Packers Have Signed Sederrick Cunningham

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Sederrick Cunningham

The Green Bay Packers continue to wow us with their big-name free agent signings. They’ve now added receiver/returner Sederrick Cunningham.

Who the hell is Sederrick Cunningham? He’s a guy who played at Furman and was out of football in 2012 after not getting drafted or signed by any NFL team.

A better question is this. Why the hell would the Packers sign him?

It’s certainly not because of his potential as a receiver. Cunningham caught just 95 passes for 1,196 yards and seven touchdowns in his four-year college career. That includes just 17 passes for 340 yards his senior season. His senior season at Furman, which is not exactly Alabama.

If anything, the Packers will look at Cunningham as a returner. He can run a 4.4 40 and averaged 26.7 yards per kickoff return during his senior year.

The Packers are planning to remove Randall Cobb from returns and while his late-season replacement, Jeremy Ross, was impressive at times, he also muffed a punt in the Packers’ playoff loss to San Francisco. So, consider Cunningham competition to push Ross.

Here is possibly every one of Cunningham’s college highlights. Don’t try to adjust your sound. It has none.

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9 Comments on "Packers Have Signed Sederrick Cunningham"

    • David

      Camp Body.. if he can find lightning in a bottle… which his 40 time says he can. He can try to dislodge Ross.

  1. Jon Mallaber

    What was your opinion of Tramon Williams when he was signed after being cut by Houston? Come on Monty, you are better than this.

  2. Vijay

    I don’t need to comment, but I will…the comment above is right, he’s a camp body meant to push Ross just like that Taveccio kid is meant to push Mason. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Packer Bob

      That’s what I thought. Ross ran a 4.39 in college and he’s was our returner (until he muffed one against he 49ers).

  3. Tucson Packer

    Where’s the sound? Calm down people, that was a joke. Kind of like our new Sederrick the entertainer

  4. Savage57

    I get the camp body thing, but under what rocks does TT find these guys? He really is the NFL’s version of Fred Sanford.

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