Aaron Rodgers Wrote a Letter To Himself

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Aaron Rodgers in high school

Aaron Rodgers in high school

ESPN the Magazine did a feature where current sports stars wrote letters to their past selves and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers took part in this exercise.

So did a bunch of other people, but who cares about them? Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers penned a letter to his 17-year-old self. As you might expect, it was basically Rodgers telling himself to not get discouraged about not being recruited. That everything was going to work out. He also told himself not to play in that pick-up basketball game where he wrecked his knee.

But mostly it was “keep your head up” stuff.

Here’s my favorite part.

Thanks to that injury, achieving your dreams will be that much more difficult. You’re gonna sneak into your high school library and log on to Rivals.com thinking, Maybe I’ll see my name on the list of top college recruits. You won’t find it. At one point you’ll get so frustrated that you’ll actually consider giving up football altogether to pursue a baseball career. Bad idea.

You can read Rodgers’ full, hand-written letter by clicking here.

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  1. Savage57

    Here’s a line from the letter Brett Favre would write to himself.

    “If you make it to the NFL and are lucky enough to play in the playoffs, look for guys in a jersey that’s not the same color as yours and if you see one of those, don’t throw the ball”.

    And as an added bonus, here’s a link to some priceless youtube video’s of horned faggot fans freaking out after Favre pulls a…Favre.


  2. E. Wolf

    I don’t know who that person is. Are you talking about Berty Judas.
    Let’s not that overshadow what 12 and what this article is about.

    • Savage57

      It’s the yin to the yang, the dichotomy to the story, that’s all.

      And it was meant to provoke some degree of humor as well as reinforce and further anneal hatred of all things horned and purple.

      Oh well.

    • Phatgzus

      Me as well, it said, “Don’t invest in Enron.” It’s really quite a shame that I was illiterate until I went to college.

  3. DD

    Dear 17-year-old Erin, when you grow up to be a homo who lies about his height and weight, don’t throw such a gay hissy fit when a fan calls you out for being not being as tall as you pretend you are.

  4. Don Q

    DD you should be a writer

    “For being not being as tall as you pretend you are”

    Fucking poetic! Que the banjo music…

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