DuJuan Harris Probably Won’t Be Starting This Year

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DuJuan Harris

DuJuan Harris

After coming out of nowhere and finishing strong last season, DuJuan Harris was expected to compete for the Green Bay Packers starting running back spot this season. Well, that hasn’t happened and it may not ever happen.

Harris didn’t participate in OTAs or minicamp after having a cyst removed from his lung. When the Packers opened training camp he went on the physically unable to perform list with what has been termed a minor knee injury.

Now, although Harris says he’s healthy and ready to go, coach Mike McCarthy says Harris will be out two or three more weeks. That means Harris will have limited, if any, opportunities to win the starting spot. In fact, it may leave him in danger of getting cut.

The Packers have four other capable backs on the roster and all of them are healthy at the moment. Alex Green and James Starks have been splitting time with the No. 1 offense and the Packers drafted Eddie Lacy in the second round and Johnathan Franklin in the fourth.

You know those last two guys are making the active roster unless they get injured. That leaves one or possibly two spots for Green, Starks and Harris.

If Harris isn’t on the field, he’s probably not on the roster.

There’s always the possibility the Packers could stash Harris on the PUP list to open the season, which means he’d be out the first six weeks. That would still mean they’d have to drop or trade a another running back when Harris returns. If the team’s backfield is healthy and performing well after the first six weeks, they could also move Harris to injured reserve, which means he’d be out for the entire season.

Knowing Ted Thompson’s M.O., Harris seems more likely to be a goner at some point, though.

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15 Comments on "DuJuan Harris Probably Won’t Be Starting This Year"

  1. Abe Frohman

    I agree that Harris provided a spark. He ran hard. I’m not sold on him as a long term solution without a much bigger sample size, though.

    With the size of Lacy, I have a hard time seeing how Kuhn sticks around. I’d rather have Lacy running the ball.

  2. Bic

    We’re not gonna cut him because he misses 2 weeks of practice…He started over Alex Green and Starks last season, why would we cut him because of a minor injury? He’s clearly the better back out of that group, so cutting him would help us in any way.

    Unless the injury has is significant and it’s going to effect him after he gets back. But no one has said that, so I see no reason to think he’s going to come back and then suddenly start sucking.

    • Packer Bob

      You should forget about what anyone did last season. As much as I like Harris, if he can’t play in the preseason then he’s in danger of getting cut.

    • bears suck

      Why would we cut him?

      1. If Starks stays healthy and shows the flashes of ’10.
      2. If Alex Green was still slowed down last year because of his blown knee, and is 100% and running like he was in college this year.

      Regardless, I say PUP his ass.

  3. Iltarion

    The running back position will be decided in the preseason, and preseason games don’t even start for another 2 weeks. If Harris is back by the 2nd preseason game, then he’s fine.

    I have to say though, with the way Starks has looked in camp, Harris is in more danger than I would have thought before camp started.

    Keeping all 5 and cutting Kuhn is a possibility as well.

    • Phatgzus

      I just don’t see Kuhn getting cut, hes the best/only blocking back we have, unless they decide to use Mulligan extensively out of the backfield.

  4. Vijay

    Ted loves his draft picks and despises his UDFA gems like Grant and Harris. It’s all predicated on some type of weird ass value chart that Ron Wolf handed to him and that probably originated from Bill Walsh somehow. There’s no logical explanation for it, but Harris will be gone and the others will remain…the excuse will be that “accountability” bull shit they keep feeding us.

  5. the real russ letlow

    tough luck for him. I like the dude, but coach’s mantra is “accountability and availability.” he better get better soon. way too much competition in camp.

  6. SoTxPhil

    Last season I liked harris’ ability to take it to the house on a short pass or run due to his speed and ability to break tackles. We have to remember he had a huge tumor removed from his chest not many months ago and has a minor knee injury that he says is Ok. Maybe he just needs a little time to get his game on. Maybe TT is stashing him for a few wks on the PUP to see who gets injured from the other gaggle of backs. Seems sensible.

  7. GBslacker

    Don’t necessarily agree that Harris is gone, because he’s not on the field.

    Green is coming back from a major injury. Can he still play?
    Starks is out more than he’s in. Can he stay healthy?
    Lacy is a rookie, and as with most rookies he’ll get his first year “off”. Can he figure out the playbook and pass-pro?
    Franklin is also a rookie, and may not have the size to pass-pro. Can he pick up the blitz?

    I think they know what they’ve got in Harris; not so much the other guys.

    My bet is that Starks is gone; they just can’t trust him.

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