Brett Favre is Proud of Aaron Rodgers Now

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Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers at the NFL Honors

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers at the NFL Honors

The Brett Favre goodwill tour continues! The former Green Bay Packers quarterback has now stepped up his ass kissing of Aaron Rodgers.

Favre was on SiruisXM on Thursday telling people he and Rodgers never had a bad relationship.

“There were no problems between Aaron and I,” said Favre, explaining they used to watch hours of film while Rodgers picked Favre’s brain.

“I had no problem with him becoming the next quarterback for the Packers. It was bound to happen at some point. I have no problems with the success that he’s had. In fact, I’m proud of him.”

Favre also said he thinks Rodgers is going to break most of his records.

“Aaron has played extremely well, probably even better than anyone anticipated. But I knew he was capable of that, and that’s why they drafted him. Barring any injury, he’ll shatter everything I ever did there except for maybe consecutive games (played). But the guy has been tremendous, great move on their part.”

Did Favre stop there? No he did not!

He also went on to talk about how much he loved Green Bay. Clearly, that part was meant for you. Check it out.

“I don’t need a certificate, a trophy, a jersey retired to cap off my career,” he said.

“Playing itself, in Green Bay, for 16 years is trophy enough.”

Awwwwwwwww. Are you getting all teary-eyed?

I wonder which PR firm is coaching him up on this stuff.

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24 Comments on "Brett Favre is Proud of Aaron Rodgers Now"

  1. Derek

    While on one hand I’m glad this stupid story is finally approaching a conclusion, #4 is so full of shit. He spited ARod for years and now tries to feed BS to everyone like nothing ever happened. ARod is 10x the man #4 ever was.

  2. Tucson Packer

    So if you don’t want/need your #4 retired then I don’t wanna her you pushing to get it done. There is an army chomping at the bit to stop you.

    • E. Wolf

      Really, if you believe ESPN 540 we are the fringe element. Alex Petakis is a bitch. He was laughing at callers expressing their dismay. A certain tribe of people call this Chutzpah (this being the attitude of Berty and his supporters and apologists.

      • Tucson Packer

        I just do not believe we are the minority of true Packer fans on this issue. You just don’t forgive a D-bag like he is for messing with our off-season prep for years then playing for those purple pricks. Petakis obviously dresses in a purple dress off the clock

        • E. Wolf

          I would hope not as well. I try not to believe the hype. I wonder if 540 (and other venues) have some sort hand in the game. Even Homer is incredulous of what Berty said about not having a problem with the Pack moving on.
          And therein is the real problem. As much as I am inclined to support a posthumous retirement ceremony, it is especially troubling that folks are talking about making nice, and they guy is not even remotely sincere (let alone believable). Above all, he still has not even apologized FOR PLAYING FOR THE VIKINGS.

  3. the real russ letlow

    It certainly comes off sounding like a PR move. The questions on these “shows” are usually known before hand, so I’m not so sure about the sincerity. Bert doesn’t do “contrite” very well. And why all of these “off season” interviews with a guy who reitred after the 2011 season. Do you think Rodger Goodell has some influence here? Just wondering…..

  4. Iltarion

    It is odd that Brett is suddenly appearing in all these interviews.

    This article didn’t even mention perhaps the most interesting part- the fact that Brett admitted he put the Packers in a bad spot by wanting to wait until training camp to decide.

    There was a poll on GBPG, and 30% voted to retire his jersey this year and 50% voted to do it before 2016. So, that means 80% voted to retire his jersey in the next couple years.

    Mark it down- Favre’s jersey will be retired either the first game of 2014 or the first game of 2015, probably depending on which is a home game.

    • E. Wolf

      I doubt it was a scientific poll. Not that my gaugingof it has been either. Just seems that comment sections, calls, its about 50 50 at worst.

      • the real russ letlow

        I agree with the 50 – 50 split. Since Bert has been groveling, maybe a shift to 60 – 40. MAYBE…..

      • the real russ letlow

        just looked at a JS story by Bob Wolfley (He calls Bert’s interviews the “Bury the Hatchet Tour” – pretty funny) the comments sections is running about 65% anti Bert and 35% pro…..

        • E. Wolf

          Yes and I have seen the Berty nutlickers descend in droves on that site.
          I have drafted a petition website. Monty might promote it. Stay tuned.
          I am coming to realize that a number retirement is inevitable. I would prefer it done posthumously. At the very least, if we get something going, he will have to do more than just go on Buffalo radio and spout off vague niceties. That is an improvement than the present course that seems to be set.

  5. Stubbyduck

    I welcome him back. He saved the franchise in the 90’s and deserves all our respect. He is and always will be a great Packer! Welcome Home No. 4!!!

  6. the real jeff ircink

    on a previous post, TP lauds the apparent niceties between Favre & Rodgers and that maybe the time for Favre & GB to make nice is getting closer. now TP bitches about this Favre “pr” move. sooooo…which is it?

  7. Mike R

    Easy to start saying all the right things when you have nothing else to go to. let me see, be a part of the Packers family or part of the Vikings? He had 1 good season with those ass clowns, and the only reason they embraced him is cause they knew it pissed us off. I’m sure the queen fans would be lining up now to see the qb that gave them 1 good season and singlehandedly blew their shot at a superbowl. Should of thought of the long term implications before going to play for the arch rival. Too little too late. Fuck you Brent.

  8. the real russ letlow

    I love the comments on a Bert Favor article!!!!!!!!! One thing for sure, we Packers Fans are passionate about our team!!!!!!!!!

    • E. Wolf

      I need some help. I am tying to determine the statistical probability of a game ending drive into the outer cusp of field goral range being thwarted by a technical penalty. Ie what are the odds of it happening on any play and what areteh odds of it happening in this context.
      I cannot recall it happening offhand, regular or post season. I would imagine the odds are at least 100 to 1.
      Berty’s efforts need to be coined in terms of being spoiled by a fluke, a freakish set of circumstances that averred us from a terrible fate. Right now the Berty nutlickers are saying ‘he always throws itaway with some dumb pick, so no harm no foul.’ He would never have done that but for this fluke. So the difference between our present reality anda nightmare scenario is predicated by LUCK. This in my mind makes his actions far more heinous.

  9. bob at 81

    I thought the object was to win – not take sacks but throw the ball. it’s football, on the field, not what you do on your own time. let the pure be the first to belittle – – –

  10. Abe Frohman

    Honestly, what else is he going to say at this point? He pretty much HAS to say this shit. Furthermore, I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to take some credit for Rodger’s development in the near future.

    To me, the bigger question is how much $ Murphy is going to be ponying up for “PR” work like they tried to use as leverage to get him to retire. Generally, Bert has not given a shit what people think of him. I don’t see why he’d start now unless there was some money or notoriety in it.

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