Here’s a Minnesota Vikings Exec Trash Talking Packers Fans

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Minnesota Vikings Stadium

Minnesota Vikings Stadium

Lester Bagley is the Minnesota Vikings executive who’s been leading the charge for a new stadium. After years of incompetence, he was finally able to do said job and boy is he happy about it. So happy, in fact, that he’s trash talking Green Bay Packers fans.

Bagley was interviewed by some local imbecile and at the end of the interview, the local imbecile showed him a Photoshop of the new Hormel Chili Dome on top of a sandcrawler from Star Wars. He stated that the photo came from a Green Bay Packers blog, which set Bagley on his trash-talking spree.

“Our very first regular season game will likely be against the Green Bay Packers. It will be good to see Adrian Peterson break loose, score the first touchdown in the new stadium and run over Clay Matthews on his way to the end zone. We’ll see. Hopefully we’ll have the last word in August of 2016.”

Bagley went on to mention how the Vikings played at Green Bay when the Packers opened the new Lambeau Field and the Vikings won, saying, “It’s one to zero for the Vikings in new stadiums.”

Derrrrrrrrrr! Bagley did not mention where the Vikings would be putting their trophy case in the Hormel Chili Dome because, well, they don’t have one.

But here’s the questionable part of this whole thing. The sandcrawler photo didn’t appear on any Packers blog to my knowledge. I found it on KSK, which is sometimes populated by the drivel of noted Vikings fan Drew Magary.

Regardless of who writes for the site, it sure as hell isn’t a Packers blog.

Obviously, our constant Hormel Chili references are way over the heads of these chili-stained assholes.

Minnesota Vikings stadium

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24 Comments on "Here’s a Minnesota Vikings Exec Trash Talking Packers Fans"

  1. therealChuckywasCecil

    Who thinks Lester will still be with the Vikings on opening day 2016? Sure hope Ponder is.

    • Phatgzus

      At the very least he’ll be 31 and Jennings will be 36, and they’ll still be the 2 best Vikings players by far.

  2. John C. Hormel

    My family is thrilled to sponsor the new Vikings stadium. We strongly believe that our sub standard brand of technically edible chili is the perfect match for Minnesota’s legacy of sub standard technically professional football.


  3. Einsamer Wolf

    Lambeau field is still Lambeau field. This moron cannot grasp the simple distinction between renovation as opposed to new construction, although the concept is somewhat blurred after what was done to Soldier Field.
    God how I hate the fucking Vikings.

  4. Savage57

    When I first saw this article, it triggered that typical GRRRR response that anything about the Vikings kicks off in me, but I thought wait a minute. C’mon Savage, let this guy go ahead and talk shit about how this fucking architectural afterbirth is going to be christened with a win for the horned faggots. What could it hurt, right? They never win shit anyway.


  5. justin

    Do you hear that………………………..
    Thats the sound of no one in vikings land giving a rats fuck about your miserable attempt at trash talking packers. Your team is falling. And the vikings are only gett8ng better. Vikings rise. Packers fall

  6. Ger


    I hope Rodgers never gets hurt. He is the only reason the Packers stay competitive.

    Yes, the Packer’s aren’t even competitive without him. what if he sat a game and had a backup come in, do you think the packers could even keep up with the Lions? Probably not…

  7. Buddy

    Take away Brees, Brady, Both Mannings, or even Matt Ryan and you’d have a lower percentage of winning. That’s the same as saying the Vikings wouldn’t be competitive (which is true) without Adrian Petrerson. What a typically moronic Viking fan comment. “None” is a good name because when it comes to brains “None” clearly has none.

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