James Jones Doesn’t Like Greg Jennings

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James Jones scores

James Jones scores

And neither do we. Green Bay Packers receiver James Jones isn’t too fond of former teammate Greg Jennings anymore. That’s because Jennings signed with the scab Minnesota Vikings.

When asked about Jennings and the now-retired Donald Driver, Jones had this to say.

“Yeah, those are my dogs,” Jones said after practice Wednesday. “But I don’t like Greg no more. He left us. But ‘D-Drive’ is my dog. I talk to him every once in a while. It’s different. We knew this day would come where all of us wouldn’t be together, so we’re kind of prepared for it. We have a good group, a good team. So we’re excited about what’s going to happen.”

So there’s probably some jest and some truth in that statement.

Jennings chose the Vikings’ offer over the Packers’. Although we’re not really certain the Packers’ offer was anywhere near what the Vikings offered, Jennings is now the enemy.

Fortunately, the Packers were just fine while he was standing around being injured last season and we’re sure they’ll be fine with him on Minnesota too.

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7 Comments on "James Jones Doesn’t Like Greg Jennings"

  1. E. Wolf

    You guys see what GJ said about 12 in comparison to his predecessor. I hope these things infuse a little more hatred in our boys for those purple pukes! HATE TRAIN ROLLING!

  2. Tyler

    Hating on Jennings and Favre is really not needed. They were key points to this team for years. Jones almost signed with the vikes like two years ago. Also, there could be a day that Aaron signs with another team at the end of his career you never know.

  3. Chuck

    Old, hurt WR who wanted big $$. We won games without him. Good riddance. Wideouts are the easiest to replace.

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