Here’s Jay Cutler Setting His Usual Fine Example

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Jay Cutler and son

Jay Cutler and son

This photo has been making the rounds today and a couple people have even sent it to us. Why, it’s Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler feeding his son, while someone is feeding him a beer.

A fine example by our main man… Cutty!

That’s some classic Cutty! being Cutty!

Later, after downing several more, he strapped Baby Cutty! into his car seat and then jumped behind the wheel and sped away while yelling, “Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa!”

How about some other great moments in Cutty! being Cutty!? Sure!

'80s Jay Cutler



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14 Comments on "Here’s Jay Cutler Setting His Usual Fine Example"

  1. FITZCORE1252

    Must… Resist… Feeling… That… Cutty!… Is… Kinda… Decent… Maybe-not-such-a-douchey… Guy…

    • Phatgzus

      Just think of his face whenever he gets sacked and starts yelling at his o-linemen, you’ll be okay.

  2. Dan

    Um…drinking a beer is a bad thing if it is done in front of your baby? Then what is it when they are older and understand what you are doing? Even worse? Not sure drinking a beer in front of your baby would be considered a bad thing in Packer country! It’s not in my Packer household, that’s for sure.

  3. Tucson Packer

    If someone was lighting Jay’s bong for him, I might see the problem. This is just, well, not an issue IMO

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