Vikings Laying the Groundwork to Bench Christian Ponder

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Christian Ponder

Christian Ponder

Some people in the Minnesota Vikings organization are still trying to delude themselves into thinking Christian Ponder is a good quarterback. He’s been named the starter by coach Leslie Frazier, for example.

But what about that Matt Cassel signing? When he was brought in, some suggested he would compete with Ponder. That notion was quickly dismissed so Ponder’s fragile ego wouldn’t be hurt.

Now it’s popping up again.

This comes from Adam Schefter.

The Queens have their minicamp this week, so they’re getting a good look at both Ponder and Cassel. And let’s face it, both of these guys suck. Cassel threw six touchdowns and 12 picks in nine games last season. Ponder was the only quarterback to start all 16 games and throw for less than 3,000 yards.

So now the question is, which guy sucks less? Our bet is on Cassel. Why even float the notion that he could be the starter if Ponder had such a firm grip on the job?

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12 Comments on "Vikings Laying the Groundwork to Bench Christian Ponder"

  1. Iltarion

    I follow Tom Peliserro on Twitter, most likely because he used to cover the Packers. He now covers the Vikings.

    The word seems to be that Ponder has been pretty bad in the OTAs so far. He was even quoted making excuses about it, saying that he was concentrating on making good decisions and wasn’t that concerned about accuracy at this point.


  2. FITZCORE1252

    Semantics. Either way, with these two bums, it’s a win for the GREEN BAY PACKERS.

    I read things about the queens pushing for a division title, and making another playoff push… I just don’t see it.

    The stars aligned for that shit pile of a franchise last year and they squeaked in. I don’t see them being so fortunate this year. Reality is a bitch, and that bitch is screaming 6-10.

  3. GBslacker

    Maybe for the rest of the league it’s great that these two guys suck, but for the Packers it means a steady dose of AP running up, through, and over Tramon Williams.

  4. Tyko Steamboat

    Look at the photo of Ponder…
    I think maybe he throws like he does because he is cross-eyed…

  5. tedtomato

    Greg Jennings says hes pretty good…hahaha..if it wasnt for the money they threw at wouldnt be wearing that pansy color..hope your sisters happy!

  6. Don Q

    Jennings was on the news last night and looked nonplussed. I guess he had an epiphany on how bad his new QB is.

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