J.C. Tretter Broke His Ankle

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J.C. Tretter

J.C. Tretter

The Green Bay Packers started OTAs yesterday and you know when the Packers are doing anything football related, someone’s getting injured. The first victim of the 2013 season is fourth-round pick J.C. Tretter.

Tretter broke his ankle in a fumble recovery drill, according to Jason Wilde. He’ll miss six months.

That will put Tretter back on the field in November, which means he won’t be competing for that open starting spot at right tackle. That’s the position the Packers had Tretter working at this week. So, they were giving him a shot (along with 18 other guys) to replace Bryan Bulaga, who is now the team’s starting left tackle.

Effectively, this means Tretter’s rookie season will be a waste. You can’t really learn the system if you miss training camp. Not a lot of reps go to backups during the regular season.

So Tretter will probably end up going on injured reserve, which means he’ll miss the entire season.

The Packers haven’t even put on the pads yet, so this is a great start to their 2013 injury campaign and their quest to put more guys on injured reserve than any team ever.

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35 Comments on "J.C. Tretter Broke His Ankle"

  1. TyKoSteamboat

    Good strategy. Let’s get injured early.
    People will say “He can’t stay healthy…”

    • Savage57

      If no one else really steps up at OL positions, this guy goes on IR. If the other guys show signs of life, this guy gets a visit from the Turk.

  2. Phatgzus

    The Packers should hold on OTA, TCs, and practices in a bouncy hut from this point forth, maybe that will reduce injuries.

  3. GBslacker

    First the nose… now the ankle.

    He’s got weak bones, or is a bad-luck magnet — CUT HIM! I’ve put up with this shit for three weeks now…

    • GBslacker

      oh, and just for the record:

      just because a guy breaks an ankle in a OTA — the non-contact, no-pads kind of get together…


      no sir.

      not a bit.

      not soft at all.


      nothing to see here.

      move on…

    • Phatgzus

      Nose and ankle are 2 completely different things, the nasal bone is one of the smallest and weakest bones in your body sans ear bones and the digital metas: That doesn’t constitue a history of injuries, not yet at least. It is pretty damn sad he broke a bone in OTAs though.

  4. Iltarion

    Didn’t Donovan McNabb once play on a broken ankle?

    Anyway, I have extreme doubts about this six month diagnosis. As someone who has had a grade 2 sprain, I can say that breaking your ankle is usually better than a severe sprain. It usually heals quicker and is less likely to tweak later.

    Regardless, even if he misses just 3 or 4 months, the result is the same. That means he is out the entire offseason program and training camp, and without those, he is of no use to the Packers. He will end up either on the IR or the practice squad.

    • GreenAndYellow

      ok, obviously this fucking blows, but to start, nobody has said what kind of a break it is, where it is, or which bone it is. there are three bones in the ankle joint itself and we dont know which one(s) are involved. this could very easily be far more severe than a partial tear (your grade II). without knowing any of that you cant even begin this conversation. a blanket statement about how breaking an “ankle” is usually better than a severe sprain is inaccurate and premature, not to mention that the specific ligament involved in a sprain also has a huge effect on healing time – yet another confounding variable. complete bone healing typically takes 6-8 wks (potentially longer depending on the person, age, location, and degree of fracture).

      you are right that in some cases a simple break is preferable to a severe sprain, and the 6 months could very well be too long an estimate, but i wouldn’t take it over anything less than a complete tear of a random ligament of partial tear of the syndesmotic ligaments. i also have a bit of experience having helped operate on probably 4-5 “ankle” fractures in just the last week.

      • Phatgzus

        Excellent point, Doctor, and granted the Packers’ history with timelines and there erring on the side of caution, I have to believe that 6 months is a likely underestimate. That being said, with the number of O-linemen now competing for 1 or 2 positions (thus apparently somewhat equal in ability) I wouldn’t be shocked if Tretter gets placed on the IR for the year; but, at least it’s not a broken tibia/fibula.

  5. Savage57

    All I can say is WHAT THE FUCK????

    What is it with draft guys fucking themselves up right out of the box? Is there something here? Cuz, I mean c’mon man, this shit is getting freaky-deaky.

    Anyways, back in reality land, makes one wonder at what point the bad breaks (and I mean that literally) end.

  6. FITZCORE1252

    Well, regardless if it’s more or less than six months, the kid’s going on IR. Which means his rookie season is lost, and hell, it may take the 2014 season for him to knock the rust off. This really throws a wrench in his development… I think the brass looked at this kid as their starting Center in the not too distant future. Not cool.

  7. Vijay

    I said time and time again that Ted struggles in this area—O Line and D Line drafting. I think he hit on Datone and Bahktiari but Boyd and Tretter won’t ever offer much—its always 50% success and that ain’t gonna cut it.

    They should have taken Bacarri Rambo ahead of this guy.

  8. “It’s like they’re trying to slide into second base and he got his cleat caught and his ankle rolled over and broke,” Herman [his agent] said. “Why they’re practicing a fumble drill, I don’t know. There’s not supposed to be contact. That’s a silly drill. Why have big 300-pound guys slide like that in OTAs?”

    • Iltarion

      HA! Classic, dumbass agent.

      Your client just got hurt during a fumble drill, which he’s been doing since Pop Warner football. STFU!!

  9. GBslacker

    Was reading packersnews.com…

    the other injured guys are likely to come back in this order: Bishop, House, Sherrod.

    McCarthy intimated that Sherrod’s second surgery had noticeable benefits.

    I sorta think that’s just McCarthyistic boolshit talk.

    I don’t think this is a good sign for Sherrod/Packers.
    I hate to say that because with his size, he would have been a great addtion to the oLine.

    • Iltarion

      It depends.

      It is possible we are taking it slow with Sherrod because we know he is the likely back up at LT, and so, we aren’t concerned with getting him in the mix at RT.

      Otherwise, yeah, this is bad news for Sherrod. It is only OTAs, but he continues to fall farther behind guys like Barclay and now Bahktiari.

  10. GB#1

    So is this a freak occurrence? Is this guy fragile? Is it better this happen now than later? is this an omen of things to come?

    I hate injuries! Injuries are dumb!

    Ron Burgundy says NO!

    • GBslacker

      “So is this a freak occurrence?”


      Just like with his nose.

      I’m here for an important job interview…
      … but if you’ve lost your balance, let me protect your head and arrest your fall with the bridge of my nose…

      Two freak occurrences ?

      Imagine if he tries to recover a football during a real game… will any offensive play with him be a potential LifeFlight situation ???

      • Phatgzus

        Again, nose=tiny, fragile, relatively unimportant bones. Your statements are nothing but conjecture, do you even know the situation in which his nose was broken? If you don’t, which is probable, then you have no precedent on which to import injury risk.

  11. GBslacker

    Ted has to cut this guy immediately.
    He’s a threat to the Packer’s financial health and their ability to field a competitive team.

    How so?

    Tretter is a rookie.
    Rookies get hazed.

    When a veteran sneaks up, and scares him — Tretter could break his own neck, when he jerks his head around to discover his tormentor.

    The employer is culpable for an unsafe workplace — massive potential lawsuit.

    The vet would likely be charged with 1st degree murder, as his prank was pre-meditated — a likely suspension from Goodell, who would take a dim view of players killing teammates.


    • Phatgzus

      Don’t forget Cliffy, then again that was a result of uber-douche and resident wife/amateur hooker “entertainer” Warren Sapp planting a dirty hit.

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