Hawaii is Green Bay Packers Country Apparently

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Green Bay Packers country in Hawaii

Green Bay Packers country in Hawaii

You gotta cheer for some team if you’re a football fan living in Hawaii. It might was well be the Green Bay Packers.

These photos were sent to me by a buddy of mine. One of his employees was vacationing in Hawaii last week and, well, they found themselves in Packers Country.

These were taken on the Road to Hana on Maui.

How the hell early do they have to get up to watch the Packers on Sundays?



Green Bay Packers country in Hawaii

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

8 Comments on "Hawaii is Green Bay Packers Country Apparently"

  1. E. Wolf

    I watched the season opener against the Eagles in 07 when visiting with family in Kaui. Had to get up before 7am to watch it. When the game was over had the rest of the day, including having brunch at the Gaylord’s planation.
    It all comes to show that the Packers are not the Brewers (or Mariners or Seahawls). We are everywhere, across not just this nation, but the world.

  2. Of course, Wisconsin being such a good source state, there are ex-cheeseheads everywhere. This guy on Maui is obviously from Wisconsin. And as we all know, if you’re from Wisconsin you bleed G&G. And you have to make sure EVERYONE knows this where ever you live. I now live in Georgia, so poking fun at Bulldog fans is great since I see our beloved “G” everywhere down here. “Oh, there goes another Packer fan….”

  3. the real russ letlow

    vacationed on Maui in 2011 with the wife; was on the very top of 10,000 ft high volcano (Hilakeula or something like that) Had my favorite Packers sweat shirt on – its cold at 10,000 ft! Dude called over to me, he was Packers fan too! he loved it, so did I. Same year we were on Kuai and were in the freakin rain forest on a hiking trail, in the middle of nowhere, and who do I run into? A Packers fan from Wisconsin. Saw my shirt and called out to me, ” Hey, the view at the end of the trail looks just like Whitefish Bay.” Funny, indeed! and cool too. we are everywhere!

    • Savage57

      Ran into a an old college roommate i hadn’t seen in 20 years on the big island and one of the very first things he asked me was, “so how do you think the Pack looks this year”?

      You just have to accept the fact that it gets in you.

  4. Ryan

    You have to wake up REALLY early out here for games, but t won’t surprise any packer fans to hear that a LOT of people are getting up at 6am rather than miss the game. Tons of cheeseheads out here.

    • Phatgzus

      Damn straight, especially on game day, as soon as the game’s over the day is just starting to get underway.

  5. Larry Grant

    I am an ex-Wisconsinite living in Hawaii (Waikiki, Oahu), and proud to say there are plenty of us with Green & Gold blood here. A half block from where I live is a Packer/Badger/Brewer/UH Warrior bar called Snappers. The owners are also originally from (Madison) WI. They show ALL the Packer games, so when they are not broadcasted on TV here I head to Snappers. The bar opens quite early on game days, since the noon (central) games start at 7am here (8am after daylight savings end…we don’t change clocks here). I order breakfast at the bar and hoot n holler with all the other cheeseheads there. The great thing is, when the game is over I still have all day to enjoy the best weather on the planet, since it will only be about 10am.

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