Here’s B.J. Raji Squatting Half a Ton

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B.J. Raji squatting

B.J. Raji squatting

For some reason, B.J. Raji sqautting half a ton sounds way more impressive than it actually is. Not that anyone could squat 1,000 pounds, but this video is just kind of… meh.

Maybe it’s because he’s on a machine. Maybe it’s because he’s such a fat bastard. Maybe it’s because he isn’t jamming The Four Horsemen while he lifts. But like I said… meh.

At least we know Raji has been working out. Maybe it will allow him to be more effective than he was last year. He better be because this is a contract year and the Green Bay Packers have said they aren’t giving Raji an extension before his deal expires.

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10 Comments on "Here’s B.J. Raji Squatting Half a Ton"

  1. Tyko Steamboat


    I thought Mike Neal’s 615 LB. squat-record at Perdue was a lot…of course, that was with free weights though….

  2. Phatgzus

    Impressive, but then again the dude weighs 350 lbs; also, I’m pretty sure Larry Allen once benched more than that.

  3. Deepsky

    It’s not impressive because it’s not at all a real squat. That machine looks like it moves about 3 times the distance as the weight, so it is providing a lot of mechanical advantage.

  4. PF4L

    Hard to figure out why Raji has been ineffective since the 2010 season…What’s lunch consist of?…10 pizzas?….Eat some more ya fat bastard….Then he wonders why he didn’t get offered a contract extension…..I think i’m gonna blame fat ass Howard Green for Raji’s and Pickett’s fat ass…Green got both of them VIP cards from Golden Corral.

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