You Weren’t the Only One Bitching About Snow in Green Bay

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Greg Van Roten's view

I was told it was snowing in Green Bay on Wednesday. This didn’t really sink in until I went to find out what time the Brewers were going to be losing to the Cubs and found out the game was already cancelled. Hell, it was 80-some degrees here in L.A.

April 10? Snow on the ground? What the fuck, Wisconsin?

I had to look into this. As it turns out, some now and former members of the Green Bay Packers were in town and they didn’t think much of the snow either.

Here’s the view from lineman Greg Van Roten’s place.

Greg Van Roten's view

That looks like no place I wanna fuckin’ be.

Here’s tackle Bryan Bulaga bitching about the lack of snow plows in the city.

Meanwhile, Jerel Worthy was rolling into to town on Wednesday and of course the first thing on his mind was lunch. Chipotle probably doesn’t need that outside dining area just yet, huh?

Jerel Worthy's lunch

And then there’s tight end Tom Crabtree, who’s getting the hell out of Dodge. He was able to catch one more crappy Wisconsin day, though. This is that dude’s backyard. Can you dunk on that hoop, bro?

Tom Crabtree's backyard

I feel sorry for all you sad sacks stuck in that crap. I’m sure it will have melted by the time you read this, though.

At least, we all hope.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

24 Comments on "You Weren’t the Only One Bitching About Snow in Green Bay"

    • Vijay

      Global warming is responsible for melting huge amounts of Arctic ice. As this ice melts, voluminous amounts of cold, fresh water dump into the world’s oceans. This fresh water dilutes the warm water in ocean currents and disrupts them. A 2005 study of the North Atlantic, for example, has shown that this flow of fresh water already has reduced Gulf Stream currents by as much as 30 percent [source: Schmidt and Mann]. This effect on the thermohaline circulation of the ocean system could even cause a climate change chain reaction. Ocean currents have a great influence on the climates of different regions around the world. As climate change causes changes in ocean currents, new ocean currents could begin to cause additional changes in regional climates [source: NOAA].

      • ballz

        average global temperature is rising… it doesn’t mean that every town’s local temperature is rising. GLOBAL warming… not WISCONSIN warming

  1. Shawn

    It is snowing as I write this, and no, it hasn’t gone away. It is projected to stay in the 30’s here until the weekend.

    • ballz

      hmm… vice president… millionaire… Nobel peace prize winner… If he’s an idiot, what does that make you? I’d like to be a “fucking idiot” like that one day.

      • Cheese

        Being a vice president and a millionaire doesn’t mean you’re intelligent, it means you have a shit load of money. Also the Nobel peace award is run by a bunch of rich fucks who like tooting their owns horns. How did Obama get an award when he’s starting multiple wars and murdering hundreds of innocent children in the middle east with drone strikes? Peace prize my ass..

  2. Stubbyduck

    Well thank goodness for global warming then!! It melted the glacier that once covered Wisconsin and has since given us our beloved Packers!! (wonder what caused that glacier to melt??)

  3. Richard

    I wonder how many more times they will be forced to change the name of this “phenomenon.” Enjoy the snow.

    • ballz

      Average global temp is rising. look it up. just because its cold in your corner of the world doesn’t mean its cold everywhere…

      can we talk about football now or what

      How bout dem packers?!

  4. Nacho Libre

    I’m froml Los Angeles too Monty, and honestly I’d rather live in Wisconsin. I been to Green Bay just once, only stayed 3 days and I really enjoyed it, I think I’d fit in just fine there, plus the ONlLY Mexican restaurant in town made me feel welcome! LOL. And now, Los Angeles is swamped with gay area bandwagon Whiner fans. Just like every Wisconsin native has that strong hatred towards the Vikings, I feel the same way about the 49ers. Go Pack Go!!

    • Pack Morris

      Only? Come on. I can name at least 7 off the top of my head. Glad you liked it here, though. I’m pretty neutral on it.

  5. Don Q

    You know you’re a fuck head when you come to a Packer blog site and argue about politics and climate issues. Those of you participating in this horse-shit can eat a dick.

    • ballz

      *walking away from retarded bar fight* I’m an idiot and you’re all smart. I won’t post anything not related to the packers ever again on TP. I’m so sorry for disagreeing with you, it’ll never happen again.

  6. Al G.

    Some crazy comments here. If I had known this is what the Internet would turn into, I never would have invented it in the first place.

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