Mark Murphy Says There’s No Talent Gap Between Packers and 49ers

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Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy

We know Green Bay Packers president and CEO Mark Muprhy is a company man. Always toeing the company line. Always on message. One of the those messages — GM Ted Thompson is the man! — got delivered to the Racine Journal Times late last week.

That isn’t particularly surprising. What is, is Murphy saying there isn’t a talent gap between the Packers and the San Francisco 49ers. In addition to whooping the Packers’ asses twice last season, the 49ers have seemingly improved by adding guys like Anquan Boldin and Nnamdi Asomugha.

“We played them two times last year, the first game of the year and the last game of the year, and they beat us pretty soundly both times. But I’ve been around the league long enough to know that can change pretty quickly. And I think we’ll be better this year. I think getting back a number of injured players will make a huge difference. I think in the draft, we’ll be able to address some areas of concern and we have a great core of young players who are only going to get better.”

So that’s good. All of our hopes for 2013 are pinned on guys staying healthy, which we know never happens in Green Bay, young guys improving and mining some gems in the draft. If last year is any indication, we should be expecting to get about one good player from the draft.

The Packers obviously have no taste for free agency and Murphy threw his unabashed support behind Thompson and his philosophies several times during the interview. And too bad if you don’t agree with those philosophies because Big Ted ain’t going anywhere for a while.

When asked if he thought Thompson was getting near retirement, Murphy had this to say.

“I hope not. I want Ted to continue as general manager for as long as he wants.”

Lucky us?

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

46 Comments on "Mark Murphy Says There’s No Talent Gap Between Packers and 49ers"

  1. Jon Mallaber

    Your damn right, “Lucky Us.” I would say that Monty McMahon is toeing his own company line by pandering to the lunatic fringe.

    • Vijay

      Yeah whatever….settler…go ahead and settle for less in your own life, I’m glad they do not on this blog! We want Conference titles and SB rings! We don’t want to twiddle our fucking thumbs and waste the talents of our all pro QB by coming up short yet again.

      Since they opted to get better by being extremely cheap in FA and extending their own injury prone players, we’ll see how far they get this year. Am I a fan? Sure, am I a blind to reality, no.

      • ballz

        teams who go ballz out it FA usually suck Vijay. Look at the Cowboys… look at the Eagles “dream team”… EVEN IF the team was good for 1 season, that type of FA activity isn’t sustainable and you hurt your team in the long run. Aaron Rodgers isn’t even 30 yet… so chill out.. we have time, and I’ll be really surprised if we’re not in the playoffs every year for the next 5 years. Getting in the playoffs gets you a chance at a ring… a chance is all you can ask for. you can’t buy a superbowl ring in the offseason.

        • Vijay

          Agreed and no one who thinks like I do wants expensive FA acquisitions, we just recognize potential weaknesses and feel that adding a couple of affordable pieces (Pickett, Woodson years ago) can be the glue that gets you over the top once again.

          We all want the same thing, we just want to go about it a little differently. I’m hoping Teddy is aces this upcoming draft and we get a few very high quality over achievers, instead of just one (Hayward). Plus, I do think that guys like McMillian can step up and improve in yr 2. They better!!

          • DevilDon

            OK, if a Woodson or Pickett were available I think TT would grab him. Each FA season is like the draft, some good picks and some not so good picks. Which FA this season was the Charles Woodson the Packers picked up? Yea, I thought so. FA is different now and the Reggie Whites, C Woodsons and Ryan Picketts of the world are going to be few and far between.

  2. Iltarion

    Was there a talent gap between the Ravens and 49ers?

    I think a good position-by-position argument could be made that the 49ers are more talented, but their defense struggled all the way through the playoffs. They couldn’t cover anyone, and they couldn’t rush the passer. They’ve since lost Dashon Goldston and added a corner who struggled to cover in Philly.

    So, we’ll see about San Fran. No surprise if the Seahawks win that division.

    And if he’s doing his job, Mark Murphy will publicly back Ted Thompson all the way until the day he fires him.

  3. Lars

    Murphy’s in denial and trying to BS his way through. Bad hairpiece and bad summary of the reality of the situation by MM. “They beat us soundly twice he says, yet there is no talent difference? Must be clueless Capers not being able to cope with the Pistol (it is) and all those (cough, excuse) injuries.

  4. I find it fricken hilarious that he feels this way. Clearly he didn’t watch the Packers have their asses handed to them. So the Packers need to stay healthy with the worst medical staff in the NFL. How many times did we hear he’ll be out 2 weeks and the player is still out 6 weeks later. With a healthy team they may only lose by 12

    • TT is a butt hole

      Finally, someone making some sense on this blog. I have a feeling that we may stay healthy enough for one more super bowl run during A-Rod’s tenure over the next 6-7 years. You can’t deny that we are at best the #4 team in the NFC right now and have done nothing to change that. Here’s hoping I can change my name to “TT was a huge butt hole, but had a great 2013 draft and now is not” soon.

      • Phatgzus

        #4? To who? The 49ers, yes. The Giants *who didn’t make the playoffs)? The Seahawks who the Packers beat in-season and who made it no farther in the playoffs> The Bears? The Cowboys? Who are you talking about? At worst the Packers are #3 in the NFC.

        • TT IS an ENORMOUS butt hole!

          The Packers played terribly against the Seahawks, but you’re right, they should have won. That being said, the Falcons are probably a better team that the Packers right now.

          Good call on TT being a butthole, btw.

        • TT is a butt hole

          The 49ers are better, the Falcons are better and the Seahawks. Then the Packers. 1,2,3 and we are 4.

          • PackAttack

            Completely agree 100%. Let these morons talk optimism all they want. Monty is 100% right and I couldn’t agree with him more, if the rest of these guys don’t agree with him — again I ask the question why come here and read it? Makes no sense to me.

            Going back to your question, in terms of overall talent, I’m putting the Saints, Falcons, Vikings (kills me to say it), Lions, Seahawks, 49ers all into that equation. Who fucking cares about the god damn playoffs from a year ago, clearly teams have changed and gotten better or in the Packers case — worse. They’ve lost team leaders, important players on offense and have done absolutely nothing this off-season. NOTHING. Haven’t signed or re-signed a soul and good luck with the draft Ted.

            No talent gap between the Packers and 49ers —- now that’s fucking funny. That’s fucking hilarious. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long fucking time.

          • Shawn

            First of all, if you are agreeing with a guy who’s sign in name is TT is a butthole, then you are the company you keep.

            Secondly, I find it interesting how the 49ers are obviously more talented than the Packers, you argue, why? Because they beat us twice.

            And yet, you also list the Saints, Falcons, Vikings and Lions as possibly more talented than the Packers even though the Packers are 8-1 in their last 9 games against these opponents. Sorry, clear contradiction.

        • Vijay

          Giants are still better with two titles in recent history, plus they kill us even at home in the playoffs. That’s a talent gap–not coaching. Wake up.

          I also think teams like the Skins, Rams and a couple others are nipping at our heels. Not quite as good but really getting better and better, whereas, you could make the argument that we are only in contention because of Rodgers and a few playmakers playing WR, our defense is a bend don’t break with less “stars” on it with each passing year.

          In sports, having bonafide “stars” which you either develop in your system or recruit from others gets the job done. Look at the rosters of the last 5 Super Bowls, 10 Super Bowls…(including our own).

          • Vijay

            I will also say the Falcons and Seahawks are better “teams” at this point…we still have the best player in Aaron but last I checked this is a team sport.

  5. Buster Bluth

    Notice he didn’t get specific. Mc Carthy is a very good coach in the division. The last two years that has saved the pack. Then the playoffs started.

  6. FITZCORE1252

    You’re god damn right, “lucky us”. Fucking armchair GM’s… Always good for a laugh. Some
    Jack-knobs just can’t appreciate a good thing… What a shame. Ted will get AT LEAST one more ring with the Pack. Write that shit down.

    GBP 4 LIFE

  7. Iltarion

    The Texans beat the Ravens 43 -13 one week after the Packers crushed the Texans.

    So, where was the talent gap?

    The point is it isn’t necessarily about the talent level. Its about performing up to or beyond your talent level at the right time.

    I don’t give a shit who is the best in the NFC on April 8th. It is who is the best on January 8th that fricking matters.

    • TT is a butt hole

      We definitely weren’t the best team this last January 8th and have done nothing to get better. Guess we can table this til after the draft as that is the only way we add anything..

      • ballz

        you don’t have to be the “best team” to win the superbowl… you just have to make it to the playoffs and then win a few games against good teams. The NFL is exciting because upsets happen and once you get to the playoffs everyones got a chance. Quit worrying.. as long as we get to the playoffs, which we will. be happy

    • PackAttack

      Your so fucking out of it your unbearable to listen to. Talent gap? My god — listen to yourself. If I say the 49ers vastly outweigh the Pack in terms of overall talent your going to throw at me that the Packers won a Super Bowl in 2010. We’ll just keep going around and around until this team literally succumbs into the shits of being behind the Vikings in the Division and even then you’ll have an excuse.

      Bottom line is this. SF is better, they proved it, case closed. SF has gotten better (or at least tried to), Green Bay has lost leaders, good players and done nothing to replace them. They have a better O-line, better run game, better defense (don’t even start) the only part of the game where GB outweighs them is at QB — Aaron Rodgers is the only damn reason this team wins games, period. Without him the Packers are a 4-12 team.

      Your a loser Iltarion. Go get laid. Thanks.

  8. DD

    Take away the Superbowl win (hypothetically), which came in a year that they went 10-6 and barely snuck into the playoffs, and this team wouldn’t even be considered good by anyone. Going 15-1 and getting blown out at home to a 9-7 team in the first playoff game is one of the all-time historic choke jobs, but the media has been licking this team’s rectum since 2009 and it rarely gets mentioned.

  9. Packer Bob

    Wow, the vitriol and hatred towards the Packers and Ted Thompson is appalling. You people have a team that is a perennial Superbowl contender and one of the greatest sports franchises in all of sports. Millions of fans would give their left nut for the team they are so passionate about to be in your position. Lighten up, would ya?

    The fact that the Packers were even in the divisional round playoffs proves they are a talented team. Yeah, we got beat by a better team. But guess what? Every year 31 teams get beat by a better team.

    And please stop with the 10-6 Packers winning the Superbowl being a fluke. They won the Superbowl going on road as a 6th seed team. That is irrefutably not a fluke. If you continue to spew that garbage I will raise Ray Nitschke from the grave, track you down, and have him shove a Lombardi trophy up your ass. :)

    Listen, I’m not saying you gotta like Thompson and the gang and it’s fine to bitch and play armchair QB. But these guys are really good at what they do and a helluva lot better at it than you or me.

    Right now the Packers are just as talented as any other team in the NFL, including the 49ers. If you don’t believe that, they why are you even a fan?

    • PackAttack

      You said 2 very smart things there

      1. This is one of the greatest franchise in pro sports
      2. The Packers front office is smarter than you

      That was it.

      The rest of your post was absolute trash.

  10. Vijay

    “You never stay the same. You either get better or you get worse.”
    Jon Gruden
    “Success isn’t permanent and failure isn’t fatal.”
    Mike Ditka
    “While statistics are interesting, they’re all in the past.”
    Vince Lombardi

  11. cd4packers

    I think every single guy playing in the NFL has talent. Sure, some may have a little more than others..but these guys would not be in the NFL at all, if they had had no talent. I believe it takes more than talent to be successful at any sport…but especially football. All you have to look at all the players in this league and you can distinguish quite easily those who have failed to utilize their talents for one reason or another. With some..injury gets in the way, for others they simply lack the ability to execute consistently….but to me..the biggest detriment to any talented football player is his own mind. Does he have the mental fortitude and character to do whatever it takes to be great in a very competitive league like the NFL? Does the talented individual have the necessary drive and composure needed to follow through with the task at hand…by executing the play of his position to perfection..? I believe that TT and those who who have gone before him…..truly do have a “talent” for finding those kind of very special players….that is why the Packers are considered one of the better teams in the NFL..and have been contenders for the SB numerous times in the past 20 years or so….give or take a few. Take a moment to consider players who have a great talent in this league presently….those who fail to use those talents to the fullest; how about Jay Cutłer for one? There are plenty of them…

  12. john

    teams rarely get better through free agency. yes we did win a SB recently
    Get your heads out of your asses. We have a very good team

    • TT is a butt hole

      Are we really a very good “team” or do we just have the best player in the league ? Our defense sure as heck isn’t going to win us a championship. Just search “Colin Kaepernick” on Youtube and you will see why…

      Literally every other team in the NFL participates in free agency to some degree. Even the Pats, who have a draft first strategy will atleast look at free agents. Not saying we have to sign every name out there and become an island of misfit toys, but there were some players that were available that could of helpled us. The problem with just drafting is that it takes years to develop and when you need immediate help, like we do now, the odds of a rookie starting and making an impact is pretty low.

      There is a huge talent gap – we may make the playoffs by winning the north, but that will just be a result of being a little better than some other average teams (Bears, Lions, Vikes). Doensn’t like like a winning recipe to just hope you get “hot” at the right time every year.

      • Vijay

        I happen to agree with most of what you say. I know our views are unpopular but I already said I would eat all my words and criticisms IF we win another one with Aaron. Winning one by getting “hot” is all well and good and especially memorable. But having a dominant team on both sides of the ball is the goal for every GM/ Team and right now, we seem to be coming up a bit short in that dept. Making the playoffs is a very good accomplishment and yes, with our recent QB history, we as Packer’s fans are spoiled and expect it. However, it doesn’t change the fact that this is a team sport and that winning in this league is still about winning your one on one matchups.

  13. Abe Frohman

    I think it’s silly to argue that there ISN’T a talent gap between the Packers and some of the other NFC teams. Yet, it’s not just talent that wins championships. Did we have more talent in 2010 with like 15 guys on IR? I would argue no, we did not. We had chemistry. We had guys that understood their roles. We had guys that had a team first attitude: One heart. One mind. One goal.

    We are better than the 9ers in some respects. They are better than us in others. All of it comes down to matchups. What if Nick Perry was playing rather than Walden? Maybe Kaepernick doesn’t get outside and run for like 200 yards. What if Bulaga or Sherrod weren’t hurt and Rodgers had more time in the pocket to pick apart the secondary? I know woulda coulda shoulda doesn’t get it done. This is about results.

    All I know is that no NFL owner has ever said “Dude, you’ve kicked serious ass in your fantasy league the last few years. How’d you like to run my team for me?” You’re all welcome to your opinions, but it doesn’t change reality. Bitch all you want, but that’s just more woulda coulda shoulda.

  14. fake penis

    Hey, this is the NFL, and everyone knows the competition in this league can be beaten simply by referring to ‘Pad Level’ many many many times in press conferences.

  15. Richard

    Wow, the Falcons? Really? Is this the same team that cannot even be competitive in a road playoff atmosphere and needed Seattle to lose their top pass rusher just to get their first playoff victory? These guys had probably the most fortunate season of all the teams in 2012. Packers have that kind of luck next year and they are champs, simple as that. A healthy Desmond Bishop and Nick Perry are already huge upgrades.

    • TT is a butt hole

      Nick Perry? Really? All reports out of Green Bay is that the guy isn’t quick enough to play OLB -Christ the guy looks like Frankenstein running around out there, but I guess that would have helped against the 49ers, somehow?

      Dez Bishop will help – we seem to get riddled by injuries every year, so I wonder whose turn it will be to miss 2013.

      And to your point, the Packers weren’t exactly impressive in a road playoff atmosphere last year – Falcons atleast gave the 49ers a game. I don’t see how you can say, objectively, the Pack is better than Atlanta right now. I guess we have to pray that A-Rod stays healthy and is lights out every game – doesn’t seem like a good recipe for success.

  16. Carl with a "C"

    The only gap he can talk bout is the gap in his teeth that 12 of Monty’s needle cranks can fit through

  17. Iltarion

    Again, I thought the Ravens won the Super Bowl last year. So, not sure what the 49ers have to do with shit.

    It isn’t like the NFC goes thru them when they quite likely won’t even win their division.

    But, yeah, I’m REAL concerned about the teams that “improved” on paper this offseason. Just as concerned as I am about how the Packers failed to “improve” themselves on paper.

    • DevilDon

      Keep preaching brother, keep preaching.
      “Free Agency is the price teams pay for not drafting well”

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