Jordan Rodgers is a Free Agent…

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Jordan Rodgers

Jordan Rodgers

It’s been a crappy couple days for Aaron Rodgers. His buddy Ryan Braun went down in a tornado of disgrace and his brother got cut. Jordan Rodgers was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars on Monday.

Rodgers, the younger, was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Jags, but he never got any action. He had sports hernia surgery in May, so he wasn’t available for OTAs. And apparently, the Jags are so stocked at quarterback with Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne, they didn’t need to see anything from Rodgers.

Blaine…. hahahahaha. I’ll have another Daiquiri, Blaine.

So, why do I bring this up? Obviously, Jordan Rodgers can sign with any team. Does big brother make a call to the Green Bay Packers front office and suggest they sign him?

The move wouldn’t be unprecedented. Rodgers lobbied hard for the Packers to re-sign James Jones when he was a free agent. Rumor has it, the Packers did so at Rodgers’ request. Although the lack of interest in Jones and his price fitting in the Packers’ budget also played a role.

The other factor is the team’s backup quarterback situation. B.J. Coleman is going to compete with Graham Harrell for No. 2. While the Packers are saying publicly those guys are good enough… are they really?

This isn’t to suggest Jordan Rodgers would come in and win the No. 2 job, but what does the team lose by giving him a shot and making their star player happy? One of the 18 receivers currently on the roster? Maybe Rodgers ends up being a practice squad guy Mike McCarthy can develop.

Food for thought.

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18 Comments on "Jordan Rodgers is a Free Agent…"

  1. Tucson Packer

    I wonder how many calls little brother has already gotten from the Vikings.

    He really could go to any team. Free agent = cheap

  2. Abe Frohman

    We’d need to better understand the dynamic between the two to understand if Jordan would be a distraction, or a help.

    • Savage57

      If it follows most older/younger brother relationships, AR would have someone to pound on when he has a bad game.

      Ooops, forgot, AR doesn’t have bad games.

      Bloodline ver 2.0?

    • Savage57


      AR’s personal Super Bowl total in 5 years – 1

      The Vikings Super Bowl total in 50+ years – 0

      Go away, tool.

      • Arsh

        Since you Ass-packer fans are so good at History, why don’t you ever talk about the great 70’s and 80’s. oh wait. it’s cuz you suck, and you still suck!

        • Savage57

          We Packer fans talk about the 70’s and 80’s a lot. We just don’t talk about them with the jizz-gobblers from Minneshithole.

          We can recall those periods of supporting a team that wasn’t very good, but we still supported them. Didn’t have any stories coming out of Green Bay back in those days about the team moving to LA.

          The other thing reflecting on those times does is allows us to really appreciate the periods when the Green Bay Packers reached the pinnacle of the football world by winning Super Bowls – plural.

          An appreciation that you horned shitfuck fans don’t have to worry about.

  3. Vijay

    Jordan is a great workout buddy for Aaron…this makes too much sense to me, I would pull the trigger and release a camp body for this younger version. I saw him make some throws which I thought were every bit as good as Graham Harrell–maybe better…so, for a little less money than Graham, why not?

    • the real russ letlow

      me thinks we have 2 roster spots open right now, after releasing Sinkfield. No one needs to go………

  4. Vijay

    Besides, the Jags are excited (as I was during the draft) about Matt Scott from U of Arizona. I even thought the Pack should take Matt Scott to simulate Colin K. or RGIII as a scout team guy. He’s a poor man’s version of those QBs and would do well as a 2nd or 3rd QB option.

    • Tucson Packer

      Im in Tucson (so is UofA) don’t get too excited about Scott. He’s the definition of over-rated. Now the running back for UofA… (Kadem Kerry) much different story

  5. Richard

    He should bet a years salary that nobody else will sign his brother before the 2013 season starts. That should guarantee he gets signed by the weekend.

  6. Kyle

    If anyone can turn Jordan into a capable NFL qb, it is Mike McCarthy and the QB coach at Green Bay. I think it is an excellent idea as long as he isn’t a distraction to Aaron.

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