Broncos Passed on Eddie Lacy Because of the Toe

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Eddie Lacy

Eddie Lacy

We’re just going to call it The Toe from now on. The Denver Broncos passed on running back Eddie Lacy — who the Green Bay Packers selected with the No. 61 pick — in the draft because of his toe injury.

This follows a report that the Pittsburgh Steelers, who selected Le’Veon Bell instead, wouldn’t touch Lacy because of the injury. The Broncos decided on Montee Ball instead.

“We liked both these backs, we had them very similar on the board,” said Matt Russell, the Broncos director of player personnel. “The issue with Eddie Lacy was we were worried about a toe injury that he had which is probably what caused him to slip.”

As we’ve reported before, Lacy had toe fusion surgery, which is something people with arthritis get. However, he played the entire 2012 season on The Toe and didn’t miss a game.

Is there reason for concern here?

Lacy says he’ll be ready and healthy from day one, but yeah, there is reason for concern. Even if the injury is fine now, The Toe is more likely to break down in the future than some guy with a regular, non-fused toe.

Two teams in need of a running back were overly concerned about that during the draft, so that tells you something.

The Packers can always ride DuJuan Harris to the promised land, though.

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17 Comments on "Broncos Passed on Eddie Lacy Because of the Toe"

  1. Dustin

    The packers can always ride Harris… Really? How about mentioning their real insurance policy they attained via the draft? Johnathan Franklin ring a bell? I’m getting tired of this doom and gloom website. With Lacy and Franklin out backfield problems will be a thing of the past. If you’d like something to bitch about you should try the safety position or maybe our oline? Best wishes

    • Adam

      It’s pessimistic sarcasm, and has been a theme in this blog for years, which is, frankly why I love it. It’s not ESPN.

  2. Iltarion

    Well, I can guarantee that Johnathan Franklin isn’t worried about it.

    RBs are only any good through their first contract anyway.

    • Phatgzus

      Agreed, by the time his toe starts to really become a problem, he will probably already be past his prime.

  3. the real russ letlow

    they pass the dude up, we pick him. our good fortune. alot of teams passed on some QB named Rodgers a few years ago too. I guess time will tell………

  4. Icebowl

    Good points across the board.
    Kudos to James Starks for his continued highly insightful contributions….

  5. BZ

    We will all know a lot more come next December. If TT did his job, then we now have the best 1-2 running attack in the NFC North. If not, then we are no worse than we were last year – and probably still considerably better.

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