Packers Brought in Restricted Free Agent Steve McLendon

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Steve McLendon

Steve McLendon

Is it possible the Green Bay Packers might actually try to pry a restricted free agent away from another team? That seems like a completely idiotic suggestion, but — get ready for this — the team actually hosted Pittsburgh Steelers restricted free agent defensive lineman Steve McLendon on Wednesday.

What’s wrong with this picture? Well, first, the Green Bay Packers don’t sign free agents. It’s written in the organizational constitution. Can’t do it. Penalty of death.

Second, no one signs restricted free agents. Only one restricted free agent even received an offer this offseason — the New England Patriots tried to sign another Pittsburgh player, receiver Emmanuel Sanders. The Steelers ultimately matched the Pats’ offer and kept Sanders.

So, what the hell is going on here?

McLendon isn’t exactly a big-ticket guy. He’s started only one game in three NFL seasons. Last year, he had just seven tackles, although two of them were sacks. So, it’s not like Pittsburgh can’t live without him.

In fact, Pittsburgh gave him the low tender and since he was an undrafted free agent, the Packers wouldn’t owe the Steelers any compensation if they ended up signing McLendon. A perfect case of the Packers being the Packers.

A couple other factors to note are these. Pittsburgh doesn’t have much cap room, so there’s a good chance they wouldn’t match an offer. Also, there are only two days left for other teams to sign restricted free agents to offer sheets, so maybe this is some sort of gamesmanship by Green Bay.

Now, no offer sheet has been signed and we fully expect the Packers to sit around and do absolutely nothing to try to sign this guy, but on the very slim chance they did, it’s clearly because they’re looking to shore up their defensive line. The Packers need another big body until Jerel Worthy returns from a torn ACL.

McLendon is certainly that. He was up to 325 during the 2012 season.

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21 Comments on "Packers Brought in Restricted Free Agent Steve McLendon"

  1. Shawn

    Well, if you want the defense to get more physical, then signing a Steeler would seem to be a step in the right direction.

    The Steelers may have underrated the market for this guy. He hasn’t started because Casey Hampton plays in front of him. His age and size suggests Ryan Pickett when the Packers signed him away from the Rams.

    If the Packers think Raji is a better end than tackle, then this guy makes a lot of sense.

    • Vijay

      Regarding Raji, if the Packers are still flushing out the best position for him then you know we’re in trouble…let’s hope they’re not that clueless…thank goodness they struck gold with Rodgers, CM3 and all those great #2 WRs we have filling up our roster!

      NFC North crown or BUST!!! Of course, I will forgive all of this if he drafts almost perfectly this April 27th—

  2. Vijay

    Hmm let’s see…pay some nobody a low RFA tender of $1.3M or sign a proven sack master in veteran Richard Seymour, who is 33, for the vet minimum which is actually less than the RFA tender for a nobody—hmm, what would you do???

    Don’t answer that, we don’t want to win now…we just want to close our eyes and dream of more rings…

    • Mike R

      Yeah, Richard Seymour is the missing piece to a championship… pure genius. I think the fact that the Patriots lets him go without a fight a few years back, and he played 8 games and had 3 sacks last year, says all you need to know. Yeah sign that dude quick before he is snatched up by someone else.

      • Jon Mallaber

        Well said Mike. Vijay is Monty’s personal salad tosser so whatever gets written on this site he will go along with.

      • Vijay

        I said a one year vet minimum contract you fu#king idiots. That’s a low risk contract and you probably don’t have to even guarantee it.

      • Vijay

        Well toolbags, this player was re-signed by the Steelers so it’s a mute point now. Thanks for trying to argue against me and insult me with your cheap remarks and meager intelligence. You’re not as smart as I am. Only monkeys like you would insult and throw words out on a blog. You can’t back up any of your pathetic arguments with logic—just childish insults.

  3. Chungo

    Draft someone for the position. He did not have enough talent to start for the Steelers & he does for the Packers?

  4. GBslacker

    Signing McLendon doesn’t sound unreasonable.

    He’s affordable and would bring decent metrics for weight and age that might help the line hold up.

    He didn’t start for the Steelers and maybe shouldn’t be worthy of the Packers?
    Different team; different players.

    I’m not sold on our DL as-is with Worthy, Wilson, or Neal. I don’t think these guys have the bulk to play on a 3-4 DL, when the fourth guy is a 250lb linebacker.

    Plus, he could be some insurance if Raji bolts, or Pickett wears down. I’ve got a feeling that Raji may value himself more than the Packers. Pickett will turn 34 early in the season.

  5. lars1

    First, the Packers d sign A’. They flushed $4 millondwn the toilet last year on Jeff Saturday.

    This is probably gaesmanship by Thompson. He’s going to draft at least one DLinemen because five are on expiring contracs and you could make a good case for ach one being allowed to leave, including the overated BJ Raji.

    It would be just like TT to do something nobody exects re: McClendon and I hope he does. No compensentation required to Steelers and he would bump a stiff off the roster.

  6. lars1

    “do sign free agents :)
    (Note to self—run a spell check on this ancient computer, next time.)

  7. Vijay

    You effin’ people crack me up. You don’t get better by attrition and by releasing stars to draft and develop younger unproven players. I applaud Ted for bringing this guy in, but when he had a shot to sign him, he did what Ted does best, he hesitated. He never should’ve had this guy in for “a talk” if he would’ve drafted properly for starting caliber depth in the first place.

    What happened to all those great D Linemen we drafted recently!?

    • GBslacker

      Geez, Vijay, it’s really tough to figure out what Ted is doing — he never tells. So much is second hand.

      You have to draft well, tear up the rookie contract of a promising player, and sign him to a multi-year contract — and then let him go when it’s time for a 3rd contract. The only exception is a franchise QB, or defensive stud.

      If you try to keep everybody, a team goes broke — immediately and in whatever part of the future that is ruined by associated salary cap hits. Plus, by the time a third contract comes up a player would likely be in his later 20s — close to 30 — and would have no un-tapped potential in addition to being ripe for injury after a decade playing college and pro ball. A big expense logging no plays on the field.

      If a player becomes a free agent, then his former team doesn’t think he’s worth the investment: RED FLAG! There are multitudes of waste-free-agents: Asoumagooma (sp?) is the latest that comes to mind.

      I think coaching can overcome the absence of free agents (if they teach players how to tackle…). One advantage with draft-n-develop is that the guys are around for four years and can usually get with the program after year 2.

      In summary, attrition is very healthy.
      Was Crabtree a star? No.
      Was Woodson a star? Yes, but that was years ago.

      Vijay: you’re going apeshit.
      Settle down.
      You’re a fan. You know the rules going in: you obsess constantly and have no influence on anything.

      So, STFU and let all of us ‘effin people get back to crackin’ you up.

  8. FITZCORE1252

    “You’re not as smart as I am.”

    Hey, professor, I believe you were looking for “moot”… Ya-dumb-sum-bitch. Every site needs one, and veeej is obviously ‘that guy’ for this site … You should’ve stuck to golf, your football game is weak son!

    GBP 4 LIFE

  9. mike r

    Vijay never disappoints. He really upped the ante on this one though. Just when I think someone couldn’t be more clueless, Vijay tops himself.

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