Packers Reportedly Shopping Desmond Bishop

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Desmond Bishop

Desmond Bishop

Here’s one from the WTF files. The Green Bay Packers are reportedly shopping inside linebacker Desmond Bishop.


I’m not even sure what to say about this, other than hopefully the Packers can’t find a trade partner. Bishop is coming off a season where he spent all year on injured reserve with a hamstring injury, but he’s still the Packers best inside linebacker.

Granted, they’ve got a lot of bodies at the position, but Bishop is the only true playmaker of the group.

The Packers released D.J. Smith earlier this week in another head-scratching move. If they trade Bishop, we’ll likely be forced to spend another year bitching about A.J. Hawk getting run over and pushed around.

As it stands, Hawk seems likely to be a backup behind Bishop and Brad Jones.

Stay tuned.

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13 Comments on "Packers Reportedly Shopping Desmond Bishop"

  1. Iltarion

    This is hard to believe simply for the fact that the Packers have not drafted an ILB so far in this draft. One would think that ILB would have been a top need if the Packers really thought Bishop is unlikely to recover from his injury.

  2. Richard

    With all the defensive lineman they’ve drafted the last few years, maybe they’re just abandoning the 3-4 all together.

  3. vijay

    Packers valuing the running game for the first time in forever and potentially releasing another proven playmaker in Bishop? Hmm….suspicious indeed!

    Teddy is overrated folks. He was good but something happened. We have more needs than drafting tailbacks, albeit pretty good ones.

  4. vijay

    Only for Brandon Albert would I do this trade…starter for starter…maybe throw in a late round pick to ice the deal.

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