Brett Favre is Paying for Being a Dirtball

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Brett Favre

Brett Favre

Before Brett Favre decided to get all chummy with the Green Bay Packers again, he was largely known as a dirtbag who liked to send pictures of his dick via text. In one way or another, Favre is now paying for that.

He’s not paying Jenn Sterger, who he sent those dick pics to, but he is paying a couple of massage therapists who used to work for the New York Jets. Favre settled a lawsuit filed by Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole this week. Terms weren’t disclosed, but you can bet they’re getting paid.

Favre allegedly sent sexual texts to another therapist when he was with the Jets in 2008. Then these two women complained and claim they lost their jobs because of it.

Whether that’s what really happened or this was just some ploy to pry some money away from a skeezy old man, we’ll never know. You can be sure Favre’s lawyers didn’t want this going to trial because of the dick pics, regardless of whether it was true or now. The settlement makes it just go away.

“Here, here’s some cash, now shut the fuck up and piss off!”

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13 Comments on "Brett Favre is Paying for Being a Dirtball"

  1. Jk58

    There are always people trying to get money from rich people so there’s really no telling if it really happened. Even if it did it has nothing to do with football. He is one of the best and always will be. You packer fans are all alike. If Aaron Rodgers left Green Bay would you forget about the Super Bowl he won for y’all?

    • Savage57

      That would depend on whether or not he went to play for that shitstain to the west along the big river.

      Yeah, we’re all alike and we all depise the Queens. So, what’s your point?

      • E. Wolf

        RIGHT FUCKING ON. Hatred of the queens to me is a signature, defining characteristic, as much as doning the Green and Gold or that sacred, illustrious Packers G oval which symbolizes our team.

  2. Icebowl

    Jk what are you like 5 years old…?
    Were you not around when this went down..?

    It’s not about his leaving its about how he left..

    Check out his quotes as a Queen in a few years when you learn to use Google….

  3. Icebowl

    The sad part about this is that he’s so obviously cleaning his records to clear the path for hall of fame and reconciliation/retired number with GB mgmnt.

    It’s only a matter of time before that happens.
    We can rant all we want – it is written.

  4. PF4L

    WOW……I don’t care that Favre went to the Vikings..Or that they paid him 16 for that ugly 2010 season. TT and MM let him go…..he had every right to go play wherever. Favre’s damage was self inflicted…and happened way before he went to the Vikings. I dont see Favre reaching out to the Packers…and i think the Packers should stop trying to kiss his ass and pander to him.

  5. PF4L

    Why would Packer fans despise Rodgers when he leaves…As far as i know….Rodgers doesn’t walk around Green Bay…and act like he is bigger than the Green Bay Packers…..And Rodgers doesn’t try to run the team,,,and make major personel decisions….then cry and get all but hurt when he doesn’t get his way……No offense Brent.

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