Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews and Randall Cobb at Kentucky Derby

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Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews at the Barnstable Brown Gala

Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews at the Barnstable Brown Gala

The most exciting two-minutes in sports are today and three of the Green Bay Packers finest — Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews and Randall Cobb — are on hand to take in the Kentucky Derby (and some parties).

All three made an appearance at the Barnstable Brown Gala last night, which is like the Kentucky Derby of parties with everything else being the Preakness. Other guests included Kid Rock, Nerlens Noel, Peyton Siva, Miranda Lambert, Morris Day, Tom Brady and Smokey Robinson.

Today, of course, they’re at the race.

Why the hell are there so many Packers at this event? Not really sure, other than Cobb went to UK. Rodgers has been spotted at the Derby before, but this is Matthews’ first time, as far as we know.

I guess when you’re young and have money to burn…

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20 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews and Randall Cobb at Kentucky Derby"

  1. nugs

    they are chasing tail you idiot….what the fuck else would you do being single with cash to burn, imagine the fine sniz at the derby…..you must be married.

  2. Iltarion

    Why? Its the Kentucky fricking Derby. Why NOT?

    Louisville is only about 9 hours from here, or a 1.5 hour flight, so absolutely.

    • Monty McMahon

      Well sure, but horse racing isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s an acquired taste for most people, except maybe me, you and Chitko.

      • Daveydo

        So Monty, Iltarion, and Chitko are all wrapped up together and love to regurgitate each others posts and ideas… That makes for an awesome blog. Nice job! Please enjoy blowing each other…

        • Iltarion

          Well, I always enjoy a good blow if you are interested.

          Monty and I “love to regurgitate each others posts”??


          If you mean totally disagree on most points except the awesomeness of the Packers, women and booze, then you’re right!

  3. Savage57

    Rodgers is looking for a place to park some of the jing. Matthews too, for that matter.

    Cobb is watching and waiting his turn.

  4. TyKoSteamboat

    The Kentucky Derby reminds me alot like sex…
    Both last about 2 minutes, both end up costing me about 100$…

  5. GBslacker

    May not be the case in these pics, but I hope Aaron drops the bad habit of using a suit coat as a blazer — which he has most definitely done in the past.

    Suit coats have buttons of shell or bone (likely plastic these days) — they’re meant to be worn with the pants of matching fabric.

    Blazers have brass buttons, sometimes a woven-leather — they’re worn with contrasting or complementary color slacks. The blazer material is often a heavy weave, robust, with a textured fabric.

    For example, a navy suit coat should never be substituted for a navy blazer — even though the color may look good with a pair of gray slacks, or khakis — it’s not appropriate. I know you’re probably thinking: this coat’s blue, that coat’s blue — they’re both dressy and uncomfortable… what’s the difference; who cares?

    If you try the suit coat with different pants, you end up looking like a rube — like you’re a tightwad trying to save a cent, or worse: you’re a fashion idiot.

    Another fashion note… with a blue/black/grey suit you’re best off with black shoes, or possibly cordovan. With olive, brown, khaki colors… brown shoes look best. Aaron may be wearing the only horse-racing-themed shoes he owns: cowboy boots. But the color doesn’t look good with the light blue suit — and, of course, that’s in my humble opinion.

    Alright bitches… that’s it; carry on.

    • Iltarion

      Actually, that is an AWESOME comment.

      However, I have a pretty good fashion sense myself, and I see nothing wrong with this particular outfit worn by A-Rodge. Looks pretty damn good.

      Otherwise, great comments about the difference between the blazer and the suit coat.

      Randall Cobb accompanying gives you a good idea of why Greg Jennings wanted out. Cobb is A-Rodge’s bro, and Jennings was no longer going to be the man.

  6. cd4packers

    I dont understand why you find it strange that these guys would be at the Kentucky Derby. Have you never been to a horse race? They are one of my all time favorite things to do. And to go to the Derby would be incredible. Who cares what they are wearing? It only matters if you are a female anyway….you have to have a great hat. I appreciate the fact that these packer players are making appearances at classy sporting events like the Derby. These animals are among the elite in the business…..they are strong, powerful, and beautiful. Everyone who is anyone is there to watch history be made. It doesnt surprise me at all…that 3 of footballs greatest would be at an event like this. The elite gravitating to the elite….is nothing new. And some of the bone head comments made by your readers…..wowzers! Talk about a bunch of worthless crap!

  7. Chucky Ducky

    This is not the first time CM3 has attended the Derby. In fact, this makes year number three. Hopefully next year he will have a better slacks/shoes/jacket/shirt combo. His outfit is off this year.

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