Desmond Bishop Reportedly Picks the Vikings

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Desmond Bishop

Desmond Bishop

Desmond Bishop has agreed to a one-year contract with the Minnesota Vikings, according to Pro Football Talk.

Bishop was released by the Green Bay Packers last week. He visited the Vikings and Chiefs and also drew interest from the Giants and Jaguars.

So, the Packers will get to face an ultra-motivated Bishop twice a season and they’ll probably end up regretting it. Although he missed all of 2012 with a hamstring injury, Bishop was the team’s best defensive playmaker in 2011, when he had 115 tackles and five sacks in 13 games.

Bishop will compete with Erin Henderson to man the middle for the Vikings. Henderson had 80 tackles and three sacks in 2012 and is widely considered the weak link of Minnesota’s defense.

And of course, Bishop will join the list of Packers castoffs that the Vikings jumped all over — Darren Sharper, Ryan Longwell, Brett Favre, Robert Ferguson, Greg Jennings, etc., etc.

Some of those guys have been pretty successful. Our bet is Bishop joins that group and we’ll be sitting here wondering what Big Ted’s continued attachment to A.J. Hawk is.

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21 Comments on "Desmond Bishop Reportedly Picks the Vikings"

  1. ay hombre

    I am not happy about this. We may as well start over on both playbooks when playing the Queens. Jennings will give them our offensive plays and now Bishop will give them the defense. Nice.

  2. “So, the Packers will get to face an ultra-motivated Bishop twice a season and they’ll probably end up regretting it.”

    Because that one year contract screams superstar.

    • I should clarify. If the Bishop is 100% then why not sign him to a longer deal? I think it’s obvious that the Vikings have the same concern with his previous injury. The Packers didn’t want to deal with the possibility. Injuries have been the Achilles’ heal of this team.

      I’m not happy about it either, and the potential for it to blow up in our faces is certainly there.

  3. Iltarion

    Its the Vikings, which means they already know all of our plays on offense and defense.

    I heard it was a small contract, and only one year. The fact he took it suggests that the Chiefs and others also were not offering anything bigger.

    This would seem to suggest the Packers were right. Bishop is not worth $3.5 million a year.

    I know I appreciate the players who actually show up and play on Sunday over those that don’t. Maybe the team’s affinity is similar.

  4. GBslacker

    He’ll be so blown away by the flip-flopped offensive line, he won’t know who he’s playing. He’ll think it’s the Jets or the Jaguars, or some other green team.

    Reminds me of that line from “Killer Joe”…
    “she didn’t know who you were”

  5. Brad

    American Journal of Orthopedics published a small series this month of NFL players who have undergone hamstring repair, like Bishop, and the odds are 50-50 of a productive return. This is much less predictable than ACL, or even Achilles repair. Two LB had the procedure and only one returned to productivity, so this really is a 50/50 proposition. I suspect that, even more than the salary, drove the decision.

      • E. Wolf

        Where do you get it is a sample size of two?
        Brad that was a very informative post.
        Alex Petakis has been on Green and God Today and they are talking about plays that come clse to whatever happened last night in the Stanle Cup Finals, rather than, say, concerete evidence bolstering or discrediting the Polar Bear’s decision to let this guy walk.
        Can anyone recommend better radio coverage?

  6. Savage57

    Fucking POS. Here’s to him tearing the shit out of his Achilles again while he collides with Jennings in practice and breaks that asshole’s leg.

    I think we need to spread the word in Sandland that Vikings sponsor events in the Twin Cities where all the fans gather once a week to burn all the Koran’s they can find while shitting on life size posters of Muhammed.

  7. FITZCORE1252

    Brad, I tried to post a link for that days ago… The management here was apparently not on board as they wouldn’t allow it to be posted. Insecurity is my only guess. Kinda sad… Kinda cute.

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