Davon House Sounds Pretty Confident

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Davon House

Davon House

Davon House was limited by a shoulder injury and playing with a harness last season. He played anyway and wasn’t bad in limited action, but this year House is taking the you ain’t seen nothing yet approach.

“To me, if you think I did good last year then you have a whole other thing coming,” House said. “I won’t have this harness on so it won’t slow me down. So what you saw in the preseason, Week One, there’s going to be a lot of that.”

House was injured in the Green Bay Packers first preseason game in 2012. At the time, he was the favorite to win the starting cornerback spot opposite Tramon Williams. The injury and the time he missed killed that notion and House knows it.

“To me, I felt like the job was mine,” House said. “It was mine to lose and I lost it because of injuries to me. But later on in the season, Shields got hurt and it gave me an opportunity to step in there. I think it showed the coaches that I can play.”

The Packers have said their starting cornerback spots are up for grabs this year and the team may just have four guys who are legitimate NFL starters. Sam Shields and Casey Hayward join House and Williams in that category.

The Packers play a lot of nickel, so being among the top three cornerbacks will get you a lot of minutes. Will House be in that group? He faces an uphill battle if Shields and Hayward duplicate the success they had last season.

However, it’s not out of the question. If House plays the way he did before the injury, it will be hard to keep him off the field.

If I were Tramon Williams, I’d be looking over my shoulder.

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10 Comments on "Davon House Sounds Pretty Confident"

  1. TyKo Steamboat

    Davon House has the size, frame, build & speed.
    He reminds me of a young Antonio Cromarite.

    This dude was a steal in the draft in the 4th round (131). Lock him down to a long-term deal before he becomes too expensive. Another true Ted Thompson gem.

  2. Iltarion

    House is the best prospect to replace Williams if the Packers deem Tramon is not worthy of his contract after this season.

    With Detroit, Chicago and Minnie all looking to be better at throwing the football this season, having 4 decent CBs is a good idea.

  3. Vijay

    Whatever…he’s proven nothing in a regular season game and you’re calling him a GEM. He’s Al Harris reincarnate (look at the trademark dreads and long lean wiry frame). He does not improve our run stopping capabilities on the perimeter but he could still press at the line and be a decent cover corner against average NFL receivers.

    • Phatgzus

      Actually, House was a pretty good tackler coming out of college, and if you have forgotten, Harris was a pretty good CB for a number of years, not exactly an insult.

    • TyKo Steamboat

      Are you kidding me? House was a maniac out there. Aside from the hair, which believe it or not, has nothing to do with football performance, he is alot different than Al Harris & he is a great tackler.

      Which team are you watching?

      • Phatgzus

        Since when does hair have nothing to do with football performance? Clay Matthews, Marshawn Lynch, and…er, um…A.J. Hawk, Atari Bigby? Ah crap, I stand corrected.

  4. PF4L

    Love Davon House. Would love it even more to see him unseat Tramon ( I had a good 2010 season) Williams, and send him and his millions packing. But…House has to stay healthy, something he hasn’t done since being drafted.

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