Aaron Rodgers is No. 1, Says Ron Jaworski

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Aaron Rodgers at the Wisconsin Sports Awards

Aaron Rodgers at the Wisconsin Sports Awards

You know how we love it when people rank shit. Well, ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski is one of the people known for doing this. He annually ranks all the starting quarterbacks in the NFL. At the top of his list is Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers got the nod over Peyton Manning and we can already hear all the Pey Pey fans whining. Kind of like all the stupid chowderheads cried when Tom Brady came in third.

“But Tom Brady is faaaackin’ awesome, bro! Aaron Rodgers couldn’t carry Tom Brady’s faaaackin’ jock!”

You know, because they know more about quarterback play than a former NFL quarterback who sits in a damn film room all offseason. Anyway, here’s what Jaws had to say about numero uno.

Rodgers is the most physically-gifted quarterback in the NFL. He’s got arm strength, a great release, accuracy, movement, toughness — he’s the total package. No quarterback is better avoiding, escaping, moving, then delivering the football with velocity and accuracy. And he had to do that a lot behind a less-than-stellar line in 2012. His arm is cannon-strong, but his release is lightning quick. No seconds are wasted in a wind-up. When you combine those tools with his ability to process matchups and make the right throw, well, you have the best QB in the National Football League.

Though he’s not a runner, he’s quick enough to capitalize when opportunities present themselves. He may not be as fleet of foot as some of today’s QBs, but he’ll make defenses pay if they fall asleep on him.

Not much else to say here. Jaws obviously got it right.

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10 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers is No. 1, Says Ron Jaworski"

  1. Tucson Packer

    I agree with everything except when “hes not a runner” The way the defense has to fly down field to cover the WR threat, Aaron has had plenty of fantastic runs IMO

    The best QB in the league for sure

  2. Pete Rock

    now let’s get some duct tape and make sure that fucking line doesn’t fall apart again. can’t risk this guy getting sacked all the time.

  3. Jaws could also have mentioned the fact that AR is both the coolest and classiest guy in the entire league (and maybe the entire planet), but I guess that he felt that it was unnecessary to overstate the obvious….

    I also happen to feel that Jaworski is the most “legitimate” (read: knowledgeable, almost academic in his approach) of all of the talking heads we see on TV each week during the season. Everything he says makes sense, and adds value to the commentary. I used to think that Madden was the greatest (and I still respect the guy), but his day has passed.

    If the OL and DL can get it done this year, then we are looking at the NFC Championship game and maybe even the Big Show. I am fairly confident the running game is going to be much improved. The other variable, of course, is whether or not we get slammed by injuries – particularly at key positions where we don’t have much depth (such as ILB….).

    GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Savage57

    Fuck! I love this time of year. AR on top of the heap (thanks for affirming what we already knew, Jaws) We got ‘the man’ and everything is 100% A-fucking OK. The Pack is going to kick ass and take names this season. The shit you can imagine happening is limited only by your, well, imagination.

    Lots of good juju going on with this team.

    Now, step up boys. I want to hear stories about some nasty with this team coming out of camp. Coupla fights, lotsa smack during practices. MM needs to bring in a specialist to develop some bad-ass with this crew.

    How about Liam Neeson’s character from “Taken?”

  5. Don Q

    I was at snap fitness the other day (in Minnesota and incognito of course) and overheard 3 Viking fans talking about how fucking awesome Rodgers is. Everybody knows this, it’s common sense. The truth is most Viking fans won’t admit it to Packer fans knowingly. People that don’t acknowledge Rodgers’ awesomeness are outright jealous.

  6. Chuck

    “JAWS” is a moron who’s ass kissing now. Go back and see what he thought of A-ROD pre-draft. How he held the ball too high after the snap..blah blah…

  7. jeff whiting

    These were “pre-draft” assesments and these were the knock on Rogers coming into the draft. After 3 years on the bench and offseason QB schools in GB for all those years he changed his ways and became the type of QB coaches dreaqm about. This is a big reason why many QB’s don’t start straight from college. They have mechanical issues to straighten out. Comprende???

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