The Book on Packers Second-Round Pick Eddie Lacy

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Eddie Lacy

Eddie Lacy

The Green Bay Packers moved back in the second round, from No. 55 to No. 61, and selected arguably the best running back in the draft, Alabama’s Eddie Lacy.

At 6-0, 220, Lacy is the type of bruising back the Packers coveted.

Many thought Lacy would be a first-round pick including, presumably, the league, since he was one of the players invited to hang out in the green room on day one of the draft. That didn’t happen and Lacy tumbled. He was ultimately the fourth back selected behind North Carolina’s Giovani Bernard (Cincinnati, No. 37), Michigan State’s Le’Veon Bell (Pittsburgh, No. 48) and Wisconsin’s Montee Ball (Denver, No. 58).

In 2012, Lacy ran for 1,322 yards and 17 TDs. He averaged an impressive 6.5 per rush. In the national championship game, Lacy gouged Notre Dame for 140 and averaged seven yards per carry.

Lacy is the type of runner who can move the pile. He’s not a burner, but he’s quick in the hole and reads blocks well. Lacy can catch the ball out of the backfield and also blocks, so he’s a true three-down back.

The knocks on Lacy and probably the reason he fell are injuries. He’s had ankle and foot injuries. He also had a mediocre pro day, running 4.58 and 4.62 in the 40. Some people translated that to laziness, saying he was out of shape. Lacy, in fact, admitted that he hadn’t trained properly for the event.

So, someone will have to whip this boy into shape.

As for the trade, the Packers swapped second-round picks with the 49ers and also received a sixth-round pick as part of the deal, No. 173 overall.

Trader Ted strikes again!

Here are the obligatory highlights.

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33 Comments on "The Book on Packers Second-Round Pick Eddie Lacy"

  1. Vijay

    Good value here…I still prefered LaVeon Bell..but solid selection non the less and Ted is being non traditional so that’s nice.

    • TyKoSteamboat

      I know you liked Bell…but i believe Lacy fits our offense better. He can protect Rodgers better than Bell could have & he can catch outta the backfield better than him too.


  2. TyKoSteamboat

    We FINALLY have our bell-cow! I am floored! Lets just hope for good health & no fumbles! Great value. Way to step-up Teddy!

    & we acquired a 6th Rd. pick too!!!! Wow! Awesome!

    Now lets target Brian Schwenke from Cal & get a thick interior offensive lineman!

    Good job, Pack!

  3. Buster Bluth

    It was either this or, Jesus on a cross, Cedric entertainer Benson.
    They HAD to draft a starter. Thats how bad a spot they were in.
    Lets just hope they got lucky.

  4. Jamal Reynolds

    Wow – TT got this one right…I am critical of the front office usually, but Kudos on this pick.

  5. Iltarion

    Great highlights. Love the spin move! Lacy is a better back than the Packers have had in a long time. With Harris and Lacy, the Packers are gonna come right after teams, and hopefully, we will no longer have to dread the infamous 3rd and short!

    The DialTone and the Circle Button! Great draft so far!

    Now, let’s see Bacarri Rambo!

  6. Packer Bob

    He might have been the best player available but his injury history bothers me. And I’m getting tired of injuries.

    We need an offensive lineman. Let’s get Armstead!

  7. PackAttack

    Great pick for the Pack! Lacey is a solid all around RB who was considered top tier coming into the draft. Injuries and hamstring/ankle problems probably hurt him a little bit but nonetheless this is a steal in the lower half of the 2nd Round. I was shocked Lacey last this long. This guy is a competitor and he’ll be coming in with a chip on his shoulder. This has all the makings of a very, very good selection in years to come.

    Finally defenses won’t be able to play deep Cover 2 on Rodgers and drop the safeties 25 yards deep on every play, defensive coordinators will now need to plan for a wrecking ball in the backfield. The same wrecking ball that put Mantea Teo’ on his ass multiple times during the Naty Championship.

    Impressive pick.

  8. Iltarion

    TT got Lacy and then put on a show.

    Packers started this draft with 8 total picks. They now have 10 picks to make tomorrow.

    • Vijay

      LOL…nice one. I especially liked that Kick Returner in Josh Cribbs 2.0 that they’re trying to make a #2 receiver on that wannabe Packer’s receiving corps.

      But yeah, they do still have ALL DAY, however…YIKES!

  9. TyKoSteamboat

    Sometimes you draft “Best-Available”
    Sometimes you draft “Position Of Need”
    & then sometimes you draft vs. your division foes.
    Datone Jones seems to be all 3 of those…
    We can’t stop AP. It’s sad even though we’ve held over that scerve team for the last 3 years.
    Also, Minny drafted for needs well. I just read an article that said that Rick Spielman (GM for ‘Queens) ran 1,000 scinerios for his draft & not 1 had Sharriff Floyd there at 23…that is scary.
    He will be a thorn in our sides for a while.

    Pains me to say, Minny will be good, i am just glad they have a below average QB.

    • Greg

      I think for using 3 first round draft picks, they didn’t really add too much. Last year adding Kalil and Harrison Smith is going to have much more impace over the next 4+ years

  10. TyKoSteamboat

    Rambo is over-rated…cool name, though.
    Kid can’t tackle.
    Our last pick should be Jordan Rodgers.
    Lets make another steal ;)

  11. Chris Restivo

    Still wont help your help team out. We got AP and three first round picks. We raped Seattle and New England! Fuck your Pack

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