Brett Favre Says He Was At Fault

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Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers

That crazy Brett Favre will get back in your good graces yet! On Thursday, Favre admitted he was at fault for the rift with the Green Bay Packers.

“I was at fault,” Favre told WGR 550 AM in Buffalo. “I feel that both sides had a part in it. If you can go back would I or them have done things differently? I’m sure both sides would have, but you can’t.”

Favre went on to say he’s been in touch with team president Mark Murphy several times recently and he’s open to having his number retired.

“I don’t know of any player who would not want that to happen. I’m honored just by the thought,” Favre said. “Obviously there was, if you want to call it, ‘bad blood’ or whatever, I just think that people started picking sides and really I’m over that and have been over it. Mark Murphy and I have talked on numerous occasions. I never expected them to do anything. I’m not one to sit here and say I think they need to do this, do that. They have a very good ball team and that’s their primary focus and it should have always been, which it has.

“As time goes, it heals a lot of things. I know for me as I’ve gotten further and further removed from the game, I think about for example the statistics and things of that nature, which I don’t know any player where that didn’t matter some. It matters a whole lot less now. So the things that transpired that led to us ‘breaking up’ if you will, to me, are over and done with. When will that happen? I don’t think either side is trying to push the issue. I think Mark Murphy – and Mark really came in the last few weeks of my career in Green Bay – so he kind of came into a hornet’s nest if you will. But he’s been extremely great in trying to make this work. In our discussions, it will happen. We just don’t want it – we’re going to do it here. I think both sides are genuine. I know they are. And that’s the way it has to come across because that’s the way it should be. We don’t want to go out there waving to the crowd with our backs to each other. And I don’t think that’s going to happen. Aaron has said some very nice things. He and I have a good relationship. I had a chance to present an award with him at the Super Bowl and that was for real. It wasn’t for show. And so I think everything will be fine.”

Favre presented the comeback player of the year award with Rodgers at the NFL Honors in February. Rodgers suggested he’s stayed in touch with Favre since then.

Rodgers has also pushed for the organization to retire Favre’s number.

So, like we said previously, we’re expecting that to happen sometime next year.

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27 Comments on "Brett Favre Says He Was At Fault"

  1. Nick

    Statement from the desk of Ted Thompson:

    “Dear Brett, I too am sorry for attempting to euthanize you.”

    Now, finally, we can all sing kumbaya. Favre will go back to texting his junk and Ted and go back to asking Favre to text him his junk. Really a win win.

  2. Ger

    All water under the bridge, and all great PR. I’m glad Brent was big enough to drop all the crap anyway. I didn’t care to much when he left, I didn’t care at all when he joined the Jets, I was pissed when he joined the queens, and I didn’t care when he faded away.

    • E. Wolf

      Attempted murder can never be water the under the bridge, and so it is with this. This guy did EVERYTHING he could to destory the Packers, and give our most hated rival the hardware. One errant throw–one single interception–is all the difference. Had that not occured, the Vikings would have likely won the Super Bowl, which in turn would have made 2010 impossible. VERGISS DAS NIEMALS!

  3. the real russ letlow

    well, that may the closest thing to an apology from brent that we’ll hear. I think that there will be a good amount of robust booing if they do this during a home game in 2014. maybe they hold a “by invitation only” ceremony??

  4. Iltarion

    I have spent many an hour arguing with Favre apologists and bemoaning the shit Brent put us through, but really, Wolf, you need to get over it.

    This admission by Brett that he did some things he regrets means a lot to me.

    I think the majority of Packer fans, though not all, are ready to welcome him back.

    • E. Wolf

      Someone tries to kill you, fires a shot, and it grazes your ear. Are you going to just forgive and forget like it is no big deal.
      Had one errant pass turned differently, Vikings woud have been in the Super Bowl, and probablly would have won.

      • Iltarion

        No one tried to kill you, Wolf.

        Personally, I think the Colts would have beat the Vikings.

        Even if that didn’t happen, we can’t say for sure that 2010 wouldn’t have happened.

        And even if 2010 hadn’t happened, the Packers would still be right here.

        • E. Wolf

          You are missing the analogy. I suggest attempted murder as an analogy in the sense that he did everything he could to “kill” the Packers in the post Favre era.
          We willl never know for sure what would have happened in XLIIII, and that is a good thing. It did not happen only by the ever so thinnest of margins: one errant pass.
          Had the Vikings ggone to and won the Super Bowl, not only would we not hae won the Super Bowl, I doubt either McCarthy or Thopmpson would be there. Yeah the Packer would be in the league, but they would be a remnant of what the are now–a Super Bowl Championship team that still has a chance to become a dynasty. Reducin our beloved Packers to such a diminished, vanquished existence is exactly what Berty sought to achieve. And for these crimes he must never be forgiven.

          • DJ

            I get the analogy but it is a bit extreme. Murder? Farve wanted to beat the Pack after they rejected his diva retirement act & launched him…so he wanted payback. Did he get it? He went 2-2 against us. And yeah, the BiQueens were one pick away from the Super Bowl…one pick…that he himself threw…just like he did for us vs the Giants. We ended up bring Vince home the next yr with ARod more seasoned. So if it was “attempted murder” he failed. We got the last laugh.

            Accepting responsibility & acknowledging fault is a good first step for Farve. Personally, I didnt think we’d ever get THAT! He is NOT forgiven by me either….but being a man & owning up to your mistakes keeps the door open for me. I’m gonna need to hear “I am sorry & I love the Packers & I wanna come home” and then….maybe…I wont boo. lol

            Its funny how this has taken on cheating wife parameters for a lot of us fans. Mostly, I guess, because of all the joy he gave us early on and the loyalty & support we showed him when he did some stupid shit later that cost us games & titles. But we stuck by him. And that is what made the exit drama so volatile. Both sides felt jilted to the max & its been scorched earth ever since. I’m ready for it to be over. Whether I boo or not….I could give a shit. Just end already.

  5. Tucson Packer

    Well, once again Rodgers is a better man than I am. I, however, am not on board with this and I will rue the day if and when this travesty of retiring the traitor’s number ever happens.

  6. CO Bob

    How many of us get the chance to stick it to an ex boss, no matter what the reasons were for moving on?

    I think his viking salary that first year was the same amount GB contributed to revenue sharing, correct? Yeesh

    His post Packer retiree marketing offer from Murphy was around $20mil, I think????

    We won a SB without him, but damn he was fun to watch live. If I’m not mistaken, he broke or hurt Kevin Greene’s lower leg in the 96′ NFC Championship game. Tossed him like a rag doll if memory serves correct.

    He helped return us to respectability, but got himself in a little trouble at times maybe…..maybe he’s not the celestial that the club seems to look for now. With social media and such, players can’t f around like the used to, I would assume.

    We’re just as good without him, but I’m not so sure we would have enjoyed our 30 years of domination without him during his tenure.

    Saw him play live 6 or 7 times. Not likely as many times as some of you, but damn…when he was on he was a beast.

    I think Sherman helped lengthen his career by having such a good running game to help him out during that era.

    Dammit l really wish he didn’t wear purple tho, but I guess I’m over it.

    Random thoughts. Feel free to comment on anything that doesn’t sound correct.

  7. the real jeff ircink

    your headline, like more than half the other “legitimate” news sources is misleading. who writes them?

    Favre said he was at fault, AS WAS THE PACKER organization. duh. AND – i’ve heard Favre on several occasions say this same thing. it’s not a new news story. just another circus story drummed up by the media.

    let the number retirement happen on it’s own. the higher percentage of you clowns who write and post her hate him anyway. we don’t want you back in the Favre family. get screwed.

  8. E. Wolf

    “I get the analogy but it is a bit extreme. Murder? Farve wanted to beat the Pack after they rejected his diva retirement act & launched him…so he wanted payback. Did he get it? He went 2-2 against us. ”

    Actually, the analogy is probably not extreme enough. After all, the Packers are larger than life itself. Unless someone is a loved one or friend, a murder or fatality of any one person really does not affect me or you. On the other hand, when the Pack loses, it affects me for a day or more. A playoff loss or loss of an important game can leave me despondent for weeks or even months. I know I am not alone in this, for we are legion!
    Had Berty succeeded in his grand design, foiling the McCarthy Rodgers era and giving the Vikings a Lombardi Trophy, it would be worse than the end of the world. A worse outcome than The Road. That scene where the father and son stumble on the plantaton inhabited by cannibals and their erstwhile victims pales in comparison to that nightmare scenario. And it almost happened!
    Attempted murder does not eevn come close. More like grand sedition. The penalty for that is death. Since the Pack does not have the death penalty as a remedy, he should be banished FOR LIFE.
    I am coming to realize this position is becoming increasingly marginalized. But maybe, just maybe, if enough people follow the howling mad Wolfman (yours truly), he will actually have to express true contrition and remorse for his crimes.
    What the fuck is wrong with you people? The guy did his best to fuck us up the ass, permanently and irreparably, and you all are ready to just kiss and makeup two seconds after he failed all because he said it was his fault, but then quickly saying our beloved Packers are at fault too?
    God damn it I love this team so much. XLV partly atones for the lost opportunity after the departure of Holmgren. Berty did everythng he could to sabotage it–to sabotage our beloved Green Bay Packers!
    It pisses me off just thinking about it and here it is 1 am and I have to get some sleep.

  9. icebowl

    No way can this happen ….

    The Packers have only lost one superbowl…
    Brent steered that team and soon thereafter blew their chances to get into another one ….

    ‘Nuff said….

  10. Guess it’s time to get back into the media spotlight, right?

    That being said, I’m all for retiring his number. How could you not be? Favre is a living a legend and he brought the Packers franchise back from oblivion. That’s a fact, no matter how much you hate him.

    • E. Wolf

      NO. … Bob Harlan, Ron Wolf and Mike Holmgren brought the Pack back, together with you-know-who. In many ways Number Four is the antecedent of these figure. Without them, he likely would have been washed up. Indeed, throughout his career, ONLY Holmgren could coach the guy.
      One other thing, Don Majkowski first turned the culture around in 89.

  11. icebowl

    Saw Majic’ s last quality start in Phoenix.
    Brent was worth the risk over Tony Dilweg..

    If only he had retired and kept his real shut….

    BTW : NFL network declared icebowl as Greatest Game ever ….. Showed full game yesterday…
    Greatest Packers team ever…. Pure class coupled with enormous skills – and s deep running game…. Sigh…..

    • E. Wolf

      I believe that complete footage of the Ice Bowl does not exist-only highlights Same with Super Bowl II.
      I am not saying the Majik Man is better than Favre. I am simply dispelling this absurd notion that Berty alone is responsible for the resurgence of the Packers.

  12. the real jeff ircink

    @e wolf – that’s because your beloved Packers DO SHARE in the fault. life banishment? ha….did you get enough sleep last night?

    • E. Wolf

      That you say my instead of our denotes you as something other than a Packer fan, to wit a Favre fan. So your opinion does not count.
      I cannot imagine in what way the Packers are at fault. They traded him to the Jets, after the retire unretire debacle, to prevent him from playing for the Vikings, or so it seemed. And they secured our futue as a Super Bowl Champion and legitimate Super Bowl contender for years.

  13. icebowl

    Correctly stated Herr Wolf they were highlights…. Great part was interviews with players many years after the game….
    Most interesting comments about Bart Starr.
    The only hit who spoke up , supprtibg his teammates against inaccurate accusations by Coach Lombardi.
    Bart stated “Farve could throw better from bus knees” than he could but he had the brains…

    I concur Majic was no Burt in skills but he was team player…

  14. the real jeff ircink

    @e wolf – you are correct in noting i’m not a Packer fan. but you are incorrect in assuming that the use of “your” and not “our” would necessarily mean i’m not a Packer fan. i.e. if my aunt was talking to her sister about my father, she may say, “you know, your brother told me once….”. doesn’t mean it’s not “their” brother (or “our” brother).

    everyone has an opinion. mine counts. get used to it.

    • E. Wolf

      No your opinion does NOT count. Not everyone is the same or equal, and not all opinions are valid. This is why elite steak houses refuse to serve their cuts of steak “well done.” Those who do not like steak well done do not count. Neither does the opinion of Berty nutlickers.

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