      But wait, they’re also hypocrites! Because when a player got his last laugh in Green Bay playing for the Vikings by sending the moon back to them, everybody cried and said it was a classless act!

      • E. Wolf

        Still waiting for you to PROVE THIS WRONG-

        Vikings have suffered over 50 years of hopeles futiity.

        The score is Green Bay 13, MInnesota ZER-O!

        Rings are for Packers, silly Vikings fans.

        • hey

          hopeless futility??? The Vikes have been a competetive team non stop ever since 1968. They’re longest streak of losing seasons was three years! Packers had what??? 20 of them? The Vikes are have always been giving their fans something to cheer for! I find it funny how a way older franchise can allow a new, 10 year old expansion franchise DOMINATE them for 20 consecutive seasons. What’s the longest the Packers have dominated the Vikings? two seasons? 2010, 2011…. Well my friend that only happened because we were recovering from our NFC Championship loss. 50 years of hopless futility? 50 YEARS OF PURPLE PRIDE!

          • E. Wolf

            Yeah and the Red Sox regularly fielded “winning’ teams, only to choke when it counts. Took them almost a century. You will not be so lucky.
            So yes, Vikins history is summarized as this; The MInnesota Vikings; Celebrating Over 50 Years of Hopeless Futility.

          • Phatgzus

            Now now Wolfy, there’s no need to be dissing the BoSox, if there were ever a team that epitomized hopeless futility (besides the obvious example of the Viqueens), it’s the poor ol’ Cubbies; for some reason they seem to be the ones paying for the transgressions of the Black Sox.

      • Phatgzus

        AHeeeey! are you, by any chance, the ghost of Harry Caray?

        Actually the only person who gave half a shit Joe Buck, and we all know how difficult it is to offend the sensibilities of a WASP.

  44. Hoops24

    Randy moss was classless. Driving downtown with a traffic cop on his hood. Really, what kind of maniac does that? Oh yes, the same guy who thought it would be a great idea to squirt an official with a water bottle. But hey,”he plays when he wants to play” He was a pain in the ass and a very unlikable player, thats why he caught hell for that nationwide. Seen a nice stat that the viking lead the league in arrests since 2000. There’s a championship you guys can claim. Congrats

    • hey

      LOL and about thirty of those arrests have come from the Culpepper- Moss era… Well those days are OVER, and sure… Go ahead and say Moss was classless, he still made your teams secondary look like fools for 6 years!

  45. C wolf

    Fuck u. Piece of puke! I have supported my team my whole life. Sorry I didn’t jump on the fucking Green Gay Butt Packers you cum guzzling gutter slut. Your moms dead weight get her out my bed. Bitch can’t suck a dick as well as A Rodgers. Did I mention Your mascot is a piece of fn cheese? ! Go fuck yourself you silver fuckn spoon fed suburb nice life living fuck get off your moms nipple n out your dads ass hoe

  46. Mantis

    Says the man writing about a Green Bay team that has way fewer division championships. Also a team with no mascot, no sense of purpose. Wheres Green Bays pride? Its in their cardboard boxes. Yall love your recycled paper. The only reason you hate the Vikings is because youre tired of them owning this division. Dont worry… Green Bay still has 5-6 years to catch up.

    • E. Wolf

      No mascot? You mean like Steely McBeam or that goofy Bear costume some guy wears for the Bears. Those things are for kids.
      To the contrary, that is another sign of the Packer’s innate superiority. We do not resort to such ham-fisted gimmicks to draw awareness. In Green Bay, it is only about Green Bay Packer football.
      Division championships are a nice consolation prize for you. For us, its all about the National Titles. 13-0, bitch!

    • Savage57

      I usually try to reply to comments I disagree with in a civil and engaging manner, but for the worthless fucks from Minneshithole who start crowing about their “Division Championships” it’s really easy to throw that one out the window.

      And this year’s Division Champion is…

      Who gives a fuck? It’s all about the rings, fuckbag.

  47. FITZCORE1252

    Division championships matter to losers with no Lombardi’s. Fact.

    You’ve got some fat ass with braids cruising around your shithole on a bike… That’s your sense of purpose, your sense of pride? I almost, almost feel bad for you.

  48. E. Wolf


    Now now Wolfy, there’s no need to be dissing the BoSox, if there were ever a team that epitomized hopeless futility (besides the obvious example of the Viqueens), it’s the poor ol’ Cubbies; for some reason they seem to be the ones paying for the transgressions of the Black Sox.

    I am not dissing the Red Sox. Simply put, before the broke the curse, the Red Sox were actually quite different from the Cubs, in that they regularly fielded good teams, but choked or came up short. While the Cubs have fielded some great teams, they more or less deserve their moniker as “those lovable losers.”
    I have largely lost interest in baseball-the corruption, the fact that over half the teams are just not competitive. I like the Cubs, but I realize it is like being a fan of the St Lous Browns or Washington Senators.
    Also, it seems controlling authorities have approved a jumbotron for Wrigley field.. .
    Anyway hope this clears up any misunderstanding.

  49. tedtomato

    The reason we hate those purple pukes is because or the shitfuck fans! Go slurp on gayred the goatropers cock and get out of here purple shitfucks!

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