Stop Following Clay Matthews Home, Please

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Packers linebacker Clay Matthews' sack dance

Clay Matthews' sack dance

Yeah, we know he’s dreamy, but stop following Clay Matthews home, please.

We understand. You’re taken by the flowing locks and rippling muscles. Stalking is not a good look for you, though.

Matthews told USA Today he’s worried about his privacy because fans have a little too much access to him.

“Three people have followed me home,” he said, referring to overzealous fans who sought autographs or other attention.

“It’s scary. You have to heed all of that.”

So, seriously, stop following people home after work. If you did the same thing to your insurance agent, that would be weird. And creepy.

This is also weird and creepy.

This came out as Matthews was talking about locker room cameras. The NFL is letting teams put cameras in the locker rooms to gather video footage (no audio) to broadcast in the stadiums during games. The cameras are optional, but Matthews doesn’t like the idea.

“I’m not a fan of that, and I’m not afraid to say that,” the Green Bay Packers star linebacker said. “The availability of the athletes is already so great to fans, the organization and the media, but now to add the locker room — our one sanctuary, which is even taken over by the media — and now you throw in cameras?

“You think ‘cameras in the locker room’ and what does that conjure up images of? It’s a privacy issue. I know they’re trying to give the fans more of an experience, but what more can you do? We do interviews on the sideline, there’s social media. You can’t leave the parking lot without people swarming your cars. I’m not a fan of it.”

Ah, buck up, big boy. By my count, you’ve got 66 million reasons to allow a little extra access. Give me that money and I’ll perform a little dog and pony show for everyone on the stadium big board.

We’re happy to help you draw the line at stalking though. Stop being weirdos, people!

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21 Comments on "Stop Following Clay Matthews Home, Please"

  1. The locker room cameras seem like a dumb idea. I know it’s to make the stadium experience more “exciting”. But who wants to watch the locker room when there’s a game going on right in front of you?! I suppose it might get interesting during half-time, but without audio I think fans will end up leaving their seat to buy a beer or take a piss like they normally do.

  2. the real russ letlow

    I wear one of those Groucho Marx nose/glasses/moustache disguises. Fools them stalkers every time.

  3. E. Wolf

    I saw Clay Matthews at Tony Roma’s whilst stuck in Green Bay after the Boxing Day Game againt the Giants in 2010 (rememer that huge Noreater that hit the East Coast). I was at the bar, looked to my left, and saw a figure draped in a hoodie. It was he. We made eye contact, and he darted off to a booth in the dining room. He did not want to be bothered by anybody, so I left alone to dine with his family (I also saw his dad who smield at me).
    I hope the fans following him home are women. Still obnoxious, but at least I sorta kinda understand it. For a male to do that, well that is straight out of Big Fan.
    Btw, how many single and married women in Wisconsin and the Midwest more generally do you think impale themselves regularly with an untold variety of didoes, vibrators and other gadgets, all whilst thinking about 52. At the motel Delta ptu me up in (there was a mechanical problem with the plain, entitling me to mote reimbursement and meal vouchers), a lady who worked had a very interesting reaction when I told her I saw Clay Matthews at Tony Romas. She was married (and rather attractive for a middle aged mom sort). My respone was to her comment was, does your husband know you feel that way. She said, yeah he does not care.

    • E. Wolf

      She might not come back. That sort of cuckolding thing does not reflect well on our fanbase. It expains why Berty was able to get away with a lot of womanizing. I am afriad to say that more than a few guys greeted their women on news that his semen is dripping from their slit by immediately, greedily performing a prolonged bout of cunninglingus, diving straight into the cream pie, chased down with a can of Schlitz.
      Yuck. Cmon guys. … Just say no to sloppy seconds.

  4. Chad Lundberg

    If I were commissioner, I’d ban all post-game conferences and locker room interviews. I would only require the players to give two press conferences a year, one before the year begins, and the second after the season’s over.

  5. cd4packers

    Ha! Clay should be honored and grateful…lmao he is somewhat of a celebrity…and with that comes fame…and with that comes the adoration of fans. It is what it is…it comes with the territory. Buck up Clay…take it like a man…you hunk. :)

  6. Cheese

    He shouldn’t bitch about cameras in the locker room because he gets paid millions of dollars? I like football but these obsessive lunatic fans need to get a fucking life. Players are just PEOPLE like you and me. What they do in the locker room is their business. It’s ridiculous how others act just because someone is on the TELEVISION.. OoOoOoOoOoOoooo

  7. MadCity Packer Fan

    I think people need to leave the guy alone when he is trying to go home. The guy should be able to go home without some creeper following him! As for the cameras in the locker room…I think that ruins all the glory of watching your team run out of the tunnel and it is an over reach by any team that implements its.

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