Green Bay Packers Greatest One-Hit Wonders

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Don Majkowski

Green Bay Packers one-season wonders

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Don Majkowski

Everyone likes a one-hit wonder… for their one hit. The Green Bay Packers have had plenty of them — guys who really only had one memorable season.

That’s better than the slew of guys who had no good seasons, though. Like, would you rather be Vanilla Ice jamming Ice, Ice Baby for nostalgia at the Milwaukee Bucks game or that band from Oshkosh who’s only ever played in Oshkosh?

The former, for sure.

Some of these guys played for the Packers a while and only had one good season. Others had great careers, but their time in Green Bay was brief. One of them in particular only reached the heights once because of injuries, which is unfortunate.

They all are, however, one-season wonders in Packers lore.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

17 Comments on "Green Bay Packers Greatest One-Hit Wonders"

  1. E. Wolf

    Majkowski does not get enough credit for leading us out of the wilderness. It all started with him. His season in 1989 led the way.
    Outside of that, this is an unpleasant survey of the dark period in the 70s and 80s.
    One one-hit wonder not mentioned, but perhaps should be: James Starks. One flash-in-the-plan season instrumental to a Super Bowl Championship. And then he falls apart.

    • Savage57

      Naaah. Lynn Dickey had a way better season in 1983 as far as QB stats go. Majik had some run, some D, some luck and a whole lot of hype from a Packer fanbase longing for a glimmer of something resembling capability to fawn over to help him along the way.

      I’m pretty sure if you check the stats you’ll agree because the numbers don’t lie. I think your claim about Majik leading the Pack ‘out of the wilderness’ is only jibing with your frame of reference. Besides he never won anything so he didn’t lead them out of anywhere. They remained entrenched in mediocrity during his tenure as his 22-26 career record with the Pack will attest.

      It was in fact Favre who led the team to the promised land and that has to chap you pretty bad, given all your hate for the man.

      • E. Wolf

        I remember 1989 fairly well. I distinctly recall hearing the expression “The Pack is Back.”
        Majik’s role was minor, but I definitely feel it is palatable, like the first blossoms after a winter that spanned what seemed like an eternity.

    • Monty McMahon

      Bigby actually had two pretty decent seasons in Green Bay. And I wouldn’t call a guy who started five games and rushed for just over 500 yards a hit.

  2. David

    Gabe Wilkins

    Avoided the chop block, made the pick and hurdled his way to a 77 yd touchdown. His 5.5 sacks and that made that year a one hit wonder.

    Had he not gotten injured right before/during the Super Bowl… would have beaten Denver.

  3. Savage57

    Majik should kill the guy who put him up to posing for that poster.

    This team was desperate back in the day.

  4. Iltarion

    People always forget how good that 1989 team was.

    It had more Pro Bowlers than the 1996 Packers or the 2010 Packers (Majkowski, Sharpe, Fullwood, Tim Harris, and Ed West.)

    It also was one of only two teams to beat the 1989 49ers, in San Fran, which was perhaps the best football team I ever saw.

    Javon Walker was a fricking beast. I remember him destroying the Raiders in that game after Brett’s dad died. Too bad he wanted to get paid after 1 good season and then hurt himself in Week 1. For fricking shame, man.

  5. the real russ letlow

    good list. Donny Chandler had a very interesting career. Played with the NY Giants when the Pack beat them in the NFL championship games of 61 & 62, then Lombardi got him to solidify the kicking game in 65. Some good stuff on him in Jerry Kramer’s “Instant Replay”, which, if you’ve never read, do yourself a favor and do so. Great Packer book,, great football book, and a great insight to the football life of an offensive lineman. I read it every year, starting when training camp opens. I farm it out for awhile to enjoy the pleasure of reading the book.

  6. Deepsky

    The worst thing about Fullwood was that when the 1989 draft came down to either Barry Sanders or Tony Mandarich the Packers decided to pass on a running back because they had just drafted Fullwood.

    • the real russ letlow

      ugh……..can you possibly imagine the “what ifs’ if we had drafted Barry Sanders……….double ugh….

  7. Brad

    Majik is the epitome of one hit wonders; his other seasons were mediocre to abysmal. In the last two decades he is the only underqualified player inducted into Packer HOF. Maybe the decades of talent drought forced the selectors to pick him- like you need bodies for training camp, HOF needed a body.

    Nominate William Whitticker-G 2005 for OHW. He was a 7th round draft pick, started his rookie year, and then was gone, off the roster. Sure he benefited from the Wahle/Rivera Purge Fiasco, but he was an OL starter most of the year. What’s up with that?

    • Iltarion

      Majkowski makes the HOF because he was a QB. Name a GB QB to win ten games in a season in the last 30 years. Yeah, short list and Majkowski is on it.

      He also had one of the greatest seasons for a Packers QB in franchise history. So, another reason why he makes it.

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